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Bj Turn A* E. Pimfso. M A., Chief of ttie Law
Dlslaion of male Education Department.

NEARLY one-half of lh<* bonk ha* jun been re-
written, so that the hook hm* been revised to date.
The appendix contained in the old edition and all dead
matter have been eliminated. The book now contain*
all live taw a..d aucb law la incorporated In it* proper
place in the book.

It if written especially to meet the want* of trhool olH>era and uecher* and treat* clearly aid com pre hfnKivelj tbe queetioiu) wblcb they mutt meet daily in their work.

It la need a* a text book In nearly all of the Mannormal scboola and In a large number of tbe training claesee.

It contain* over 400 parrc*. I* printed on eood paper in clear type, la well bound, and haa a complete topical

* bare authority nnder the law to pnrcha*t Ihi* book and pay for it from the fund* of the dirtrict. It then become* tbe prorierly of the district. Many boards of IroBteee purchase a anlBcient number of copies to pnt one In the banda of each member of the board, the clerk and the principal.

Latest 1906 Edition Row Ready

Price, $1.00 Pottage Prepaid

A copy will 0* sent by the publishers on receipt o) check, draf t, pott-office money order, or 1n a registered letter.

New York Education Company



"Selected by John R Howard Managing Editor ol the Librae* ol T'Tt-e World'* Beat Coetrr. it mo 310 pages Bound in red cloth coven red top* Price jr. cents postpaid. No tetter bargain oa tbt inarket tot the money

Other hooka ol name style of binding ana sazot price are:

Tbe Hundred Bett English Poems

Selected bv A-lam L. Gowsn* M A.

Songs From tbe Dtamatisti

Edited bv kolrerl Bel. with an introduction by Brando Matthews

Tbe Golden Treasury Selected from th* heat aoni/a and Lvri.aU poems In the English language and arranged with notes by Francis T Pauiravr, late piotesaor ol poetry in the L niversify ot Oxtord Reviacrl and enlarged, ladea to writer* subjects and first lines

Dictionary of Prose Quotations Compiled bv Geu*g« W. Powers. Completely n>deied »6s pages

Dictionary of Poetical Quotations

Compiled by Ueorge W Powers. A ready reference to j 118 selections from the chief poets of the English Language

Tbe Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson

with an introduction by William I' Trent.


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I Price lor complete apparatus, cap site (prints l|f in, by ij (• sfprf in), $7-50 subject to the trade discount 33V* per cent or PO fl«W 1

FELIX C. P. DAUS DUPLICATOR CO.. Daus Bid*., Ill John St.. N. Y.

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In the January number Prof. A. W. Trettien of the Department of Education, State Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis., will begin an important series of articles on the practical application of psychology in the school room. The first article will be of interest to all kindergarten teachers, the title being "The Kindergarten from the Standpoint of Genetic Psychology." This will be followed in succeeding numbers by two articles on " The Psychology of Language," showing the principles which should govern languageteaching in the grades and high school. There will be two articles on "The Manual Arts" and two on "The Psychology of Nature Study and Science." The last of the series will be a timely treatise of "The Psychology of Religious Instruction."

We also expect to publish in January an article by Charles C. Boyer, Ph. D., vice-principal of the Keystone State Normal School, Pennsylvania, entitled " In Tune with the Infinite in Teaching."

The history of New York State by Edward S. Ellis, which will be published in installments in American

Education beginning next month, has many features to commend it to readers. Besides giving the salient incidents relating to the State from its discovery by Verrazani to the present time, the series contains much information which we believe has been published in no other history. Teachers of other States should be interested in these articles because New York occupies an important position in the history and development of the country. A State that leads all others in population, in wealth and in enterprise, which has furnished six-presidents and seven vice-presidents to the nation, whose chief city is the metropolis of America,—such a commonwealth has a record of profound interest and of exceeding value to the student of history.

"What to Read in the Third and Fourth Grades" will be the subject of the second article by Carl Holliday. "The Teaching of Denominate Numbers" will be discussed by Wm. F. White in the third article of his series. Miss E. Helen Hannah's next lesson in psychology will be devoted to the study of " Sensations." Other

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For New Subscriptions


For every dollar received to pay for one new subscription to American Education, we will mail to any address, one of the premiums listed below. If the subscriptions and premiums are desired as Christmas gifts, we will send cards announcing the name of the donor, so that they, with the premiums, will reach their destination on Christmas day.


Any one of the following:

The Hundred Best American Poems

The Hundred Best English Poems

Palgrave's Golden Treasury

Stories from Plutarch

Stories from Wagner

Poems of R. L. Stevenson

These books are 18 mo., handsomely bound in red cloth covers, printed on good paper in large type, and retail for 3s cents.


Any three of the following Elson Photogravures:

Masterpieces of Art in rich brown tone from negatives made directly from the originals; they are about 5 x 8i ineaes, printed on heavy etching paper 9x1a inches.


ANGELUS (Millet)
SPRING (Mauve)


The Regular Price of Portfolio of Ten Pictures is One Dollar.

When Remitting use the following Blank

50 State St., Albany, H. Y.


Enclosed find One Dollar for which please send the magazine American Education one year

beginning with the number,

and premium as indicated above to the following address.


Post Office _


For Three Dollars you can secure American Education for three friends and have vour own subscription renewed for one year. Get up a club in your school.

articles planned for January are an outline for Vocal Drill, by Ada Van Stone Harris; some excellent suggestions by Miss Elizabeth Baker, Dallas, Texas, concerning the Use of the Dictionary; Problems in Insurance by Leon V. Arnold; and the usual outline study of English masterpieces by Elmer J. Bailey. "Macbeth" will be published in January and Joan of Arc and English Mail Coach in February. Teachers desiring outlines for class use should send their orders promptly.

Clubbing Offers

Now is the time when you are thinking about your magazine list for next year. Before you place your order kindly look over our clubbing offers on the third page of cover. If the combination you desire is not listed write to us at once and we will be glad to quote prices. We know we can save you money. If you wish to present any of your friends with a year's subscription to American Education or any other magazine, as a Christmas gift, send us your order at once and we will mail a handsome card to each of them, so it will be delivered on Christmas morning.


We wish to remind our readers whose subscriptions are in arrears to remit $1.00 promptly for the ensuing year.

As a special Christmas offer we will send one of the premiums, given for new subscriptions, with every renewal, received before January first, for one full year's subscription in advance.

ffebu Edition of School Lattf

The latest 1906 edition of Finegan's New York School Law is now ready for distribution. It contains all the changes in the State school law to date. Mailing price, $1.00.

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