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of large city systems and of county or rural systems unite with primary supervisors and grade teachers in extolling the wonderful achievements of the

Aldine Reading Method

Strong and convincing as are the thousands of endorsements of the Method, a classroom demonstration must of necessity be more satisfying to the teacher of reading, and an invitation is accordingly extended to superintendents and others who may be interested to send for specimen copies of the Aldine Readers and Cards

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Just Published


By Nathaniel Wright Stephenson and
Martha Tucker Stephenson

A new history for the junior high school and upper grammar grades, which presents in interesting narrative the development of American history. Its scope is national; all sections of the country are treated with equal attention and sympathy.

The book is concerned with the past only as it helps to illuminate present problems. It not only gives the pupil a knowledge of how to serve the state, but creates in him a desire to discharge that service.


70 Fifth Avenue New York



more unified. The writer discusses needed changes and additions to the curriculum of the secondary, elementary and continuation schools. The author is an Englishman and his suggestions and criticism are concerned primarily with the secondary, elementary and continuation schools of England. It is a book that should appeal to every close student of educational problems and the school administrator who are concerned with the making and the modifying of the curricula in our public schools. Cloth, 144 pages, price $2.25. E. P. Dutton and Co., New York City.

BIOLOGY FOR HIGH SCHOOLs, by W. M. Smallwood, Syracuse University, Ida L. Reveley, Wells College, Guy A. Bailey, Geneseo State Normal School. This book was written to show the close relationship of the science of biology to human life. The treatment gives a broad survey of the life of plants and animals, including man. The text gives due attention to laboratory and note book work. It makes the most of the pupil's interest in recording personal discoveries about living things, and guides him by easy steps from simple pencil sketches to more elaborate pen drawings. A special feature of the book is the thorough treatment of the practical side of biology, with reference to the prevention of disease particularly in its epidemic forms, through sanitation and right living. The concluding chapter treats of biology and human progress, and gives a brief account of the value and character of new discoveries in biology. Cloth, 550 pages, + 40, price $1.40. Allyn and Bacon, Boston, New York, Chicago.

OUTLINES IN DICTIONARY STUDY FOR GRADEs 4-7, by Anna L. Rice, principal of Lincoln school, Springfield, Mass. These outlines have been prepared for the use of teachers in grades 4-7 inclusive, and cover as much of the subject

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The purpose of this book is, first, to set forth the great principles of geography in its human aspects; second, to provide a comprehensive, but easily taught textbook for students who have reached an age when they begin to think for themselves; and, third, to furnish to normal school students and to teachers in elementary schools a book which will give them a solid grounding in the human relationships which they are eager to teach. The method of the book is to take up first the physical back ground, and then to plunge directly into the main thing that is the relation of the physiographic environment to man’s activities. This volume makes an ideal textbook for college work for it reveals new educational possibilities in the study of geography, and gives a solid grounding in the human relationships which many students will later wish to teach. It provides a comprehensive and easily taught text for normal school classes and it is an invaluable reference book for teachers of elementary geography, giving just the knowledge necessary to make the subject live. This book is



free out of doors life to the schoolroom.

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our latest 1920 edition.

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51% x 8.
Send 50 cents for 25 choice art subjects we have selected, each 5% x 8.
Bird Pictures in Natural Colors, Size 7 x 9. Three Cents Each for 15 or more.

75 cents for 25 common birds and a very brief description of each.
Send 15 cents for our 64-Page Catalog of 1600 miniature illustrations, unless you have
(Please do not send for the Catalogue, without sending the 15 cents in coin.)

ARTOTYPES. Large Pictures for Framing. Price, $1.50 for one; $1.25 each for 2 or more. Postpaid. Size, including margin, 22 x 28 inches. 150 subjects.

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unique in that it calls for an unusual amount of thought and activity on the part of the pupils. Questions, exercises and problems are added at the end of each chapter. Cloth, 430 pages, 6" x 9", profusely illustrated, price $3.50. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 432 Fourth avenue, New York.

THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF LEARNING AND STUDY, by A. S. Edwards, professor of psychology, University of Georgia. The present volume is a rewriting of manuscript which the writer has used for sometime as part of his lectures to students in educational psychology. The aim is especially to show how the results of general psychology and experimental psychology and allied sciences can be put into use by the teacher and the student in the problems of learning and of study. It has been the purpose of the writer to deal With the problem of education from the point of view of economy in learning

and study. The student should be inter-
ested because his problem is to know
how to learn and to study most effec-
tively. The teacher should be interested
because all teaching must be true to the
laws of learning and of study and should
not conflict with them. If teaching does
conflict with the laws of learning, it is
relatively ineffective. Fundamental to
knowing how to teach is knowing how
to help the the student to learn. Ques-
tions and suggestions for study are
found at the end of each chapter. This
book will prove highly suggestive to all
students of educational problems and
should be in the hands of every progres-
sive teacher. Cloth, 239 pages, price
$1.80. Warwick and York, Inc., Balti-
Philip Van Ness Myers, honorary lec-
turer in history in the University of
Cincinnati. Author of ‘‘ Ancient His-
tory,” “A General History” and “His-

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tory As Past Ethics.” For a quarter of a century Myers’ “Medieval and Modern History” has been the standard text in its field. The first revised edition was published in 1905. In this second revised edition, necessitated by the events of the past few years, the origimal text has been carefully revised to show that the conflict was the inevitable culmination of the struggle between the principles of divine right autocracy and the principles of self-government that began in England in the 17th century. At the same time it has been compressed in order to make possible, without undue enlargement of the book, chapters on the background, the events, and the results of the World War. Many new

maps and new and attractive illustrations have been added. Cloth, 694 pages, price $2.00. Ginn and Co., Bostom, New York, Chicago.

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Teachers, Principals, Superintendents! Come to Headquarters WRITE TODAY For “THE ROAD TO GOOD POSITIONS” AND ENROLLMENT CARD

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We find for teachers the kind of positions desired and supply schools

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NO FEE unless a Satisfactory Position is accepted. Registration form mailed on request. Branch Offices: Rochester, N. Y., 643 Park Ave., H. C. Reeves, Manager.

Chicago, Ill., 122 So.

Michigan Ave., E. O. Jones, Manager.

INVERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY, by Gilman A. Drew, Ph. D., assistant director of the Marine Biological laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., with the aid of former and present members of the zoological staff of instructors at the Marine Biological laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. The third edition revised. This work is designed for practical use in the laboratory. Its purpose is twofold: To give the student a working knowledge of comparative anatomy and to lead him to an appreciation of the adaptation of the animals to their environments. It is a practical work, expressing the practical

knowledge gained through experience. The type method of study has been followed. Cloth, 229 pages, price $2.25. W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia, Lomdom.

Four Things

Four things a man must learn to do
If he would make his record true;
To think without confusion clearly;
To love his fellow-men sincerely;
To act from honest motives purely;
To trust in God and Heaven securely.

—Henry Van Dyke.

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