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Entered as second class mail matter in the Post Office at Albany, N. Y.
Copyright 1924 New York Education Co.

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LUKE J. McEVOY, Director
Cortland, N. Y.


SUMMER SCHOOL July 7–August 15, 1924

The Summer School offers persons in the service of education throughout the country, teachers, principals, supervisors, and administrators, an opportunity to participate in the significant forward steps now being taken by the School of Education of New York University. The degrees of the School of Education, both baccalaureate and graduate, may be earned in the Summer School. Many members of the faculty of the School of Education are found on the teaching staff of the Summer School. In effect, the department of education of the Summer School constitutes a special term of the School of Education.

For complete information, write for the bulletin. Address DR. JOHN W. WITHERS Director of the Summer School and Dean of the School of Education, New York University 32 Waverly Place, New York City

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