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lay all at his feet? Wilt thou be content to run all hazards with him? Wilt thou take thy lot with him, fall where it will ? Wilt thou - deny thyself, and “ take up thy cross, and follow him ?” Art thou deliberately, understandingly, freely, fixedly determined to cleave to him in all times and conditions ? If so, my soul for thine thou shalt never perish, but art pafled from death unto life, John iii. i6. Here lies the main point of thy salvation, that thou be found in thy covenant-closure with Jesus Chrift; and therefore, if thon love thyself, see that thou be faithful to God and thy soul vere.

Direet. VIII. “ Resign up all thy powers and fa« culties, and thy whole interest to be his." « They gave

their own felves unto the Lord,” 2 Cor. viii. 5. “ Present your bodies a living facrifice," Rom. xii. 1. The Lord seeks not yours, but you : Resign therefore thy body with all its members to him, and thy foul with all its powers, that he may be glorified in thy body, and in thy spirit, which are his, 1 Cor. vi. 20.

Again; thou' must give up thy whole interest to him. If there be any thing that thou keepest back from Chrift, it will be thy undoing. Luke xiv. 33. Unless thou wilt forfale all (in preparation and resolution of thy heart) thou canst not be his disciple: Thou mut hate father and mother, yea, and thy own life also in comparison of him, and as far as it stands in competition with him, Matt. %. 37. Luke xiv. 26, &c. In a word, thou must give him thylelf, and all that thou hast, without reservation, or else thou canit have no part in him.

Direct. IX. « Make choice of the laws of Christ " as the rule of thy words, thoughs, and

" actions,” Palm cxix. 30. This is the true convert's choice: But here remember these three rules; 1.

You must choose them all;" there is no getting to heaven by a partial obedience ; read Pfalm cxix. 6. 128. 160. Ezek. xviii. 21. None must think it enough to take up with the cheap and easy part of religion, and let alone the duties that are costly and self-denying, that grate upon the interest of the flesh; you must take all or none. A fincere convert, though he makes most conscience of the greateft fins, and weightiest duties, yet he makes true conscience of little fins, and of all duties, Pfalm. cxix. 6. 113. Matt. xxiii. 23. 2, “ For all times," for prosperity and adversity, whether it rain or shine. A true convert is refolved in his way, he will stand to his choice; he will not set his back to the wind, and be of the religion of the times. “I have struck to thy testi" monies; I have inclined my heart to thy fta“ tutes always, even unto the end. Thy teitimo“ nies have I taken as an heritage for ever.

I will “ have respect to thy statutes continually," Pfalone cxix. 31. 44. 93. 111. 117. This must not be done hand over head, but deliberately and underftandingly. The disobedient son said, “ I go, “ Sir,” but he went not, Matt. xxi. 30. How fairly did they promise, All that the Lord our God shall speak unto thee, we will do it!" And it is likely they spoke as they meant; but when it came to the trial, it was found that there was not such a heart in them as to do what they had promised, Deut. v. 27. 29.

Thirdly, “ Observe the special duties that thy “ heart is most against, and the special fins that ic “ is most inclined to; and see whcther it be truly

« resolved to perform the one, and forego the « other." What sayest thou to thy bosom fin, thy gainful fin? What sayest thou to costly, hazar. dous, and felh-displeafing duties? If thou haltest here, and doft not resolve, by the grace of God to cross the Aesh, and go on, thou art unsound, Pfal. xviii. 23.; and cxix. 6

Direct. X. “ Take heed of delaying thy con« version, and set about a speedy and present “ turning ;" “I made hafte and delayed not," Pfalm cxix. 50. Remember and tremble at the fad instance of the foolish virgins, that came not till the door of mercy was shụt, Matt. xxv, 11., and of a convinced Felix, who put off Paul to another season, which we do not find ever came, Axs xxiv. 25;

O come in while it is called to-day, left thou shouldest be hardened thro' the deceitfulBefs of fin, left the day of grace should be over, and the “ things that belong to thy peace « should be hid from thine eyes.

Now mercy

is wooing thee, now Christ is waiting to be gracious to thee, and the spirit of God is striving with thee: Now ministers are calling: "Now conscience is ftirring: Now the market is open, and thou mayest buy oil : Now Chrift is offered for thy aca ceptance. O strike in with the offers of


0! If thou make light of this offer, God

may swear in his wrath thou shalt not taste of his fupper, Luke xiv. 24:

Dires. XI. « Attend conscientiously upon the “ word as the means appointed for thy conver“ fion," James i. 19. I Cor. iv. 15. Attend, I fay, not customarily, but conscientiously ; with this desire, design, hope, and expectation, that

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thou mayest be converted by it. To every fermon Thou shouldeft come with this thought : « O, I

hope God will now come in; I hope this day

may be the time, this may be the man by whom God will bring me home.'! When thou art-coming to the ordinances, lift up thy heart thus to God; “ Lord, let this be the sabbath, let this be sr the season wherein I may receive renewing grace.

O let it be said, that to day such a one was born unto thee!

Direct. XII. « Strike in with the Spirit when “ he begins to work upon thy heart ;'? When he works convictions, do not stille them, but jein in with him, and beg the Lord to carry on conviction to conversion. Quench not the spirit:" do not outstrive him, do not refift him. Beware of filing convictions with evil company or worldly business. When thou findest any troubles for fin, and fears about thy eternal state, beg of God that they may never leave thee till they have wrought off thy heart thoroughly from fin, and brought it over to Jesus Chrift: Say to him, “ Strike home, “Lord, leave 'not the work in the midle. If thou “ seest that I am not wounded enough, that I am “ not troubled enough, wound me yet deeper, Lord o go to the bottom of my corruption, “ and let out the life-blood of my 'fins." Thus yield up thyself to the workings of the Spirit, and spread thy fails to his gufts.

Direct. XIII. “ Set upon the constant and dili“ gent use of serious and fervent prayer.” He that neglects prayer is a profane and unfan&tified fin ner, Job xv. 4.; he that is not constant in prayer is but an hypocrite, Job xxvii. 10. This is one of the first things conversion appears in, that it

fets men on praying, Aas ix. 11.; therefore set
to this duty: Let never a day pass over thee,
wherein thou hast not, morning and evening, fet
apart some time for set and solemn prayer in se-,
cret. Call thy family also together daily and du-
ly, to worship God with thee. Woe be unto thee,
if thine be found among the families that call not
on God's name, Jer. x. 25. But cold and life-
less devotions will not reach half-way to heaven.
Be fervent and importunate; importunity will
carry it; but, without violence, the kingdom of
heaven will not be taken, Matt. xi. 12. - Thou
muft strive to enter, Luke xiii. 24.; and wrestle
with tears and supplications, as Jacob, if thou
meanest to carry the blessing, Gen. xxxii. 24. ,
compared with Hosea xii. 4. Thou art undone for
ever without grace, and therefore thou must fet
to it, and resolve to take no denial : That man
who is fixed in his resolution says, “ Well, I must
“ have grace, or I will never give over till I have

grace; I will never leave seeking, waiting, and

striving with God and my own heart, till he do “ renew me by the power of his grace.” This man is in the likeliest


to win grace.
Direet. XIV. “ Forsake thy evil company,”
Prov. ix. 6. “ and forbear the occasion of fin,"
Prov. xxiii. 31.

Thou wilt never be turned from fin, till thou wilt decline and forego the tempta, tions of fin.

I never expect thy conversion from fin, unless thou art brought to some self-denial, as to flee the occasions. If thou wilt he nibbling at the bait, and playing on the brink, and tampering and meddling with the snare, thy soul will surely be

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