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Accept likewise of our thanks for thy merciful preservation of us all this day. We are bold again to commit ourselves unto thee this night. Defend us from all the powers of darkness; and raise up our spirits, together with our bodies, in the morning to such a vigorous sense of thy continued goodness, as may provoke us all the day long to an unwearied diligence in well-doing.

And the same mercies that we beg for ourselves, we desire for the rest of mankind; especially for those who are called by the name of Christ. O that every one of these


do his duty with all fidelity! that kings may be tender-hearted, as the fathers of their countries; and all their subjects may be dutiful and obedient to them, as their children; that the pastors of thy church may feed their flocks with true wisdom and understanding, and the people all may follow their godly counsels; That the rich and mighty may have compassion on the poor and miserable ? and that all such distressed people may bless the rich, and rejoice in the prosperity of those that are above them: Give to husbands and wives, parents and children, masters and servants, the grace to behave themselves so in their several relations, that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things, and may receive of him a crown of glory: In whose holy name and words we continue to beseech thy grace and

mercy towards us, and all thy people every where saying,

Our Father, &c. A Fourth MORNING PRAYER for a FAMILY.


thee for all thy benefits, for the comforts of


this life, and our hope of everlasting falvation in the life to come ; more particularly we now bless thee for the care of thy providence over us; 'y which we have been 'preferved in safety through the paft night, and mercifully defended from all dargers and distresses. We desire to have a lively ferse of thy love always poffeffing our hearts, that may still constrain us to love thee, to obey thee, to trust in thee, to be content with the portion thy love allots unto us, and to rejoice even in the midst of all the troubles of this life.

Thou « haft delivered thire own Son for us all. " How shalt thou not with him also freely give us “ all things?" We depend upon thee, especially for the grace of thy holy Spirit. O that we ntay feel it perpetually bearing us up, by the strength of our most holy faith, above all the temptations that may at any time assault us: That we may keep ourselves unspotted from the world, and may still cleave to thee righteousness, in lowliness, in purity of heart, yea, the whole mind that was in Chrift.

Let thy mighty power erable us to do our duty towards thee, and towards all men, with care, and diligence, and zeal, and perseverance unto the end. Help us to be meek and gentle in our conversation, prudent and discreet in ordering our affairs, obfervant of thy fatherly providence in every thing that befalls us, thankful for thy benefits, patient under thy chastisement, and readily disposed for every good word and work. Preserve in us a constant remembrance of thy all-feeing eye; of thy inestimable love in Jesus Christ, whereof thou haft given us so many pledges, and of the great account we must give to him at the day of his appearing; that Co we may continue stedfaft and immoveable, and

be abundant in the work of the Lord, knowing that our labour shall not be in vain in the Lord.

Deliver us, we beseech thee; from worldly cares and foolish desires; from vain hopes and ca useless fears; and so dispose our hearts, that death itself may not be dreadful to us, but we may welcome it with a cheerful countenance, when and howsoever it shall approach.

O that our hearts may be so firmly established in grace, that nothing may affright us, or shake our constancy but that we may rather chuse to die than to dishonour him who died for us! We resign ourselves to thy wisdom and goodness, who knoweft what is best for us; believing thou “ wilt never “s suffer us to be tempted above what we are able, - and wilt with the temptation also make a way "ę to escape, that we may be able to bear it.”

We now particularly desire to put ourselves under thy protection this day, and to implore thy fatherly care over us, that no evil may approach us; but that our souls and bodies may be safe under that good and powerful providence in which we would entirely truit.

We commend unto thee all mankind: especially thy church, and more particularly these kingdoms, that we may all believe in our Lord Jesus Chrift, and be zealous of good works. Bless our Sovereign, his counsellors, his minifters, and all employed in public business, whether spiritual or civil, that whatloever they do may be for thy glory, and the pubMc good. Be gracious to all that are near and dear to us, and keep us all in thy fear and love. Guide us, good Lord, and govern uş by the fame spirit, that we may be so united to thee here, as not to be

divided when thou art pleased to call us hence, but together enter into thy glory, to dwell with thee in love and joy that shall never cease, through Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Saviour, who hath taught us when we pray to say, Our Father, &c.

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A fourth EVENING PRAYER for a FAMILY. O , the

dom haft thou made them all. The day iş " thine, the night also is thine; thou hast prepared

the light and the sun." We render thee thanks for all the benefits which thou hast bestowed on the whole world, especially on us, whom thou hast called to the knowledge of thy grace in Christ Jesus. It is a marvellous love wherewith thou hast loved us. Thou hast not dealt so with all people : And as for thy great and precious promises, they have not known them.

Accept, O merciful Father, the good resolutions which thou hast inspired us with by thy Spirit. Strengthen them, we beseech thee, with thy continued grace, that no sudden defires, vehement inclinations, inneffectual purposes, no, nor partial performances, may lead us into a false opinion of ourselves; but that we may bring forth actually, and with a constant fpirit, all the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ.

Preserve us always in seriousness of spirit. Let the sense of our weakness make us watchful and diligent, the sense of our former negligence excite us to be fervent in spirit, and the goodness of thy commands render us fruitful and ab!ındant in the work of the Lord. Othat all our pious affections may be turned into actions of piety and holiness: And may all our

actions be fpirited with zeal, and all our zeal regulated with prudence, and our prudence void of all guile, and joined with perfect integrity of heart: That adorning our most holy faith here, by an upright, charitable, and discreet conversation, we may receive praise in the day of the Lord, and be numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting.

O lift up our affections to things above, that we may have perfect contentment in well-doing and patient suffering, and the good hope we have of being eternally beloved of thee, may make us rejoice evermore. Free us from the cares of the world, from all diftruft of thy good providence, from repining at any thing that befals us; and enable us in every thing to give thanks, believing that all things are ordered wisely, and shall work together for good.

Into thy hands we commend both our souls and bodies, which thou haft mercifully preserved this day. We trust in thy watchful providence, who givest “ thy angels charge over us; who art about « our beds, and about our paths, and spiest out all " our thoughts." o continue these holy thoughts and desires in us till we fall asleep, that we may receive the light of the morning, if thou prolongest our lives, with a new joy in thee, and thankful affections to thee.

We desire likewise, O God, the good of the whole world: Pity the follies of mankind; deliver them from their miseries, and forgive thou all their fins. Hear the groans of every part of the creation, that is yet subject to bondage," and bring them all « into the glorious liberty of the “ fons of God." Heal the unhappy divisions that

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