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“ right, he shall surely live, he shall not die. “ All his transgressions that he hath, committed “ shall not be mentioned to him: In his righteous“ ness that he hath done shall he live. Repent, “ and turn you from all your tranfgreffions, fo ini“ quity shall not be your

ruin. Cast



your “ transgreffions, and make you a clean heart and “ a new spirit, for why will ye die, O house of Il“ rael? Por I have no pleasure in the death of “him that diezh, faith the Lord God; wherefore “ turn yourselves, and live ye,Ezek. xviii. 21; 23, 30-32.

O melting gracious words! the voice of a God, and not of a man! This is not the manner of men, for the offended fovereign to sue to the offending traitorous varlet.

Ö how doth mercy follow thee, and plead with thee? Is not thy heart broken yet. O that to-day thou wouldert hear his voice?

« The doors of heaven are thrown open to “ thee, the everlalting gates are set wide for thee, “ and abundant entrance into the kingdom of “ heaven administered to thee." Christ now bespeaks thee, as Jezebel did Ahab, i Arife and “ take possession,” i Kings xxi. 15. View the glory of the other worid, as set forth in the map of the gospel, get thee up into Pisgah of the promifes, and lift up thine eyes northward and southward, and eastward and westward, and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, and that goodly mountain: Behold the paradise of God, watered with the streams of glory. Arise, and walk thro'. the land in the length of it, and in the breadth of it ; for the land which thou feeít, the Lord will give it thee for ever, if thou wilt but return,


Gen. xiii. 14, 15. 17.

Let me say to thee as Paul to Agrippa, “ Believest thou the prophets ?” If thou believeft indeed, do but view what “ glo“rious things are spoken of the city of God," Pfalz lxxxvii. 3.; and know, that all this is here tendered in the name of God to thee : As verily as God is true, it shall be for ever thine, if thou wilt but thoroughly turn and be converted.

Behold the city of pure transparent gold, whole foundations are garnished with all manner of precious fones, whose gates are pearls, whose light is glory, whose temple is God.' Believest thou this? If thou doft, art thou not worse than distracted, that wilt not take possession when the gates are flung open to thee, and thou art bid to enter? O ye sons of folly, will you embrace the dunghill, and refuse the kingdom? Behold the Lord takes you up into the mountain, shews you the kingdom of heaven, and all the glory thereof, and tells you, “ All this will I give you, if you will fall down « and worship me;” if you will submit to mercy accept my son, and serve me in righteousness and holiness. “ O fools, and flow of heart to be“ lieve!” Will you court the harlot ? will you seek and serve the world, and neglect eternal glory? What! not enter into Paradise, when the flaming sword, which was once set to keep you out, is now used to drive you in! But you will say, I am uncharitable to think you infidels and unbelievers. Why, what shall I think you ? Either you are desperate unbelievers, that do not credit it, or stark distracted, that you know and believe the excellency and eternity of this glory, and yet do fo fearfully neglect it. Surely you have either no

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Faith, or no reason, and I had almost faid, conscience shall tell you so before I leave you.

Do but attend to what is offered you: O blessed kingdom! a “ kingdom of glory," 1 Theff. i. 12.; a “ kingdom of righteousness, " 2 Pet. iii. 13. ; a

kingdom of peace,' Rom. xiv. 17.; and an

everlasting kingdom," 2 Pet. i. il; here thou fhalt dwell, here thou shalt reign for ever, and the Lord shall seat thee on a throne of glory, Matt. xix. 28.; and with his own hand shall set the royal diadem upon thy head, and give thee a crown, not of thorns, for there shall be no finning nor suffer: ing there, Revi xxi. 27. and xxii. 3, 5.; not of gold, (for that shall be viler than the dirt in that Cay), but a “ crown of life," James i. 12.; a

crown of righteousness," 2 Tim. iv, 8.; a crown “ of glory," i Pet. v. 4.; yea, “ thou shalt put on

glory as a robe," i Cor. xv. 43. and thalt “ Thine like the sun in the firmament, in the glory of thy Father," Matt. xiii. 43.-Look now upon thy dirty flesh, the clay, thy worm's meat : This very Aesh, this lump, this carcase, shall be brighter than the stars, Dan. xii.

3. In fhort, thou thalt be made like unto the “ angels of God,” Luke XX. 36. and “ behold his face in righteoufness," Pjalm xvii. 15. Look in now and tell me, Dost thou yet believe? If not, conscience must

pronounce thee an Infidel ; for it is the very Word of God chat I speak.

But if thou say thou believeft, let me next know thy resolutions. Wilt thou embrace this for thy happiness? Wilt thou forego thy sinful gains, thy forbidden pleasures? Wilt thou trample on the world's esteem, and spit in the harlot's face; and


stop thy ears, at her flatteries, and wrest thee out of her embraces? Wilt thou be content to take up with reproach and poverty, if it lie in thy way to heaven, and follow the Lord with humble selle denial in a mortified and flesh displeasing life? If fo, all is thine, and that for ever.

And art thou .not fairly offered? Is it not pity but he should be damr.ed that will needs go on and perish, when all this may be had for the taking ? Wilt thou take God at his word? Wilt thou let go thy holdfast of the world, and rid thy hands of thy fins, and lay hold on eternal life? If not, let conscience tell thee whether thou art not distracted or bewitched, that thou shouldeft neglect so happy a choice, by which thou mightest be made blessed for ever.

3. “God will settle unspeakable privileges at

present upon thee,” i Cor. iii. 22. Heb. xii. 22, 24. **

Though the full of your blessedness « shall be deferred till hereafter, yet God will give

you no little things in hand.”

He will redeem you from your thraldom, John viii. 36. ; he will pluck you from the paw of the lion, Col. i. 13.; the serpent shall bruise your heel, but you

fh all bruise his head, Gen. ii. 15.; he Thall deliver you from the present evil world, Gal. i. 4.; prosperity shall not destroy you, adversity shall not separate between him and you, Rom. viii. 25, 38.; he will redeem you from the

power of the grave, Pfalm xlix. 15. and make the king of terrors a messenger of peace to you. He will take out the curse from the cross, Psalm cxix. 21.; and make affliction the fining-pot, the fan, the phyfic, to blow off the chaff, purify the metal, and purge the mind, Dan, xii. 10. lja. xxvii. 9. He will

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you from the arrest of the law, and turn the curse into a blessing to you, Rom. vi. 14. Gall. iii. 24. He hath the keys of hell and death, and fhutteth, that no man openeth, Rev. iii. 7. and i. 18. and he will shut its mouth, as once he did the lions, Dan. vi. 22.; that you shall not be hurt of the second death, Rev. ii. 11.

But he will not only save you from misery, but instal you into unspeakable prerogatives ! He will bestow himself upon you, he will be a friend unto you, and a father to you, 2 Cor. vi. 18.; he will be a fun and a shield to you, Psalm lxxxiv. 11.; in a word, he will be a God to you, Gen. xvii. 7. and what can be said more? What you may expect that a God should do for you, and be to you ; that he will be, that he will do. She that marries a prince, expects that he should do for her like a prince, that she may live in a suitable ftate, and have an answerable dowry: He that hath a King for his father, or friend, expects that he should do for him like a king. Alas! the kings and monarchs of the earth, so much above you, are but like the painted butterflies amongst the rest of their kind, or the fair coloured palmer-worm, amongst the rest of the worms, if compared with God. As he doth infinitely exceed the glory and power his glittering duft, fo he will, beyond all proportion, exceed in doing for his favourites whatever princes can do for theirs. He will grace and glory, and withhold no good thing

Psalm lxxxiv. 11. He will take you for his fons and daughters, and make you heirs of his promises, Heb. vi. 17.; and establish his everlasting covenant with you, Jer. xxxii. 40. He


give you

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