The Literary History of Galloway, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time: With an Appendix, Containing, with Other Illustrations, Notices of the Civil History of Galloway Till the End of the Thirteenth Century

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Waugh and Innes, 1822 - 373 pagine

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Pagina 359 - A True Relation of an Apparition, Expressions and Actings of a Spirit which infested the House of Andrew Mackie in Ringcroft of Stocking in the Parish of Rerwick, in the Stewardship of Kirkcudbright in Scotland, 1695, by Mr. Alexander Telfair, Minister of that Parish and attested by many other persons, who were also eye and ear witnesses.
Pagina 192 - Yes — though the sceptic's tongue deride Those martyrs who for conscience died, — Though modish history blight their fame, And sneering courtiers hoot the name Of men who dared alone be free Amidst a nation's slavery, — Yet long for them the poet's lyre Shall wake its notes of heavenly fire ; Their names shall nerve the patriot's hand, Upraised to save a sinking land ; And piety shall learn to burn With holier transports o'er their urn...
Pagina 167 - ... from house to house, to teach as much in the schools, and spend as much time with the students and young men in fitting them for the ministry, as if he had been sequestrated from all the world besides ; and yet withal to write as much as if he had been constantly shut up in his study.
Pagina 318 - O set ye open unto me the gates of righteousness; Then will I enter into them, and I the Lord will bless. 20 This is the gate of God, by it the just shall enter in. 21 Thee will I praise, for thou me heard'st and hast my safety been.
Pagina 164 - ... one of the most moving and affectionate preachers in his time, or perhaps in any age of the church...
Pagina 362 - Be sober, be vigilant ; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.
Pagina 212 - Religion and the Law, With Superstition's name ! yet, yet their deeds, Their constancy in torture and in death, — These on Tradition's tongue still live ; these shall On History's honest page be pictured bright To latest times. Perhaps some bard, whose muse Disdains the servile strain of Fashion's quire, May celebrate their unambitious names.
Pagina 264 - When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
Pagina 263 - St. Kilda in Edinburgh, or News from Camperdown ; a Comic Drama in Two Acts, with a Critical Preface. Edinburgh, 1798." The piece deserves all that is said against it in the text, and more. According to its clumsy plot, a lovely damsel from St. Kilda finds herself unprotected in Edinburgh, because her brother and lover are in Admiral Duncan's fleet. An old profligate begins his plots against her by...
Pagina 184 - ... as a poor member of the church of Scotland, and an unworthy minister in it, I do this day call you who are the people of God to witness, that I humbly offer my dissent to all acts which are or shall , be passed against the covenants and the work of reformation in Scotland. I protest that I am desirous to be free of the guilt thereof; and pray that God may put it upon record in heaven.

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