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s in the Son of God, who loved me, and gave " himself for me."

Let the rem: mbrance of his love, who made himself an offering for our fins, be ever dear and precious to us. Let it continually move us to offer up ourselves to thee to do thy will, as our bleffed Maiter did. May we place an entire co fidence in thee, and still trust ourselves with thee, who haft not spared “thine own Son, but freely givea “ him up for us all.” May we humbly accept of whatsoever thou sendest us, and “ in every

thing give thanks.” Surely thou “ wilt never « leave us, nor forsake vs. O guide us safe through all the changes of this life, in an unchangeable love to thee, and a lively fenfe of thy love to us, till we come to live with thee, and enjoy thee for ever:

And now that we are going to lay ourselves down to seep, take us into thy gracious protec, tion, and settle our spirits in such quiet and delightful thoughts of the glory where our Lord Jesus lives, that we may desire to be dissolved, and go to him who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.

To thy blelling we recommend all mankind, high and low, rich and poor, that they may all faithfully serve thee, and contentedly enjoy whatfoever is needful for them. And especially we befeech' thee, that the course of this world may be so peaceably ordered by thy governance, that tliy church, may joyfully serve thee in all godly quietnels. We leave all we have with thee, especially our friends, and those who are dear unto us; defiring that when we are dead and gone, they may


lift their souls in this manner unto thee; and teach those that come after to praile, love, and obey thee. And if we awake again in the morning, may we praise thee again with joyful lips, a: d Itill offer ourselves a more acceptable facrifice to thee, through Jesus Christ; in whofe words we beleech thee to hear us, according to the full senie and meaning thereof.

Our Father, &c.

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great and mighty Lord the poff for of heaven and earth, all the angels rejoice in blessing and praising thee, the Father of spirits : for “ thou hast created all things, and in wi dom os hast thou made them all,” and spread thy tender mercies over all thy works. We defire thankfully to acknowledge thy bounty to us, among the rest of thy creatures, and thy particular grace and favour to us, in Jesus Christ, our merciful Redeemer. O give us a deep sense of that love which gave him to die for us, that he might be " the

author of eternal falvation to all them that obey 65 him."

And haft thou not faid, that thou wilt " give thy holy Spirit to thein that ask it? O Father of mercies, let it be unto us according to thy word. Cherish whatever thou hast already given us, which is acceptable in thy fight. And since at the best we are unprofitable servants, and can do no more than it is our duty to do, enable us to do every thing which thou hast commanded us, heartily, with goodwill, and true love to thy service,

O that we might ever approach thee with delight, and feel it in the joy of our hearts to think of thee, to praile thee, to give thee thanks, and to offer ourselves with absolute résignatio to thee,

that mercy may always please us as it pleaseth thee! That we may be strictly just and righieous ! May cheerfully pass by injuries, freely deny our: felves whatever is not for thy glory; willi: gly submit thy fatherly corrections, and perform the duties of our several selations with singleness of heart. Render us io mindful of the great love of our Lord, that we may be zealously concerned for his glory, and use our utmost diligence to promote his religion in the world; delighting to commemorate his death and passion, making a joyful facrifice of our fouls and bodies to him, and earnestly defiring that his kingdom may come all over the earth.

Fulfi!, moit merciful Lord, all our petitions, as far as they are agreeable to the purposes of thy providence, and our eternal good; and as thou halt graciously protected us this night, so accompany us all this day with thy bleiling, that we may please thee in body and loul, and be safe under thy defence, who art ever nigh unto all those that call upon thee.

And that all men may be awakened into a lively and thankful sense of all thy benefits. Siir up especially the minds of all Christian people, to follow the truth as it is in Jesus,” and exercise themselves « to have a conicicnce void of offence " toward God and toward man." Bless these kingdoms, and endue our Sovereign with such excellent wisdom and holy zeal, that we may see many good days under his government,

O that true religion, justice, mercy, brotherly-kindness, and all

things else that are praise-worthy, may so flourish among us that we may enjoy the blemings of peace and plenty, and there may be no complaining in our ftreets.

We recommend to thee all our friends and neighbours, all the poor, the sick, and the afflicted, desiring those mercies for them, which we should ask for ourselves, were we in their condition. “ O God, whose never failing providence “ ordereth all things both in heaven and earth,

keep them and us, we beseech thee, from all “ hurtful things, and give us those things which " are profitable for us, according to thine abun“ dant mercy in our Lord Jesus,” in whose name we ask every mercy for ourselves and others, and in whose words we conclude our fupplications unto thee, saying, Our Father, &c.



Lmighty and everlasting God, the Sovereign

Lord of all creatures in heaven and earth, we acknowledge that our beings, and all the comforts of them, depend on thee the fountain of all good. We have nothing but what is owing entirely to thy free and bounteous love, O most blessed Creator, and to the riches of thy grace, 0 most blessed Redeemer.

To thee, therefore, be given by us, and by all creatures whom thou hast made to know how great and good thou art, all honour and praise, all love and obedience, as long as we have any being. « is but meet, right, and our bounden duty, that “ we should at all times, and in all places, give " thanks unto thee, O Lord,” and devoutly re

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fign both soul and body to thee, to be absolutely. governed and ruled according to thy holy will.

Father, we pray thee, increase every good defire which we feel already in our hearts ; let us always live as becomes thy creatures, as becomes the disciples of Jesus Christ. Incline us to be more and more in love with thy laws, till they are written upon our hearts. Stir up our wills to love them exceedingly, and to cleave unto them as our very life.

O that we might heartily surrender our wills to thine ! that we may unchangeably cleave unto it; yea, with the greatest and most entire affection to all thy commands. O that there may abide for ever in us, such a strong and powerful sense of thy mighty love towards us in Christ Jesus, as may

conItrain us freely and willingly to please thee in the constant exercise of righteousness and mercy, temperance and charity, meekness and patience, truth and fidelity; together with such an humble, contented, and peaceable spirit, as may adorn the religion of our Lord and Master. Yea, let it ever be the joy of our hearts to be righteous, as thou art righteous; to be merciful, as thou our heavenly Father art merciful, to be “ holy, as thou, who hast “ called us, art holy, in all manner of conver« fation;" to be endued with thy divine wisdom, and to resemble thee in faithfulness and truth. 0 that the example of our blessed Saviour may be always dear to us, that we may cheerfully, follow him in every holy temper, and delight to do thy will, O God. Let these desires, which thou haft given us, never die or languish in our hearts, but be kept always alive, always in their vigour and force, by the perpetual inspiration of the Hol; Ghoit.

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