Pimeval Man

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Pagina 168 - Their country is a broken mass of wild rocks, lofty hills, and useless forests: and these are viewed through mists and endless storms. The habitable land is reduced to the stones on the beach; in search of food they are compelled unceasingly to wander from spot to spot, and so steep is the coast, that they can only move about in their wretched canoes.
Pagina 111 - The terms for God, for house, for father, mother, son, daughter, for dog and cow, for heart and tears, for axe and tree, identical in all the IndoEuropean idioms, are like the watchwords of soldiers.
Pagina 74 - Engis skull, clearly indicate that the first traces of the primordial stock whence man has proceeded need no longer be sought, by those who entertain any form of the doctrine of progressive development, in the newest tertiaries ; but that they may be looked for in an epoch more distant from the age of the Elephas primigenius than that is from us.
Pagina 171 - How little can the higher powers of the mind be brought into play. What is there for imagination to picture, for reason to compare, for judgment to decide upon ? To knock a limpet from the rock does not require even cunning, that lowest power of the mind.
Pagina 70 - If that frame was once more bestial, it may have been better adapted for a bestial existence. But it is impossible to conceive how it could ever have emerged from that existence by virtue of Natural Selection. Man must have had human proportions of mind before he could afford to lose bestial proportions of body.
Pagina 36 - I declare boldly, and from the bottom of my heart, that if I were called to write something which was to be invested with supreme authority, I should desire most so to write that my words should include the widest range of meaning, and should not be confined to one sense alone, exclusive of all others, even of some which should be inconsistent with my own. Far from me, O God, be the temerity to suppose that so great a Prophet did not receive from Thy Grace even such a favor!
Pagina 57 - Man, is the difference between an irrational brute confined to some one climate and to some limited area of the globe,— which no outward conditions can modify or improve, — and a Being equally adapted to the whole habitable world, with powers, however undeveloped, of comparison, of reflection, of judgment, of reason, with a sense of right and wrong, — and with all these capable of accumulated acquisition...
Pagina 109 - There was a time when the ancestors of the Celts, the Germans, the Slavonians, the Greeks, and Italians, the Persians, and Hindus, were living together beneath the same roof, separate from the ancestors of the Semitic and Turanian races.
Pagina 42 - It is not in itself inconsistent with the Theistic argument, or with belief in the ultimate agency and directing power of a Creative Mind. This is clear, since we never think of any difficulty in reconciling that belief with our knowledge of the ordinary laws of animal and vegetable reproduction. Those laws may be correctly, and can only be adequately, described in the language of religion and theologv. " He who is the alone Author and Creator of all things...
Pagina 44 - ... causes, and to the extent and scope of their effects. If it does not diminish, but only augments the wonder of Organic Life, that it has been so contrived as to be capable of propagating itself, neither would it diminish that wonder, but rather enhance it to an infinite degree, that Organisms should be gifted with the still more wonderful power of developing Forms of Life other and higher than their own. So far, therefore, as belief in a Personal Creator is concerned, the difficulties in the...

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