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as you do the other days in doing your own works and I doubt not but you may come to some proficiency:

5. Let the morning and evening facrifice of folemn prayer be daily offered up in all your families. Pfalm xcii. 1, 2. Exod. xxx. 7, 8: Luke i.

Beware you be not found among the families that call not upon God's name; for why should there be wrath from the Lord upon your families ? Jer. x. 25. O miserable families, with. out God in the world, that art without familyprayer ! What have you so many family fins, family wants, family mercies; what, and yet no family prayers? How do you pray with all prayer and fupplication, if you do not with family prayer? Eph. vi. 18. Say not, “ I have no time,” What! hast thou not all thy time on purpose to serve God and save thy soul? And yet is this it for which thou canft find no time? Find but an heart, and you will find time. Pinch out of your meals and fieep, rather than want for prayer. Say not, My “ business will not give leave:” This is the greatest business, to save thyself, and the fouls committed to thee. Business! a whet will be no let. word, the blefing of all is to be got by prayer, Jer. xxix. 11, 12. 2 Sam. vii. 29.; and what is thy business without God's blessing? Say not, "I « am not able;" use the one talent, and God will increase it, Matt. xxv. 24, &c. Helps are to be had till thou art better able. Buc if there is no other remedy, thou moltj, with thine abler neighbour; God hath special regard to joint prayer, James v. 43--12. Aets xii. 5, 10, 12.—2 Cor.i. 11.; and therefore you must improve family ad. vantages for the performing of it.

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6. Put every one in your families upon private payer. Observe whether they do perforin it.Get them the help of a form, if they need it, till they are able to pray without it. Direct them how to pray, by reminding them of their fins, wants, and mercics, the materials of

prayer. the practice of John and Jesus, Luke xi. 1, &c.

7. Set up catechifing in your families, at the kait once every week. Have you no dread of the Almighty's charge, that you should " teach these

things diligently to your children, and talk of " them as you fit in your houses? Deut. vi. 6, &c. « and train them up in the way wherein they « should go ?Prov. xxii. 6. Hath God fo connanded Abraham, that he would “ teach his chil« dren and household,” Gen. xviii. 19. and that he had many “ instructed servants," Gen. xiv. 14. (see the margin) and given such a promise to him thereupon, and will you not put in for a share, neither in the praise nor the promise ? Hath Christ horoured catechising with his presence, Luke ii. 46. aid will you not own it with your practice ? Say

they are careless, and will not learn :'' What have you your authority for, if not to use it for God, and the good of their fouls? You will call them up, and force them to do their work : and Bould you not at leait be ::s zealous in putting them upon God's work? Say not, they are dull, " and are not capable :" If they be dull, God requires of you the more pains and patience; but fo eull as they are, you will make them learn how to work, and can they not learn how to live : Are they capable of the mysteries of your trade, and are they not capable of the plain principles of religion ?

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-Well, as ever you would see the growth of religion, the cure of ignorance, the remedy of profaneness, the downfal of error, fulfil you my joy, in going through with this duty.

Will you answer the calls of divine Providence? Would you remove the incumbent, or prevent the impendent calamities ? Would you plant nurseries for the church of God? Would you that God should build your houses, and bless your

substance ? Would


children should bless you? O then set up piety in your families, as ever you would be blessed, or be a blessing: Let your hearts and your houses be the temples of the living God, in which his worship (according to all the aforementioned directions) may be with constancy reverently performed, Prov. xxix. 1. " He that be“ing often reproved, hardeneth his neck, shall

suddenly be destroyed, and that without reme

dy.”-o be wise in time that you may not be misérable to eternity.

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hens the affistance of the holy spirit, that we


Lmighty God and merciful Father, who haft

appointed thy word to be “ a light to our feet, “ and a lamp unto our paths, and halt caused all "holy scriptures to be written for our learning;

grant may

in such wile read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that by patience and comfort of

thy holy word, we may embrace and ever hoid “ fast the blefied hope of everlasting lite, which “ thou hart given us in our Saviour Julus Christ :" In his name we humbly beg this; to him be glory for ever and ever. smen,


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OST gracious God, and our Father in our

Lord Jesus Christ, it is good for us to draw Bar to thee, the nearer the better; and it will be bes of all when we come to be nearest of all in the

kingdom of glory.--Thou haft thy being of thyfelf, and thy happiness in thyself; we therefore adore thee as the great JEHOVAH :-We have our being from thee, and our happineis in thee, and therefore it is both our duty and our interest to seek for thee, to implore chy favour, and to give unto thee the glory due to thy name.

We bless thee for the return of the morninglight, and that thou causeit thy day spring to know its place and time : O let " the day-spring from on high visit our dark souls, and the sun “ of righteousness arise with healing under his “ wings.”

We bless thee, that the light we fee is the Lord's; that “ this is the day which the Lord

hath made;" hath made fo- man, hath made for himself, “ we will rejoice and be glad in it.” That thou hast revealed unto us thy holy Sabbaths, and that we were betimes taught to put a difference between this day and other days; and that we live in a land in all parts of which God is publicly and folemnly worshipped on this day. We bless thee, that Sabbath liberties and

opportunities are continued to us, and that we are not withing in vain for “ these days of the Son of man;" that our candlestick is not removed out of its place, as jully it might have been, because “ we left our « first love."

Now we bid this Sabbath welcome, « Hcianna

to the Son of David; blessed is he that cometh " in the name of the Lord : Hosanna in the highas eft. O, that we may be in the spirit on the Lord's day;" that this may be the Sabbath of the Lord in our dwelling; in our hearts a Sahbath of rest from fm, and a Sabbath of rest in God.

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