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By DANIEL STARCH, Harvard University, formerly of University of Wisconsin,
and GEORGE A. MIRICK, Harvard University

A Three-Book Series Covering Grades Three to Eight THE TEST AND STUDY SPELLER does just what the title suggests—

tests to determine what words the pupil cannot spell, and then provides supervised study of those words which present difficulties.

Word list based on a combination of the best known vocabulary

tabulations. -
Words distributed in those grades where they are most frequently
Charming dictation lessons; interesting word study and dictionary

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N offering this new Speller for the consideration of those who are concerned with I the teaching of this important subject, the publishers desire to call attention to the following distinguishing features: 1. Carefully prepared instructions to the teacher. 2. Phonetic lists on which words in common use are based. 3. A systematic and comprehensive presentation of the words and spelling facts that every pupil must learn. 4. A progressively expanding vocabulary fitted to the pupil’s AL ovs present and future needs. 5. A large number of dictation exercises based on the words found in the spelling lesson. 6. Special stress laid on the most difficult words. 7. Oft-repeated drills on the real trouble-makers. 8. Omission of words seldom used in speaking and writing.


Part One, Grades 1 and 2 Part Three, Grades 5 and 6
Part Two, Grades 3 and 4 Part Four, Grades 7 and 8
Grades 1-4 Grades 5-8

A Manual for Teachers Using the Aldine Speller


PLAYS FOR CHILDREN, an Annotated Index, by Alice I. Hazeltine, supervisor of children's work, St. Louis public library, with an introductory note by Cora Mel Patten, chairman juvenile department, Drama League of America. To those who are interested in producing children's plays this book is of timely value. It is not merely a list of best plays, although many of those indoxed rank high in merit. Anyone searching for artistic and beautiful dramatic literature for children will find it indicated here. Its chief purpose is to suggest the wealth of material now available in print and to help dramatic directors, teachers and librarians to discover individual plays which they may know by title but which they may be unable to find. It also enables one to compare different dramatic versions of the same story, in this way suggesting how original work may be done by a group or class of children under the guidance of a capable director. The volume contains an annotated index to children's plays, which should be of definite and practical value to all concerned in any way with the children's play movement, especially in connection with junior drama organizations, in schools and in libraries. Second edition. Price $1.50. American Library Association, Chicago.

CoLONIAI, PROSE AND POETRY, edited by William P. Trent and Benjamin W. Wells. The Transplanting of Culture, 1607-1650. This is a complete printing on thin paper, in one volume, of an earlier three-volume set which has been accepted as a standard on its subject for some years past. It is an anthology of pre-revolutionary literature in America, very carefully selected from a wide mass of material now, as a whole, difficult of access to the general reader. The titles of the three sections indicate their scope: “The Transplanting of Cul

ture,” with such early writers as Bradford, Winthrop, Cotton, Williams, Hooker, and Anne Bradstreet; “The Beginning of Americanism,” with such writers as Eliot, Wigglesworth, Penn, Sewall, and Mather; and “The Growth of National Spirit,” with such writers as Prince, Edwards, Franklin, and Hutchinson. About fifty names are represented in the collection, some still well known, others well-nigh forgotten, but all with writings of perennial interest. Selections are also found from “The Bay Psalm Book,” “The New England Primer,” and other pioneer works. The editors have contributed informing biographical notes and prefaces. Altogether it is a work of quaint and historic value which in its new form should be of ready service in the classroom, the library, and to the general reader. Cloth bound, 1026 pages, price $2.50. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York.

IHISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by Henry William Elson, Ph. D., author of “Side Lights on American History,” etc. The author's aim in writing this history has been to present an accurate narrative of the origin and growth of our country and its institutions in such a form as to interest the general reader. The writer possesses the rare gift of combining the science of historical research with the art of his. torical composition. In this history the narrative and critical features are balanced in intelligent proportion. The author has given careful attention to style and presents a book that is easy and pleasurable to read as well as instructive. Much space is devoted especially in the earlier periods to the life of the people—their habits, modes of life, occupations and general progress, In treating the national period the writer, without neglecting the industrial |and social features, has given greater

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space to political and constitutional development, as in this the life of a selfgoverning people is epitomized. The author has exercised the utmost care to secure historic accuracy throughout. Much information has been gathered from original sources. This interesting and readable volume should find a place in every school library and in the private library of every teacher and intelligent citizen. Cloth, XXVI+ 982 pages with index, price $2.40. Macmillan Company, New York, Boston, Lomdom. PRACTICAL STUDY OF FRENCH PRONUNCIATION by Louis Tesson, Officiers d’Academie. In the study of any foreign language the greatest difficulty that

a beginner has is in acquiring a correct pronunciation. The purpose of this volume is to enable the beginner at the outset to speak intelligibly in lorench. This volume contains a table of the French sounds as represented in the ordinary spelling, with a number of short selections to be used for sight transalation and as subjects for class room conversation. “Le Conjugateur Mecanique,” which follows, pros nts a new and easy way of conjugating all French verbs, and the last section is given over to an explanation of the general rules of pronunciation and to suggestions for oral and written application. Cloth, 78 pages, price $1. Four Seas Company Publishers, Boston.

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We Place You in the Better Positions

Our Reputation is National
Our Service is Unexcelled

Positions Kindergarten to University

Attention: Minimum requirements for registration one year's work above the high school. No minimum requirements for teachers located

Presidents in the states in which our Agencies are located. ==S-S-->><> AOCo/77. ZACAZZoS Branch Offices: A GA: /VC Y

Portland, Oregon, N. W. Bank Bldg.
Minneapolis, Minn., Lumber Exchange
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EDUCATION SERVICE will have Booth No. 97, in Exhibit Hall (Leiter Building) at the meeting of the Department of Superintendence. We extend a cordial invitation to all attending this meeting to call at our booth.

We aim to render every conceivable kind of service to schools and teachers, and we feel that we have unusual facilities for aiding school executives to secure teachers. Through our various interests we cover the entire country. If you will inform us beforehand of the teachers you may need, either for emergency vacancies or for next September, we shall endeavor to arrange interviews for you, either in Chicago or some other place convenient for you.

We operate the Fisk Teachers Agency (Chicago), and the National Teachers Agency
(Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Evanston).
Steger Building, Chicago 1254 Amsterdam Ave., New York
Security Building, Evanston 14 Beacon St., Boston

- Southern Building, Washington
ERNEST E. OLP, Director

and anyone unfamiliar with the first steps in reading. This is a highly suggestive and practical book with which

THE FIRST STEPs IN READING by Lucy Williams Tinley, author of “Teaching Beginners to Read.” This book is in

tended for the beginner, the rural school teacher, the primary teacher, the intermediate teacher, who does not know what work preceded hers, the mother who wishes to teach her child to read,

everyone interested in teaching children the first steps in reading should be familiar. Cloth, 54 pages, price 75 cents. University Publishing Co., Chicago and Londom.

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