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Lord, and may not count life itself dear to us, fo we may finish our courle with joy.

Let thy good providence order all circumstances of our dying, so as may best befriend our comfortable removal to a butter world; and let thy grace be sufficient for us, to enable us to finish well; and let us then have an abundant entrance ministered to us into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrif.

And while we are here, make us every day wiser and better, more weaned from the world, and more willing to leave it; more holy, heavenly, and spiritual : That the longer we live in this world, the fitter we may be for a better, and that our last days may be our best days, our lałt works our beit works, and our last comforts our sweeteit comforts.

O that the light of all Christians did fo fine before men, that others might glorify thee cur Fa. ther which art in heaven! Send forth thy light and thy truth into the dark corners of the earth, that ail kings may fall down before thee, and all nations do thee service! Bless these kingdoms, and give us grace at length to bring forth fruits meet for repentance. O Lord save the King, and eitablish his throne in righteousness. Prosper the endeavours of all those who faithiully feed thy people, and increase the number of them, Eless the word ve have heard this day to us, and all tha: heard it. Hear our prayers, accept our praises, and forgive what thy pure eye hath seen amiss in us and our performances. We bless thee for all the mercies of this thine holy day; we have reason to say, that one day in thy courts is better than a thousand,"

Take us under thy protection this night, and enable us to close the day with thee, that we may lie down, and our sleep may be sweet. Be with us in the following week in all our ways: Forgive us that we have brought so much of the week with us into the Sabbath, and enable us to bring a great deal of the Sabbath with us into the weck, that we may

be the fitter for the next Sabbath, if we live to it. i Make us meet for the everlasting Sabbath which we hope to keep in thy kingdom, when time and days shall be no more.

As it is our de fire to begin the Lord's day with the joyful memorials of Christ's resurrection, so we desire to conclude it with the joyful expectations of Christ's second coming, and of our own resurrection then to a blefird immortality; triumphing in hope of the glory of thee our God.

Acc pt, o gracious Lord and merciful Father, the poor tribute of our prayers and praises, through Jesus Christ our only Advocate and Mejiator, in whose ame and words we farther call


thee. Our Father, &c.


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OST high and most holy Lord God, thou

art great, and greatly to be feared and reverenced by all thy creatures: Thou art holy, and wilt be sanctificà by all who come near thee.

We beg leave, O Lord of heaven and earth, to fall down and kneel before thy glorious majeftv, and worship at thy footstool this morning. We acknowledge thy eternal power, wisdom, goodrets, and truth; and desire to render thee our moi en

feigned thanks for all the benefits which thou poureft upon us : But above all, for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world, by our Lord Jesus Chrift.

We implore thy tender mercies in the forgiveness of all our fins, whereby we have offer.ded, either in thought, word, or deed. We desire to be truly forry for all our mildoings, and utterly to renounce what ever is contrary to thy wili. We desire to devote our whole man, body, soul, and spirit to thee. And as thou dost inspire us with these desires, so accompany them always with thy grace, that we may every day with our whole hearts give ourselves up to thy service.

We desire to be holy and undefiled, as our blefiled master was. And we believe thou wilt fulfil all the gracious promiles which he hath made to us. Let them be dearer to us than thousands of gold and silver; let them be the comfort and joy of our hearts.' We humbly ask, that it may be unto thy servants according to thy word.

Thou hast mercifully kupe us the last nigiit; blessed be thy continued goodness: Réceive us likewise into ihy protection this day: Guide and aflilt us in all our thoughts, words, and actions, Make us willing to do and suffis what thou pleaselt; waiting for the mercy of our Lord Ciriit Jelus untɔ eternal life.

Blessed be thy goodness which hath not faifired us to wander without inttruction after the foolih desires of our hearts, bui hait clearly, liewa us where our happiness lies. O may we receive with all thankfulneis those holy words which teach lis the blefedness of poverty of fpirit, of meerning

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after thee, of meekness and gentleness, of hungering and thirsting after righteousness, of mercifulness and purity of heart, of doing good unto all, and patient suffering for doing the will of our Lord Christ.

O may we always be in the number of those blessed souls ! May we ever feel ourselves happy in having the kingdom of God within us, in the comforts of the Holy One, in being filled with all the fruits of righteousness, in being made the children of the Highest, ard above all, in seeing thee our God. Let us abound in thy love more and more; and in continual prayers and praises to thee, the Father of mercies, and God of all consolation in Jesus Crist our Lord.

And we desire the good of all mankind, especially of all Christian people; that they may all walk worthy of the gospel, and live together in unity and Christian love. For which end we pray that all Christian kings, princes, and governors, may be wile, pious, juft, and merciful; endeavouring that all their abiects may lead peaceable lives in all godlines ard hoefty: And more particularly, that our gracious King George may be bleffed with a religicus, quiet, long, and prosperous reign; ard that all in authority under him may feek in their Leveral stations to right the oppressed, to confurt the afflicted, to provide for the poor and needy, and to relieve all those that are in any misery, Bless all those that watch over our souls; succeed their labcurs, and give us grace to follow their godly adm itions, and to “elieem thím very highly in love for their work's fake.” The same blefiings we crave for our friends, relations, and acquaintance, that we may all live in perfect love and peace to

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gether, and rejoice together at the great day of our Lord Jesus; in whose name we ask all these tsings, and in whose holy words we sum up all our wants.

Our Father, &c.



we live, move, and have our being; to whose tender compaflions we owe our fafety the' day past, together with all the comforts of this life, and the hopes of that which is to come: We praise thee O Lord, we bow ourselves before thee, acknowledging we have nothing but what we receive from thee, “ Unto thee do we give thanks, O God,” who daily poureft thy benehts upon us.

Blefied be thy goodness for our health, for our food and raiment, for our peace and safety, for the love of our friends, for all our blessings in this life, and our desires to attain that life which is immortal., Blessed be thy love, for that we feel in our hearts any motion toward thee. Behold, O Lord, we present ourselves before thee, to be inspired with such a vigorous sense of thy love, as may put us forward with a greater earneftness, zeal, and diligence in all our duty. Renew in us, we beseech thee, a lively image of thee, in all righteousness, purity, mercy, faithfulness, and truth.

that Jesus, the hope of glory, may be formed in us, in all humility, meekness, patience, and an absolute surrender of our fouls and bodies to thy holy will; That " we may not live, but Christ

may live in us;" that every one of us may say, « The life I now live in the flern, I live by faith

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