Advanced Membrane Technology and Applications

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Norman N Li, Anthony G. Fane, W. S. Winston Ho, Takeshi Matsuura
Wiley, 29 dic 2008 - 1016 pagine
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Advanced membranes-from fundamentals and membrane chemistry tomanufacturing and applications

A hands-on reference for practicing professionals, AdvancedMembrane Technology and Applications covers the fundamentalprinciples and theories of separation and purification bymembranes, the important membrane processes and systems, and majorindustrial applications. It goes far beyond the basics to addressthe formulation and industrial manufacture of membranes andapplications.

This practical guide:

  • Includes coverage of all the major types of membranes:ultrafiltration; microfiltration; nanofiltration; reverse osmosis(including the recent high-flux and low-pressure membranes andanti-fouling membranes); membranes for gas separations; andmembranes for fuel cell uses
  • Addresses six major topics: membranes and applications in waterand wastewater; membranes for biotechnology and chemical/biomedicalapplications; gas separations; membrane contractors and reactors;environmental and energy applications; and membrane materials andcharacterization
  • Includes discussions of important strategic issues and thefuture of membrane technology
With chapters contributed by leading experts in their specificareas and a practical focus, this is the definitive reference forprofessionals in industrial manufacturing and separations andresearch and development; practitioners in the manufacture andapplications of membranes; scientists in water treatment,pharmaceutical, food, and fuel cell processing industries; processengineers; and others. It is also an excellent resource forresearchers in industry and academia and graduate students takingcourses in separations and membranes and related fields.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2008)

Norman N. Li, PhD, is the President of NL ChemicalTechnology, Inc., and a member of the National Academy ofEngineering. Dr. Li holds forty-five patents, has edited twentybooks, and has received many honors, including the 2000 PerkinMedal presented by the Society of Chemical Industry AmericanSection.

Anthony G. Fane, PhD, is Director of the SingaporeMembrane Technology Centre at NanyangTechnological University,Singapore. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy ofTechnological Sciences and Engineering.

W. S. Winston Ho, PhD, has been University ScholarProfessor of Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University. Heholds more than fifty U.S. patents in separation processes and haswon several awards, including the 2007 Clarence G. Gerhold Awardfrom the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Takeshi Matsuura, PhD, is a Professor of ChemicalEngineering at University of Ottawa, Canada. He has published morethan 300 papers in refereed journals, authored or coauthored threebooks, and edited four books.

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