Musicals: Hollywood and Beyond

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Bill Marshall, Robynn Stilwell, Robynn Jeananne Stilwell
Intellect Books, 2000 - 187 pagine
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The profound influence of the Hollywood musical across geographical and cultural boundaries has long been neglected. This original collection of essays seeks to initiate a new critical debate by approaching classic Hollywood films from perspectives such as 'musicology'. Broadening the scope of previous studies, this volume also examines the manner in which European cinema appropriated the musical to create new meanings. It provides an innovative reading of the influence of the musical on youth culture, and its endorsement in modern dance movies and the music video.

The volume covers the themes of:

• Music and Structure
• Classical Hollywood Musical Cinematic Practice
• Star Texts
• European Musical Forms
• Minority Identities
• Youth Cultures

This is an entertaining and valuable text for students on degree courses in Film and Music. Thought-provoking and authoritative, it will also be a welcome resource for those researching and teaching in the area.

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Woody Allens Films
Classical Hollywood Musical Cinematic Practice
Oedipus Backstage
Space and Fantasies
Star Texts
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria von Poppins?
Audrey Hepburn
European Musical Forms

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