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sleeps; Lord be thou our sun and our Thield. Refreth our bodies with quiet and comfortable reft: keep us from sudden fears and dreadful alarms; and let our souls be refreshed with a sense of thy love and the light of thy countenance, which is better than life,

Refore us to another day in safety, and prepare us for the duties and events of it: And by all the supports and comforts of this life let us be enabled, both in body and in foul, to glorify thee; always remembering that we are not our own, but bought with a price.

And forasmuch as we are now brought one day nearer to our end, Lord, enable us fo to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom; let us be ever mindful of that time when we must lie down in the duft; prepare us for our great change, that when we come to die indeed, it may be no surprise or terror to us; but we may with comfort put off the body and resign the spirit, knowing whom we have trusted.

Let our family be blessed in him, in whom all the families of the earth are blessed : 'Blessed in all spiritual bleffings in heavenly things by Christ Jefus, and with temporal bleflings as far

as thou feeft good for us. Give us health and properity, but especially let our fouls profper, and let all that belong to us belong to Christ, that we, who live together here, may be for ever with the Lord in heaven.

Look, O Lord, with pity upon a loft world, and set

up Chrifi's throne where Satan's seat now. is. Send thy gospel where it is not krown; and make it fuccessful where it is known; and make it mighty through God to the pulling down of the strong-holas of fin. Let the church of Chrift greatly flourish, and

let not the gates of hell prevail against it; but may Jesus see of the travail of his soul, and be satisfied.

Rule in the hearts of our rulers. Own thy mini. fters in their work, and make them wise to gain souls to thee. Be zracious to all that are near or dear to us, and make them near and dear to thee by the blood of the covenant. Comfort and relieve all that are in forrow and affliction ; lay no more upon them than they are able to bear, and fanctify every visitation to the good of their souls. Do for us, we pray thee, abundantly above what we are able to ask or think, according to the riches of thy grace in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour; in whose name and words we further call upon thee, saying, Our Father, &c. A PRAYER before the receiving of the SACRA

OST holy, blessed and gracious Lord God,

with all humility and reverence I here present myself before thee, to seek thy face and intreat thy favour; and, as an evidence of thy good-will towards me, to beg that I may experience thy good work in me.

I acknowledge myself unworthy, utterly unworthy the honour, unfit, utterly unfit for the service to which I am now called. It is an inestimable privilege that I am admitted so often to hear from thee in thy word, and to speak to thee in prayer; and yet, as if this had been a small matter, I am now invited into communion with thee at my holy table, there to celebrate the memorial of my Saviour's death, and to partake, by faith, of the precious benefits which flow from it. I, who deserve not the crumbs, am called to eat of the


children's bread. Othou who haft called me to the marriage-supper of the Lamb, give me the weddinggarment; work in me a dispolition of soul, and all those pious and devout affections, which are suited to the folemnity of this ordinance, and necessary to qua-, lify me for an acceptable and advantageous participation of it. The preparation of the heart, and the answer of the tongue, are both from thee : Lord, prepare my unprepared heart for communion with thee.

Lord, I confess I have finned against thee; I have done fooliMhly, and foolishness is bound up in my heart. I have finned, and have come short of the glory of God; I have come short of glorifying thee, and deserve to come short of being glorified with thee. The imagination of my heart is evil continually, and the bias of my corrupt nature is very strong towards the world and the flesh, and the gratifications of sense; but towards God, and Christ, and heaven, I move very slowly.: There is in my carnal mind a wretched aversion to divine and spiritual things. I have mis-spent my time, and trifled away my opportunities; I have followed after lying vanities and, forfaken my own mercies ! God be mere ciful to me a finner ! "for how little have. I done since I came into the world, of the great work that I was sent into the world about?

Thou hast taken me into covenant with thee; I have been set apart for thee, and sealed to be thine ; Thou hast laid me, and I have laid myself under all possible obligations to love thee and serve thee, and live to thee : But I have started afide like a broken bow. I have not made good my covenant with thee, nor hath the temper of iny mind nor the tenor of my conversation been agreeable to that holy religion which I make profession of. I am bent to backslide

from the living God; and if I were under the law, I were undone : But I am under grace, a covenant of grace, which leaves room for repentance, which invites even backsliding children to return, and promiseth that their backslidings shall be healed. Lord, I take hold of this covenant, seal it to me acthy table. There let me find my heart truly humbled for fin, and forrowing it after a godly fort. Othat I may there look'un him whom I have pierced, and mourn, and be a bitterness for him ; that there I may fow in tears, and receive a broken Christ into a broken heart; and there let the blood of Christ, which speaks better things than that of Abel, be sprinkled upon my conscience, to purify and pacify that • There let me be affured that thou art reconciled unto me, that mine iniquities are pardoned, and that I shall not come into condemnation.

And that I may not come unworthily to this blessed ordinance I beseech thee lead me into a more intimate and experimental acquaintance with Jesus Chrift, and him crucified; with Jesus Chrift, and him glorified; that knowing him, and the power his currection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, and being by his grace planted in the likeness of both, I may both difern the Lord's body, and thew forth the Lord's death.

Lord, I defire by a true and lively faith to close avith Jesus Christ, and consent to him as my Lord and my God. I here give up myself to him as my Prophet, Prieft, and King, to be ruled, and daught, and faved by him. This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend : None but Chrift, none but Chrift. Lord, increase this faith in me, perfect what is lacking in it; and enable me in receiving


the bread and wine at thy table, by a lively faith to receive Christ Jesus the Lord. O let the great gospel-doctrine of Christ's dying to fave finners which is represented in that ordinance, be meat and drink to my soul, meat indeed and drink indeed. Let it by both nourishing and refreshing to me: let it be both my strength and my song, and the spring both of

my holiness and of my romfort. And let such deep impressions be made upon my soul as may abide always upon me, and have a powerful influence upon my whole conversation, that the life I now live in the flesh I may live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Lord, I beseech thee fix my thoughts, let my heart be engaged to approach unto thee, that I may. attend

upon thee without distraction. Draw out my defires after thee: Make me to hunger and thirst after righteousness, that I may be filled ; and to draw near to thee with a true heart, and in full assurance of faith ; And since I am not straitened in thee, O let me not be straitened in my own bofom. Draw me, Lord, and I will run after thee; O send out thy

light and thy truth, let them lead and guide

Pour out thy Spirit upon me, put thy Spirit within me, to work in me both to will and to do that, which is good, and leave me not to myself. Awake, O north-wind, and come thou south, and blow upon my garden; come, O blessed Spirit of grace, and enlighten my mind with the knowledge of Chrift, bow

my will to the will of Christ, fill my heart with the love of Christ, and confirm my resolutions to live and die with him.

Work in me a principle of holy love and charity towards all men, that I may forgive my enemies, and may keep up a spiritual communion in faith,


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