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enthusiasm at a former period had forced its way from the workshop to the college, so now the same fervor, intensified and consecrated, urging him out into the field of the world; and, although in a quarter little expected, a door was


about to open.


The Mission.

SHINE, mighty God, on Britain shine,

With beams of heavenly grace;
Reveal thy power through all our coasts,

And shew thy smiling face.

When shall thy name, from shore to shore,

Sound all the earth abroad,
And distant nations know and love
Their Saviour and their God?

Psalm lxvii. 1-3.- Watts.

If the love of Christ, above everything else, does not constrain us to engage in the missionary work, surely, instead of finding happi. ness, of all persons we shall be the most miserable. -Gordon Halt.

THERE was a Christian officer of the British Navy, whose attention had been especially directed to the South American Indians. He was peculiarly prepossessed in favor of the Araucanian tribes in Bolivia and La Plata, and at great personal hazard he undertook repeated journeys of exploration among them. His object was to discover an opening for the introduction of the gospel; but he found them so suspicious of strangers, and on every side so hemmed in by Spanish Popery, that he was shut up to the conclusion that little could be effected till the local governments became more tolerant, and a better understanding was established betwixt the independent Indians and their white ncighbours.

IIowever, one region appeared more practicable. This was the extreme south of the American mainland. There were no Romish priests in Patagonia, and scarcely any commencement of European settlements. The Patagonians were a race of good capacity; and should the truth once find a lodg

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