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fects of my love! Thisunderstood, will kindle in your heart love to God, and his people, above all things you have ever yet known.

SINNER. Queft. 4. What Mall I do for him that has donesuch a kindness? I see now plainly that where sin has abounded, grace did much more abound. I see what Christ has done suits wicked, angodly, graceless me: And if I disbelieve the freeness of it, I disbelieve the gospel of God. O blessed be God for Jesus Christ! He has holden me, a wretcised sinner, in my low estate! I find now the grace manifested in the atonement is enough for me. This precious blood saves, justifies--it purges my conscience from guilt-I have peace--what I wanted to find in myself, I see now in another. I: know it is a truth, as fure as God's word is true, that by the obedience of one, many are made righteous (u). I am fatisfied, that whatever my soul wants, is already done and finished, and it is free.

This great salvation shall, during my pilgrimage,

my confidence and trust. I ask you how thall í behave for the future? What ihall I do? It is iny heart's desire to be obedient.

Anf. 1. Take up your cross and follow Christ (x). by trying to observe all things he commands (). Go fóribunto bim without the camp, bearing bis reproach (z).

2. Imitate the kindness shewn you, by forgiving others (a) and loving enemies.

3. Continue in the Apostle's doctrine, in fellowship with the disciples, in breaking of bread, and in prayer, from this time forward (b). In observing these three things I have mentioned, you will make your calling and eleéiion fure (c); and it will be a proof to you, that your joy is not the joy of the hypocrite, and that your lamp will not go out when the bridegroom comes, (a) Mat. xviji 21--35. (v) Rom... 19. (x) Mat. xvi. 24. (9) Mat. xxviii. 20. (z) Heb. xiii. 13.

Luke vi. 37. (b) A&ts ii. 42. c) 2 Pet, i. 1o. N.B. Read all the Scripturesreferred to very carefully.



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WILLIAM C. BYER, Protot tree Baptist Church


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