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are found among Christian churches. We would pray for the

e peace of Jeresalem. Let the truth as it is in Jesús, pravail, and “ peace be in all her s borders.' o that all Christian governors may “ seek peace and pursue it!” Make thy ministers the messengers of peace, and dispose all who are called Christians to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Enlighten the minds of all Jews, Turks, and Infidels. Strengthen all thy faithful servants, bring back them that wander out of the way, raise up those that are fallen, confirm those that stand, and grent them steadily to persevere in faith, love, and obedience. Relieve and comfort all that are in distress. Let the earth bring forth her fruit in due season: And let all honest and industrious people be blessed in their labours.

Remember all those who have done good unto us, and reward them seven-fold into their bosom. Grant forgiveness and charity to all our enemies; and continue good-will among all our neighbours. Support the fick with faith and patience; atlift those who are leaving this world. Receive the souls which thou hast redeemed with thy Son's precious blood, and sanctified by the Holy Ghost.

And give us all a glorious resurrection and eternal life. All these things we ask in the name of Jesus Chrift our Lord; in whose comprehensive words we sum up all our requests, saying, Our Father, &c.

Lord, the God of our salvation, “ tho! art

“ the hope of all the ends of the earth.” Upon thee the eyes of all do wait; for thou giveft into all life, and breath, and all things. Thou

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Mill watchest over us for good; thou daily reneweft to us our lives and thy mercies: And thou haft given us the assurance of thy word, that if we commit our affairs to thee, if we acknowledge thee in all our ways, thou wilt direct our paths. We desire, O Lord, to be still under thy gracious conduct and fatherly protection. We beg the guidance and help of thy good Spirit to choose our inheritance for us, and to dispose of us, and all that concerns us, to the glory of thy name.

O Lord, withdraw not thy tender mercies from us, nor the comforts of thy presence ! Never punish our past fins by giving us over to the power of our 'sins: But pardon all our fins, and save us from all our iniquities. And grant us, o good God, the continual sense of thy gracious acceptance of us in the Son of thy love, that our souls may bless thee, and “ all that is within us may

praise thy holy name.”

And that we may find the joy of the Lord, to be our strength; to defend us from all our sins, and to make us more zealous of every good work; that herein we may

“ exercise ourselves, to have “a conscience void of offence, both towards God “s and towards men.” O help

us to walk cir“cumspectly, not as fools, but as wife, carefully “ redeeming the time,” improving all those seafons and means of grace, which thou art pleased to put into our hands. Sanctify to us all our employments in the world; our croffes also and our comforts : all che estates we go through, and all the events that befal us, till, through the merits of thy Son, and the multitude of thy mercies, we are conducted safe to

be ever with the Lord.” Thou “ haft laid help for us upon one that

*. is mighty;" that is “ able to save unto the ut: "termott all those that come unto God through “ him.” Through him thou haft encouraged us to come boldly; that we “ may obtain mercy, " and find grace to help in the time of need." Help us, we beseech thee, to demean ourselves as becomes the children of God, the redeemed of the Lord, the members of Chrift. Put thy Spirit within us, causing us to walk in thy statutes, and to keep thy judgments, and do them. Yea, let it be our meat and drink to do thy will, and to run the way of thy commandments.

O gracious Father, keep us, we pray thee, this day in thy fear and favour, and teach us, in all our thoughts, words, and works, to live to thy glory. If thou guide us not, we go aftray ; if thou uphold us not, we fall. O let thy good providence be our defence, and thy good Spirit our ways, And grant that we may do always what is acceptable in thy fight, through Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose holy name and words we close these our imperfe&t prayers.

Our Father, &c. Let thy grace, O Lord Jesus, thy love, O heavenly Father, and thy comfortable communion, O blessed Spirit, be with us, and with all that desire our prayers, this day and for evermore,

A fifth EVENING PRAYER for a FAMILY. O Lord our God, thy glory is above all our

thoughts, and thy mercy is over all thy works. We are still living monuments of thy mercy. For thou haft not cut us off in our fins, but still givest us a good hope and strong consolation through grace. Thou hast fent thy only Son


into the world, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish in his fins, but have everlasting life. O Lord, we believe, help our unbelief; and give us the true “ repentance towards God, and “ faith in our Lord Jesus Christ,” that we may be in the number of those who do indeed repent and “ believe to the saving of their soul. Being si justified by faith,” “ have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Chrift; let us re

joice in him, through whom we have now re

demption in his blood;" and let “ the love of « God be fhed abroad in our hearts by the Holy “ Ghost which is given unto us.":

And as we pray that thou wilt be to us a Father of mercies, and a God of consolation, so that thou wilt make us « followers of God as dear chil. “ dren,” ever jealous over our own hearts, and watchful over our ways; continually fearing to offend, and endeavouring to please thee. Thou knowest, O Lord, all our temptations, and the sin that doth so easily beset us. Thou knoweft the devices of the enemy, and the deceitfulness of our own hearts. We pray thee, good Lord, that thou wilt arm us with the whole armour of God. Uphold us with thy free Spirit, and watch over us for good evermore.

Let our supplications also ascend before thee, for the whole race of mankind. Send thy word unto all the ends of the earth, and let it be the favour of life unto all that hear it. Be gracious to this our native land. O do thou rule all our rulers, counsel all our counsellors, teach all our teachers, and order all the public affairs to thy glory. Turn from us the judgments which we feel or fear; continue tby blessings to our souls and bodies, and

notwithstanding all our provocations, be thou fill our God, and let us be thy people.

Have compassion on all the children of affliction, and sanctify thy fatherly corrections to them. Be gracious to all our friends and neighbours. Reward our benefactors. Bless our relations with the best of thy bleffings, with thy fear and love. Preserve us from our enemies, and reconcile them both to us and to thyself. Othat all the habitations of Christians may be houses of prayer ! and be thou especially kind to the several families where thy blessed name is called upon. Let thy blessings rest upon us of this family. Bless all our present estates to us; and fit us all for whatsoever thou shalt be pleased to call us to. O teach us“ how Śr to want, and to abound :" In every condition fecure our hearts to thyself; and make us ever to ap: prove ourselves fincere and faithful in thy service.

And now, O Father of mercies, be pleased to accept our evening facrifice of praise and thanksgiving, Ø that thou wouldest imprint and preserve upon our hearts a lively sense of all thy kindness to us; that our souls may bless

, thee, and all that is within us may praise thy holy name. Yea, let us give thee thanks from the ground of our heart, and praise our God. while we have our being. For all thy patience with us, thy care over us, and thy.continual mercy to us, bleff :d be thy name, O Lord God, our heavenly Father! And unto thee, with the Son of thy love and the Spirit of grace, be all thanks and praise, now and for evermore. Amen.

A sixth MORNING PRAYER for a FAMILY O Lord our God, we defire with all humility, and

reverence to adore thee, as a Being infinitely holy, blessed, and glorious, who hast all perfection


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