English Works: Toxophilus, Report of the Affaires and State of Germany, The Scholemaster

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University Press, 1904 - 304 pagine
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Pagina 202 - I bear them, so without measure misordered, that I think myself in hell, till time come that I must go to Mr.
Pagina 231 - This is good stuffe, for wise men to laughe at, or honest men to take pleasure at. Yet I know, when Gods Bible was banished the Court, and Morte Arthure receiued into the Princes chamber.
Pagina 188 - For this I know, not only by reading of books in my study, but also by experience of life, abroad in the world, that those which be commonly the wisest, the best learned, and best men also, when they be old, were never commonly the quickest of wit when they were young.
Pagina 230 - Ten sermons at Paul's Cross do not so much good for moving men to true doctrine, as one of those books do harm with enticing men to ill living. Yea, I say farther, those books tend not so much to corrupt honest living, as they do to subvert true religion.
Pagina 201 - I speake, kepe silence, sit, stand, or go, eate, drinke, be merie, or sad, be sowyng, plaiyng, dauncing, or doing anie thing els, I must do it, as it were, in soch weight, mesure, and number, even so perfitelie, as God made the world, or else I am so sharplie taunted, so cruellie threatened, yea presentlie some...
Pagina 121 - A REPORT AND DISCOURSE, written by Roger Ascham, of the affaires and state of Germany and the Emperour Charles, his court, duryng certaine yeares while the sayd Roger was there.
Pagina 205 - ... they have commonly the rein of all license in their own hand, and specially such as do live in the court. And that which is most to be marveled at, commonly the wisest and also best men be found the fondest fathers in this behalf.
Pagina 192 - And though I, in all this discourse, seem plainly to prefer hard and rough wits before quick and light wits both for learning and manners, yet...
Pagina 265 - Ye know not what hurt ye do to learning that care not for words, but for matter, and so make a divorce betwixt the tongue and the heart.
Pagina xiv - I communed with a man whiche reasoned the englyshe tongue to be enryched and~encreased therby, sayinge : Who wyll not prayse that feaste, where a man shall drinke at a diner, bothe wyne, ale and beere ? Truely quod I, they be all good, euery one taken by hym selfe alone, but if you putte...

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