La Mortola: In the Footsteps of Thomas Hanbury

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Cadogan Guides, 2004 - 256 pagine
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Overlooking the sea on the Franco Italian Riviera, La Mortola remains one of the most beautiful and foremost gardens in the world, visited by thousands of garden enthusiasts every year. Behind these gardens lies the fascinating story of Sir Thomas Hanbury, an English cloth merchant in China for nearly 20 years before returning to Europe to settle with his wife and fortune. A Quaker philanthropist and great lover of plants, whose honorable dealings with the Chinese during the Taipeng Rebellion made him notable, Thomas Hanbury donated not only Wisley to the Royal Horticultural Society, the preeminent show garden in Britain, but established The Giardini Botanici Hanbury, known as La Mortola in 1867. By the time of his death in 1907 La Mortola was one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world.
Drawing on his own fascination for La Mortola and its plants, in addition to his own experience as Assistant Head Gardener at the revered Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isle of Scilly; gardener and writer, Alasdair Moore traces the footsteps of Thomas Hanbury, a man who is revered in the gardening world, but about whom relatively little is documented generally, in a lively and utterly absorbing book that will appeal to both expert and amateur gardeners.
With access to Hanbury family documents and an expert's knowledge of the copious unusual and exotic plants that La Mortola encompasses, Moore brings to life not only an extraordinary individual, whose legacy remains in gardens throughout the world; but also La Mortola itself, a remarkable garden and its place in the history of nearby Ventimiglia, where Hanbury built schools for local children and in which to this day streets remain named in hishonor.

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Alasdair Moore is a regular contributor to Gardens Illustrated, The Independent, The Telegraph, and The Cornish Garden. In 2002, he was nominated by Gardens Illustrated for an award from The Garden Writers' Guild. He was Assistant-head Gardener at the famous Tresco Abbey Garden for over seven years. He has led numerous garden tours throughout the world, including the French/Italian Riviera, Madeira, and South Africa. Moore has lectured at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where he was awarded a Distinction for his Diploma in Botanic Garden Management. In 1997 he visited South Africa as a Winston Churchill Fellow to carry out a two-month study of Proteas. He is currently based at La Mortola gardens on the Italian Rivier.

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