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Impensis J.J. Williams, 1820 - 341 pagine
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Pagina 39 - On each couch there were commonly three. They lay with the upper part of the body reclined on the left arm, the head a little raised, the back supported by cushions, and the limbs stretched out at full length, or a little bent ; the feet of the first behind the back of the second, and his feet behind the back of the third, with a pillow between each.
Pagina 196 - ... quantum ad alias voluptates et ad ipsam requiem animi et corporis conceditur temporum, quantum alii tribuunt tempestivis conviviis, quantum denique alveolo, quantum pilae, tantum mihi egomet ad haec studia recolenda sumpsero...
Pagina 133 - Each legion was divided into ten cohorts, each cohort into three maniples, and each maniple into two centuries.
Pagina 207 - Clodius was now quaestor, and, by that means, a senator; descended from the noblest family in Rome, in the vigor of his age, of a graceful person, lively wit, and flowing eloquence : but, with all the advantages of nature, he had a mind incredibly vicious ; was fierce, insolent, audacious, but, above all, most profligately wicked...
Pagina 271 - Anthony dissembled well, for it was nothing but dissimulation : he seemed to be all goodness ; talked of nothing but healing measures : and, for a proof of his sincerity, moved that the conspirators should be invited to take part in their deliberations, and sent his son as an hostage for their safety.
Pagina 2 - District, has deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit : " THE CHILD'S BOTANY," In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, " An act for the encouragement of learning by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned...
Pagina 173 - There were at that time two pretenders to the crown of Egypt; Ptolemy, the acknowledged king ; and the celebrated Cleopatra, his sister...
Pagina 129 - ... the house was divided: but he wanted the usual tribute of flattery upon this act of grace, and had a mind, probably, to make an experiment of Cicero's temper, and to draw from him especially some incense on the occasion; nor was he disappointed of his aim; for Cicero, touched by his generosity, and greatly pleased with the act itself, on the account of his friend, returned thanks to him in a speech, which, though made upon the spot, yet, for elegance of diction, vivacity of sentiment, and politeness...
Pagina 85 - ... they presided at them, and nothing could be brought before the people but by them. They met in a part of the forum, called the COMITIUM, where the pulpit or tribunal (suggestum) stood, whence the orators used to harangue the people.
Pagina 272 - He was dissuaded, however, from any attempt to execute his threat ; and, being himself absent from the senate on the following day, Cicero ventured to take his seat, and, in the absence of the consul, delivered that oration, which is entitled the First Philippic. In this speech, he accounted for his late retirement from the capital, and for his present return, in terms^ strongly reflecting on the conduct and administration of the present consul. Antony, in his turn, greatly exasperated by the...

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