The United States and Decolonization: Power and Freedom

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D. Ryan, V. Pungong
Springer, 15 mag 2000 - 247 pagine
At the international level the twentieth century was characterized by the rise in national self-determination in the Third World and by the rise of US power. This book analyzes the dynamics of the changing relationships between the United States and states seeking decolonization, within the contexts of the US relationship with the European colonial powers, the Cold War, and the economic system. Its scope is broad in both space and time. This collection of articles brings together leading scholars as well as recently qualified authors on a subject that was confined in the Cold War paradigm, but ultimately needs to transcend it.

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The United States Decolonization and the World System
an Ironic Legacy
the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean
Franklin Roosevelt and European Colonialism
4 The United States and the International Trusteeship System
the United States and the Decolonization of India
6 How We Lost Vietnam 194054
US Foreign Policy and Arab Nationalism in the Early Cold War
8 The United States and the Decolonization of Black Africa 194563
9 The United States and Britains Decolonization of Malaya 194257
the Decolonization Puzzle in US Policy Promise versus Performance
11 Afterword
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DAVID RYAN lectures in International History and US foreign relations at De Montfort University, Leicester. He is the author of US-Sandinista Diplomatic Relations (1995) and a co-author of The History Atlas of North America, as well as numerous articles on US foreign relations.

VICTOR PUNGONG is Senior Political Officer at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. He has published work on the political and diplomatic aspects of decolonization, including 'The Theoretical Basis and Political Feasibility of the Trusteeship-Peacekeeping Connection' in The Cambridge Review of International Studies, VIII, no.2 (1994).

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