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fore hold the eyes of conscicnce open, amplify thy misery as much as poffible, do not fee the fight of it for fear it should fill thee with terror. The sense of thy misery is but as it were the suppuration of the wound, which is necessary to the cure. Better fear the torments that abide thee now, than feel them hereafter.

Direct. IV." Settle it upon thy heart, that “ thou art under everlasting inability ever to reco

ver thyself.” Never think thy praying, reading, hearing, confefling, amending, will work the cure ; these must be attended to, but thou art undone if thou restest in them. Rom. X. 3,

Thou art a lofc man if thou hopeft to escape drowning on any other plank but Jesus Chrift, Afts iv. 12.Thou must unlearn thyself, and renounce thy own wisdom, thy own righteousness, thy' own ftrength, and throw thyself wholly upon Christ, as a man that swims casts himself upon the water, or else thou canst not escape. While men trust in themselves, and establish their own righteousness, and have confidence in the flesh, they will not come savingly to Chrift, Luke xviii. 9. Phil. iii. 3.Thou must know thy gain to be but loss and dung, thy strength but weakness, thy righteousness rags and rottenness, before there will be an effectual closure between Christ and thee, Phil, iii. 7, 8, 9. 2 Cor. iii. 5. Ifa. lxiv. 6. Can the lifeless carcase make of its grave-clothes and loose the bands of death? Then mayest thou recover thyself, who art dead in trespasses and fins, and under an impossibility of serving thy Maker acceptably in this condition, Rom. viii. 8. Heb. xi. 6. Therefore when thou goest to pray or medidate, or to do any

of the duties to which thou art here directed, go out of thyself, and call in the help of the Spirit, as despairing to do any thing pleasing to God in thy own ftrength; yet neglect not thy duty, but lie af the pool, and wait in the way of the Spirit. While the Eunuch was reading, then the Holy Ghost did send Philip to him, Aets viii. 28, 29. ; when the disciples were praying, chap. iv. 31.; when Cornelius and his friends were hearing, chap. x. 44.; then the Holy Ghost fell upon them and filled them all. Strive to give up thyself to Christ; strive to pray, strive to meditate, strive an hundred and an hundred times, strive to do it as well as thou canst; and while thou art endeavouring in the way of thy duty, the Spirit of the Lord will come upon thee, and help thee to do, what of thyself thou art utterly unable to perform Prov. i. 23.

Direct. V. “ Forthwith renouce all thy sins."? If thou yield thyself to the practice of all thy fin, thou art undone, Rom. vi. 19. In vain doit thou hope for life of Christ, except thou depart from iniquity, 2 Tim. ii. 19. Forsake thy sins, or else thou canst not find mercy, Prov. xxviii. 13. Thou cantt not be married to Chrift, except thou be divorced from fin; give up that traitor, or you can have no peace in heaven ; cast the head of Sheba: over the wall; keep not Delilah in the lap: Thou must part with thy fins or with thy soul ; if thou spare even one fin God will not spare thee. Never make excuses, thy sins must die, or thou must die for them, Pjal. Ixviii. 21. If thou allow of one sin, though but a little, a secret one, though thou mayest plead necessity,

and have an hundred thifts and excuses for it, the life of thy soul must go for the life of that fin, Ezek. xviii. 21.; and will it not be dearly bought ?

O finner ! hear and consider : If thou wilt part with thy sins, God will give thee his Christ. Is not this a fair exchange? I testify unto thee this day, that if thou perish, it is not because there was not a Saviour provided, nor life tendered, but because thou preferedít (with the Jews) the murderer before the Saviour, fin before Chrift, and “ lovedft darkness rather than light,” John iii. 19. Search thy heart, therefore with candles, as the Jews did their houses for leaven before the passover ; labour to find out thy fins; enter into thy closet, and confider, What evil have I lived in? What duty have I neglected towards God! What fin have I lived in against my brother?-And now strike the darts through the heart of thy fin, as Joab did through Abfalom's, 2 Sam. xviii. 14. Never fțand looking upon thy fin, nor rolling the sweet morsel under thy tongue, Job xx. 12.; but spit it out as poison, with fear and deteftation, Alas! what will thy fins do for thee, that thou mouldst stick at parting with them ?They will facter thee, but they will undo thee,

and cut thy throat while they smile upon thee, and poison thee while they please thee, and arm the justice and wrath of the infinite God against thee. They will open hell for thee, and pile up fuel to burn thee : Behold the gibbet that they have prepared for thee: O ferve them like Haman, and execute them as they would have done thee ; away with

them, crucify them, and let Christ only be Lord over thee. Direct. VI. « Make a solemn choice of God for

thy portion and blessedness ;Deut. xxvi. 17. With all possible devotion and veneration avouch the Lord for thy God; fet the world, with all its glory, and paint, and gallantry, with all its pleasures and promotions, on the one hand; and set God, with all his excellencies and perfections, on the other, and see that thou do deliberately make thy choice, Joh. xxiv. 15. Take up thy rest in God, John vi. 68.; fit thee down under his shadow, Cant. ii. 3.; let his promises and perfections turn the scale against all the world : Settle it upon thy heart that the Lord is an all-sufficient portion ; that thou canst not be miserable whilft thou hast God to live upon : Take him for thy shield and exceeding great reward. God alone is more than all the world, content thyself with him ; Let others carry the preferments and glory of the world, place thou thy happiness in his favour, and in the light of his countenance, Psal. iv. 6.7.

Poor finner ! thou art fallen off from God, and haft provoked his power and wrath against thee; yet know, that of his abundant grace he doth offer to be thy God in Christ, 2 Cor. vi. 17, 18. What fay't thou, man? Wilt thou have the Lord for thy God? Why, take this counsel, and thou shalt have him; come to him by his Christ, John'xvi. 6.; renounce the idols of thy own pleasures, gain, and reputation, 1 Thes. i. 9. ; let these be pulled out of their throne, and set God's interest uppermost in chy heart. Take him as God, to be chief in thy affections, estimations, intentions, for he will not

endure to have any fet above him, Rom, i. 24. Pfal. lxxiii. 25

Direct. VII.“ Accept of the Lord Jesus in all “ his offices, with all his inconveniences, as thine." Upon these terms Christ may be had, Sinner, thou haft undone thyself, and art plunged into a state of most deplorable misery, out of which thou art unable to get; but Jesus Christ is able and ready to help thee, and freely tenders himself to thee, Heb. vii. 25. John iii. 30. Be thy fins ever so many, ever so great, or of ever so long continuance, yet thoa fhalt be most certainly pardoned and saved, if thou doft not wretchedly neglect the offer that, in the name of God, is here made to thee. The Lord Jesus calleth to thee to look to him and be saved, Ifa. xlv. 22. to “come unto him, and he will in no wife caft thee out,” John vi. 37.; yea, he is a suitor to thee, and beseeches thee to be reoonciled, 2 Cor. V. 20.; he crieth in the streets, he knocketh at the door, he wooeth thee to accept of him, and live with him, Prov. i. 20. Rev. iii. 20. "If thoa dieft, it is because thou wouldst not come to him for life, John v. 40

. Now accept of an offered Christ, and thou art made for ever ; now give up thy consent to him, and the match is made ; all the world cannot hina der it. Do not stand off because of thy unworthiness, man; I tell thee, nothing in the world can undo thee but thy unwillingness. Speak, man, art thou desirous of the match ? Wilt thou have Chrift in all his relations to be thine ; thy King, thy Priest, thy Prophet ? Wilt thou have him with all his inconveniencies ? Take not Christ hand-over-head, bet fit down first and count the coit. Wilt thou

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