Eco-Hustle! Global Warming, Greenwashing, and Sustainability: Global Warming, Greenwashing, and Sustainability

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ABC-CLIO, 14 apr 2015 - 268 pagine

How many of our efforts to save the environment are effective? Learn how our system is simply masking the symptoms of global warming.

Climate change is more than just a buzzword. It is a reality that society and industry have failed to deal with effectively. "Greenwashing," a term that author Bruce E. Johansen defines as the "environmental sleight of hand" performed by technology and advertising, has us convinced that certain "green" practices are sustainable. In his book, Johansen examines the sanctioned activities and practices commonly touted as environmentally responsible and points out their failings. He explains why the global climate change problem is more urgent than many people think, and provides real-world examples of companies that are taking measures with genuine benefits to the environment.

Presenting information relevant to every inhabitant of earth and that environmentalists, climate scientists, and students and educators in environmental studies will find essential reading, this book brings questions about legislation and economics to the forefront and asks whether today's system can support a true effort at sustainable living. It presents honest—and what some readers may find surprising—answers to inquiries into what is really "good for the environment," such as why corn ethanol may be worse for the atmosphere than oil and why coal capture and sequestration may be the worst "green" idea yet.

  • Explains global warming science in terms that laypeople and scholars can understand
  • Examines "greenwashing" practices employed by today's society and describes the negative impact they will have
  • Asks truly compelling questions about what will really protect the environment from future damage
  • Proposes changes to today's system that truly recognize the need for sustainable practices and a move away from production and consumption

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Bruce E. Johansen is Jacob J. Isaacson Professor in Communication and Native American Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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