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O. Gillet, B. S. principal, elementary school, University of Chicago. The contents of this book are based on the natural interests of children. The volume contains a series of school room situations, so built up as to give pupils delightful experiences in speaking and writing good English. The situations used include child life and the heroic aspects of mature life, fairies and fairyland, and the outer world, particularly animal life. Around these interests as motivating centers there group themselves numerous exercises, drills, games, and lessons of great variety, many of them calling for animated physical activity, pantomime, and dramatization. The book abounds in oral work adapted for both grades, three and four, but written work is also gradually introduced. This book should prove an ideal text because of its great variety of drills and exercises, all of which will interest if not captivate the child mind. Cloth, 279 pages + XXX, illustrated, price 76 cents. Ginn and Company, Boston, New York, Chicago. THE WINSTON S1M PLIFIED DICTIONARY, including all the Words in Common Use Defined so that they can be easily understood, edited by William D. Lewis, A. M., Pd. D., deputy superintendent of public instruction, state of Pennsylvania and Edgar A. Singer, Ph. D., professor of philosophy, University of vania. and not an abridgment or an adaptation from a larger work.

PennsylIt is a new and original work

This volume represents careful scholarship and wide pedagogical experience, and the sundamental principle followed throughout is to make the meaning of every word so clear and simple that a child could not fail to understand it. It contains a large and carefully selected vocabulary of over forty thousand Each word stands out in bold type and is followed by the pronunciation and definition.


This dictionary will be widely used be. cause it is so practical. It will not only be an aid to teachers in the elementary and high schools of the country, but will be of particular value in vocational and continuation schools, and in Americani. zation classes, where older men and women are endeavoring to get a command of the language to fit them for intelligent citizenship. The volume in. cludes a glossary of business terms, a pronouncing dictionary of mythological and classical names, a dictionary of for. eign words and phrases, a table of prefixes and suffixes and other special features. Cloth, 824 pages, 800 illustra. tions, price $1.36. The John C. Wins. ton Company, Philadelphia, Chicago. EFFECTIVE EXPREssion, a Text-book on Composition and Rhetoric for the Four Years of High School and the First Year of College, by Charles Elbert Rhodes, A. M., assistant principal and former head of the department of Eng: lish, Lafayette High School, Buffalo, editor of Thackeray's Barry Lyndon, Mrs. Gaskell's Cranford, Old Testament Narratives, etc. This book treats of both oral and written composition in a practical, thoroughgoing and stimulating manner. The author holds that composition is a creative process and its

aim is the most effective way of saying

things. The following definition gives his viewpoint: Composition is the process whereby the raw material of thoughts and emotions is made into the finished product of effective expression The scope of the work is indicated by the thirteen chapter headings: Getting Ready to Write, the Rhetorical Essen. tials of Composition, Diction, the Part graph, Letter Writing, Oral Compo tion, Narration, Description, Expos' tion, Argumentation, the Use of Figuro of Speech, Composition in Verse, and the Finished Product. While this volume is intended for the four year"

In the Light of the Present

History of Europe: Ancient and Medieval By ROBINSON and BREASTED

History of Europe: Our Own Times

A personally conducted tour through the ages—the story of man from yesterday to today—with the emphasis on today—concrete—vivid—full of local color and action—no child will find these histories dull.

“Our Own Times” covers the last three centuries, half the book being devoted to the past fifty years. This with the “Ancient and Medieval’’ volume forms an excellent two-year course for high schools.

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of high school and first year of college, it is left for the teacher to adapt the principles of the book to the work of each year, as circumstances may dictate. A mastery of the principles of this ex

cellent work will go a long way toward

inspiring pupils to find a real delight in creating finished products of effective expression which will challenge the attention and hold the interest of others. Cloth, 532 pages, price $1.60. The Gregg Publishing Company, New York, Chicago. EveRYDAY CIVICs, Community, State, and Nation, by Charles Edgar Finch, director of junior high school grades and Citizenships, Rochester, N. Y. This book is an introductory treatise on civics or organized community life. The author holds that a wisely directed study of current topics is most essential to any successful plan of civics teaching. The school is used as the first illustration of a form of community life, and the problem studied is to discover the meaning and value of organization as applied to a school or class. After this happy introduction the author discusses the origin and growth of communities, the nature of citizenship, the community and health, the community and the protection of life and property, and other closely related problems. Thus a gradual approach is made to the consideration of the larger topics usually discussed under civics, namely, county, state, and national government. The arrangement of the contents of the twenty-four chapters is admirable. At the beginning of each chapter the general theme is presented in the form of a definite problem and at the end of each chapter is given a list of suggestive topics suitable for investigation, discussion and action. The appendix contains the constitution of the United States. This book will fill the long felt demand for a modern and interesting

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sor of medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, and George Herbert Betts, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Illustrated. Nothing is of more importance than health and the means of securing it. This work is of an extremely practical value, and adapted for use in grades 5-6. All the subjects treated are taken from the actual experiences of life and are well presented. Among the topics discussed we may mention by way of illustration, Making Our Habits Our Friends, Health, Size and Growth, the Body's Need of Food, What We Eat, Good and Bad Microbes, the Air and Breathing, the Heart and Its Work, Skin and Its Use, the Teeth, When Accidents Happen, and the like. We can hardly conceive a more valuable book to be put in the hands of young people. Cloth, 188 pages, price 85 cents. The Bobbs-Mer. rill Company, Indianapolis. THE RIVALs, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Edited by William Lyon Phelps, Lampson professor of English literature at Yale. This volume is one of the Living Literature Series. The literature that lives has nothing to do with time. If it survives, it must have the precious, preservitive quality which explains its vitality. Always the question is: Has it charm, beauty, power, human meaning? The books of this series are vital for the reason that they possess these saving graces. Sheridan died in 1816, two hundred years after Shakespeare, and during this long period no English dramatist appeared equal to the author of “The Rivals.” This always popular drama in character, situation and dialogue is a masterpiece and


We have just published, in the 5% x 8 size, an excellent picture of President Harding
Order February Pictures now. Washington, Lincoln,
Longfellow, Lowell, Dickens.

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Do you realize how much of beauty will be added to the life of the children? They will carry through life The Shepherdess Lerolle the appreciation of art which they acquire now.


Reduced price since September 1, 1921. $1.50 for one; $1.25 each for two or more.

Postpaid. Size, 22 x 28, including margin. 150 subjects. Think of getting really beautiful pictures at these prices!

The following are attractive and popular subjects in addition to those shown here:

The Horso Fair Christ and the Doctors Saved, Landseer
The Aurora Sir Galahad Stratford (Most attractive)
The Gleaners, Millet Sistine Madonna Song of the Lark

Send $2.50 for the two subjects shown here, or $5.00 for any four, or $1.50 for one. All of the pictures shown or named here and many others are published in the Hand Colored Artotypes, same size, at $2.00 for one; $1.50 each for two or more.

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Catalogues. Send 15 cents for our Complete, 64-page Catalogue of 1600 miniature illustrations, unless you have our latest 1920 edition. (Please do not send for the Catalogue without sending the 15 cents in coin.)

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the publishers have reprinted it in con- writings, and representation of the hisvenient form in this edition. Cloth, 109 tory of the United States. Distinguished pages, price 60 cents. The Gregg Pub- scholars have passed upon the material lishing Co., New York, Chicago, Bostom. in MSS., and all controversial points

AMERICAN HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT, were submitted by the author to disby Matthew Page Andrews, M. A., au- tinguished authorities and their views thor of “People's Edition of the Con- carefuly compared. The author has stitution, History of the U. S.,” “A carefully discriminated between essenHeritage of Freedom,” “A Brief His- tials and non-essentials and made the tory of the United States,” “The Birth narrative of American history interestof America,” etc. This book contains ing and coherent. The volume is proa history of the American people from fusely illustrated, contains more than the earliest time to the present, and in- 20 maps and the arrangement throughcludes a special section devoted to the out is excellent. The topics treated in League of Nations. The treatment of each paragraph are indicated by marthis book is distinctly fresh and original ginal inserts in heavy black faced type. in that it takes advantage of all the It is splendidly adapted for use in upmost recent investigations in records, per grammar grades and junior high

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schools. ('loth, 515 pages with index, price trade edition $2, school edition $1.80. 13. Lippine of l ('o., Philadelphia, Chicago, London. Tito ("Risis, by Winston ("hurchill, edited by Walter Barnes, head of the

English department, state normal school, Fairmont, W. Va., author of

“English in the Country School,” collector and editor of “Types of Children's Literature,” editor of Paygrave's “Golden Treasury,” etc. This is one of the well known and popular Macmillan pocket classics. The editor believes that the inclusion of first rate recent and contemporary novels in courses in literature is extremely desirable, and he believes that the Crisis is one of the most wholesome and profitable of these novels, particularly for young men and women.

It is an interesting story of love and life; it gives an accurate picture of the war between the North and the South: and it sets forth splendid ideals of patriotism. This inexpensive edition of the Crisis will appeal to all students in high schools, normal schools and college classes as well as to the general reader. Cloth, 543 pages, price 48 cents. Macmillan Co., Boston, New York, Chicago.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THOUGHT AND FEELING, a Conservative Interpretation of Results in Modern Psychology, by ('harles Platt, Ph. D., M. D., author of Qualitative Analysis and Medical Chemistry,” etc. This is eminently a common-sense book. The author knows no favorite school of psychology, and follows thought logically wherever it may lead. The emotions, habit, thought,

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