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Ralston Brealcfast Food is the onlv cereal that forms an ldeal, natural combination with fruit. Nothing could be more delicious, cooling and healthful for a summer breakfast than a dKh of Ralston served with fresh, ripe strawberries and cream. Try it—a 2-lb. package Costs only li cents at \our grocer's -a week's su;>pk tor an average family. Cooks in five minutes.

Thousands of families are using Purina Health Flour

because the superiority of whole Pu

Q6nv i^'ua Iiu?vi Hip*j I'vjj^-ji* , .«.,-,.,,.«*, -_i—«,

if you prefer other grains fur alternate mornings

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Checkerboard packages

Ralston Breakfast Food,
Ralston Hominy Grits,

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Ralston Barley Food, Ralston Health Oats,
Purina Pankake Flour, Purina Health Flour.

The complete assortment nf fresh cereals, consisting -f six varieties. d..livered f >r $1

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The Vegetarian Society of America, seeking to supply pure food to meet the wants of the people, presents the following articles, which can be had on receipt of prices attached, at the office of the Society, 1023 Foulkrod Street, Frankford, Philadelphia.

The prices are fixed at the lowest possible for the best goods, free from adulteration, and are preferably supplied direct, saving the profits of dealers to tiie consumer. The rales in quantities are given so as to avoid inquiries as to wholesale rates. We do not seek to supply the trade and, therefore, no deviation can be obtaiued by writing for special rates.

PURE PEANUT BUTTER.—1 pint, in tin can. 30c, by mail, 50c; 12 pints, in tin cans, $3. Preferred by physicians for patients. Testimonials sent on application.

FRUIT BUTTER, made from seeded raisins, figs or dates, in glass, J4 pints, 20c.; piuts, 40c In ordering, state which kind required.

PENOLA, a highly nutritive and wholesome product of white parched corn. 1 lb. package, 10c Sample by mail, 7c; 12 packages, $1.00; 24 packages, $1.80.

WHOLEWHEAT GRAHAM FLOUR.—In 1 lb. packages at 6c, 5 packages for 25c Thii contains all parts of the wheat ground fine, avoiding the usual objection to Graham flour, the irr.tation produced by large flakes of bran. It keeps best in small packages. Sample by mail, 7c

KAUGIIPHY, a hygienic substitute for coffee, prepared by Dr. J. H. Loveli. 1 lb. package, 20c; by mail, 35c Sample by mail, 10c

VEGETARIAN SOAP.—A toilet ';oap free from all animal matter. Used in U. S. hospitals iu preference to all other soaps on account ofits purity and freedom from animal poison. Samples, by mail, 5c. 1 bar, 5c; by mail, 12c.

KO-NUT.—A butter made from cocoanut oil thoroughly purified. 3, 5 or 50 lb. cans at 15c a lb.; y2 case, 30 lbs.; whole case, 60 lbs. To save freight, order by the case, but less can be had by express if desired.

DIAMOND BUTTER OIL.—Thoroughly purified oil of cotton seed. Excellent for table use and for shortening. Many prefer it to olive oil. In 2%, 5, 10 or 50 lb. cans. In crates of oO Us.: Iyj lb. cans, $7.70; 5 lb. cans, $7.20; 10 lb. cans, $7.00; 50 lb. cans, $5.00. Less than a crate sent by express if desired. 5 lb. cans, 65c each.


Has been greatly improved and especially adapted for ladies being easily run by children, who are delighted with it, for making Fruit and Nut Butters, Flavoring for Ice Cream, Bread Crumbs, whole wheat Graham Flour and other Health Foods. Price, Four Dollars. Pamphlet with fifty recipes free. Address: V. S. A.,

1023 Foulkrod Street, Philadelphia. (Station F.)

VEGETARIAN BOOKS.—All books on Hygiene, Vegetarianism and kindred subjects can be had by mail of the Vegetarian Society of America, 1023 Foulkrod Street, Station F, Philadelphia. The following are printed and published by the Society.

AMERICAN VEGETARIAN COOKERY, containing 250 recipes, well adapted to beginners, 15c, with list of vegetarian and health literature.

OUR POSTSCRIPT, a quarterly tract for inclosure in letters: 1 copy, 1 year, 5c; 10 copies, 1 year, 25c; 100 copies, 1 year, $1.00. Extra copies: 100, 75c; 500, $1.00. Seven numbers have been issued, embracing the following subjects: 1, Svnopsis; 2, The Vegetarian Principle; 3, Anatomy; 4, Physiology; 5, Chemistry; 6, Economy; 7,

A SLHMARY OF ARGUHENTS FOR VEGETARIANISM.—By Wtn. Penn Alcott. With portrait of the author, 5c; 25 copies, 50c

IS EDENIC LIFE PRACTICAL?—A discourse by Rev. Henry S. Clubb, 3c; 25 copies, 25c.

ALL THE ABOVE sent on receipt of price, either check or money order payable to Henry S. Clubb, 1023 Foulkrod St., Station F, Philadelphia.

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