Mongolia. Ediz. Inglese

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Lonely Planet, 2008 - 312 pagine
Cling to your camel as a Gobi sandstorm sweeps past. Learn the 'three manly sports' while visiting nomad families on Ger-to-Ger adventure. Honour the sky gods with the famous vodka dip-and-flick ritual. Stretch out your vocal cords with a throat-singing lesson. Our intrepid author conducted 180 days' research, covered 8259km and drank 135 cups of salty milk tea. New Outdoors chapter details activities from cycling the Chinggis Khaan trail to horse trekking the steppes. Content updated daily - visit for up-to-the-minute reviews, news and traveller insights.

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LONELY PLANET aims to cater for every independent traveller, whatever the destination, whatever the style of travel and whatever the phase of the journey.

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