The History of British Journalism: From the Foundation of the Newspaper Press in England, to the Repeal of the Stamp Act in 1855

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Richard Bentley, 1859
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Pagina 258 - ... appeared should be ordinarily published at intervals exceeding one week, had offered to publish the said apology in any newspaper or periodical publication to be selected by the plaintiff in such action ; and that every such defendant shall, upon filing such plea, be at...
Pagina 46 - Constituents, denying the power of the House of Commons to imprison the people of England,' and he accompanied the letter with an argument in support of his position.
Pagina 258 - ... without actual malice, and without gross negligence; and that before the commencement of the action, or at the earliest opportunity afterwards, he inserted in such newspaper or other periodical publication a...
Pagina 6 - Worlds of fine thinking lie buried in that vast abyss, never to be disentombed, or restored to human admiration. Like the sea it has swallowed treasures without end, that no diving bell will bring up again. But nowhere throughout its shoreless magazines of wealth does there lie such a bed of pearls confounded with the rubbish and 'purgamenta' of ages, as in the political papers of Coleridge.
Pagina 80 - journal of this day presents to the public the practical result of the greatest improvement connected with printing since the discovery of the art itself.
Pagina 181 - In the course of conversation Campbell quoted a line — " Ye diners out from whom we guard our spoons ;" and, looking over at me, said significantly, 'You ought to know that line.
Pagina 45 - The gallery in which the reporters sit, has become a fourth estate of the realm. The publication of the debates, a practice which seemed to the most liberal statesmen of the old school full of danger to the great safeguards of public liberty, is now regarded by many persons as a safeguard, tantamount, and more than tantamount, to all the rest together.
Pagina 326 - Any Paper containing public News, Intelligence, or Occurrences printed in any Part of the United Kingdom to be dispersed and made public: Also any Paper printed in any Part of the United Kingdom weekly or oftener, or at intervals not exceeding Twenty-six...
Pagina 23 - At this work he continued for thirty-three years, during which period he used to say, " he had been fined by the House of Lords, confined by the House of Commons, fined and confined by the Court of King's Bench, and indicted at the Old Bailey.
Pagina 44 - Give me but the liberty of the press and I will give to the minister a venal house of peers. I will give him a corrupt and servile house of commons. I will give him the full swing of the patronage of office. I will give him the whole host of ministerial influence. I will give him all the power that place can confer upon him, to purchase up submission and overawe resistance; and yet, armed with the liberty of the press, I will go forth to meet him undismayed.

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