Seedheads in the Garden

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Timber Press, 2006 - 144 pagine
Seedheads bring impact to late summer borders and linger to provide interest well into autumn and winter. They look dramatic set against a backdrop of fading flowers, associate well with grasses and native plants, and are key components of the naturalistic garden in which every phase of a plant is enjoyed from first shoot to final decay. After providing historical context, Noël Kingsbury explains how plants reproduce and participate in the garden's wider ecology, and explores seedheads' role in diverse gardens worldwide. At the heart of the book is a plant directory in which Kingsbury's hand-picked selection describes the particular characteristics of each plant's seedheads and grades them according to their value and persistence. Jo Whitworth's compelling photographs capture the individual character of each seedhead and open our eyes to the intricate shapes, tempting textures and dense monochromes of seedheads.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2006)

Noel Kingsbury is a innovative gardener and author who has been influential in the gardening world since starting a nursery business in 1985. His most recent books are "Planting Designs--Gardens in Time and Space" and "Vista--The Culture and Politics of the Garden.

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