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NEGOCIOS CON LA AMERICA ESPANOLA, by Earl S. Harrison, head of the Spanish department, Commercial High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. The purpose of this text is to round out knowledge of Spanish for those who desire to master the language for commercial purposes. After each selection in this text appear questions in Spanish, and exercises. The exercises are intended to give practice in the vocabulary and idioms for the purpose of impressing on the mind of the student new words and expressions. This text may be used by anyone who knows the ordinary principles of Spanish grammar. There are very few notes, as the vocabulary is complete and the text very simple. The general subjects treated deal largely with trade opportunities and business transactions. Cloth bound, 108 pages, price 88 cents. Gregg Publishing Co., New York, Boston, Chicago.

THE TEST AND STUDY SPELLER, Three Book Series, by Daniel Starch, assistant professor of business psychology, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University and George A. Mirick, lecturer on elementary education, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. The three fundamental questions of spelling in our schools are: What words should a pupil know how to spell when he finishes the elementary school? In what grade should each particular word be taught? And what are the most economical ways of learning and teaching spelling? As complete and definite scientific answers to these questions as possible were sought, and, on the basis of these extensive investigations, the words in this series were selected and placed into the various grades, and the lessons were planned according to the latest developments in the psychology and pedagogy of spelling. An analytical study was made by the authors of the four well

known lists, the Eldrige, Ayres, Jones and the Cook and O'Shea list and other lists. The final lists of some 3800 words, brought together in each of these books, represent, therefore, the selection of the most common words in the English language, and is based on the six extensive and basic vocabulary tabulations made up to the present time. These series of spellers will doubtless receive a ready welcome by progressive teachers and school officials who are in the lookout for the latest and best books on spelling. First book for grades 2-4, 110 pages, price 60 cents; second book for grades 5-6, price 60 cents; third book for grades 7-8, price 60 cents. Silver, Burdett and Company, Boston, New York and Chicago. STORY-LAND, Outlines for the Child Life Composition Pictures, by Effie Seach rest, author of ‘‘Legendary Lore” and “Peeps at Pictures.” This book contains 30 outlines of compositions on topics suggested or contained in the 30 full page pictures placed directly opposite. These outlines and pictures have been carefully selected and classified according to the grade for which they are suited. These outlines and illustrative pictures constitute the major part of the contents of this book. Some original compositions based on such picture studies follow. The concluding section contains biographical sketches of the artists. This book is intended to illustrate how pictures, when properly selected and suitable for the grade in which they are placed, may be most effectively used both in oral and written composition. Cloth, 91 pages, price $1.25. Lloyd Adams Nobles, Publisher, 31 West 15th St., New York City. EN Espa NA, by Guillermo Rivera, Harvard University and Henry Grattan Doyle, George Washington University. The vastly increased interest in the study of Spanish during recent years

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has created a demand for new and fresh material. The authors feel that in offering the present reader they have helped to supply this demand. The large amount of informative reading material dealing with Spain, of practical and historical significance and free from uninteresting data. The vocabulary employed is of an every day nature and the language used is reasonably free from difficult grammatical construction. This book should prove an admirable supplementary reader for use in advanced Spanish classes. Cloth, 150 pages, including vocabulary, price 96 cents. Silver, Burdett and Co., Boston, New York, Chicago. THE Psychology of ADOLESCENCE, by Frederick Tracy, Ph. D., professor of ethics in University College, University of Toronto, author of “The Psycho

logy of ('hildhood,' etc. This book is one of a series of ten volumes, some now ready and others in preparation, which are designed to serve as manuals for teachers in the field of moral and religious education. The author holds that adolescence is not a life by itself, but a stage in the total life, and that there is only one psychology, because mind in its essential features is everywhere the same. Back of adolescence are boyhood and childhood, and lack of childhood are the forces of heredity, and all about the individual are the diverse operations of the environment; while on the other hand youth develops into maturity and maturity is succeeded by senescence, decay and death. A survey of the fields of psychology, physiology and biology gives the author the facts and principles which he uses in

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his discussion and interpretation of the problems of adolencence. The writer constantly employs the fundamental categories of valuation as set forth in the philosophy of morals, of religion and of education in determining the goal of all education. The author discusses in the earlier chapters topics such as body, mind, instinct and habit, emotion, intellect. In the later chapters he treats more particularly of the problems of adolescence and concludes with a full and valuable discussion of the pedagogy of adolescence. This volume will appeal to the general reader and student as well as to those who are more actively engaged in the training and education of the adolescence. Cloth bound, 243 pages, price $2.50. Macmillam Co., Boston, New York, London.

GENERAL BOTANY FOR UNIVERSITIES AND CollBGEs by Hiram D. Densmore, M. A., professor of botany at Beloit College, with original illustrations by

the author and by M. Louise Sawyer, M. S., formerly instructor in botany at Beloit College. The author of this work has strongly emphasized two points, first, to make it an interesting, attractive and an unusually teachable text, and second, the emphasizing of fundamentals and omitting non-essentials. He has sought to put into his text that human and vital quality which brings success in working with students. In manner of presentation the biological point of view is stressed and plants are treated throughout the text as dynamic organizations comparable to animals and having important relations to man. In this study of the various plants and trees the author keeps constantly and simultaneously before the student structure and function and relation to environment. This modern treatment of the subject of botany will commend itself to college teachers of the subject. Cloth, 459 pages, price $2.96. Ginn & Co., Boston, New York, Chicago.


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