The new corporate strategy

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Wiley, 7 mar 1988 - 258 pagine
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Published over twenty years ago, Igor Ansoff's Corporate Strategy is one of the most important and influential books ever written on the subject. Its central idea-that, in developing strategy, managers should prepare for the future through systematic anticipation of future environmental challenges and formulating appropriate response strategic plans-is now an accepted canon of modern business thinking. Thirty years of experience with strategic planning has led Professor Ansoff to expand the original concept of strategic planning to the broader concept of strategic management. In The New Corporate Strategy Igor Ansoff updates the original concepts of strategic planning and then adds two other key ingredients of strategic management: designing the firm's capabilities to support new strategies, and managing resistance to change which is typically encountered during strategic implementation. In The New Corporate Strategy, Ansoff shows you why "getting back to the basics" isn't the answer to the kind of problems troubling corporate America today-problems like slowing growth, declining profitability, loss of market share, and a lack of vigor and direction in American management. Instead, Ansoff argues that corporations need to develop renewed entrepreneurial thrusts and transform their strategic postures. You'll discover how to determine what strategic adjustments your company needs to make in order to stay competitive. The New Corporate Strategy is a powerful new prescription for managing change, through anticipating future environmental challenges, formulating competitive and entrepreneurial strategies, developing new corporate capabilities, and managing the firm's transition to a new, successful strategic behavior.

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About the author H. IGOR ANSOFF, considered by many business experts as the "Father of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management," is President of Ansoff Associates and Distinguished Professor of Strategic Management at the United States International University in San Diego, California. He has held senior management positions at Lockheed and the Rand Corporation. In the academic world, Mr. Ansoff has held appointments at The Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University and has served as the founding dean at The Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. His landmark book, Corporate Strategy has been published in 14 languages.

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