The Museum of classical antiquities [ed. by E. Falkener].

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Pagina 169 - The invention all admired, and each, how he To be the inventor missed ; so easy it seemed Once found, which yet unfound most would have thought Impossible...
Pagina 371 - As, therefore, in other mimetic arts, one imitation is an imitation of one thing, so here the fable, being an imitation of an action, should be an imitation of an action that is one and entire, the parts of it being so connected that if any one of them be either transposed or taken away, the whole will be destroyed or changed; for whatever may be either retained or omitted, without making any sensible difference, is not properly a part.
Pagina 99 - Rich's Illustrated Companion to the Latin Dictionary and Greek Lexicon ; Forming a Glossary of all the Words representing Visible Objects connected with the Arts, Manufactures, and Every-Day Life of the Ancients. With about 2,000 Woodcuts from the Antique. Post Svo. 21s. Richardson.— Fourteen Years' Experience of Cold Water: Its Uses and Abuses.
Pagina 140 - CHIMERA ; a fabulous monster, breathing flames, with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon, which laid waste the fields of Lycia, and was at last destroyed by Bcllerophon.
Pagina 143 - Her babes, her infants at the breast, shall fall : A dreadful lesson of exampled fate, To warn the nations, and to curb the great!
Pagina 243 - ... against Polycrates, when the Lacedaemonians were about to abandon them, set sail for Siphnus, for they were in want of money. The affairs of the Siphnians were at that time in a flourishing condition, and they were the richest of all the islanders, having in the island gold and silver mines, so that from the tenth of the money accruing from thence, a treasure is laid up at Delphi equal to the richest ; and they used every year to divide the riches that accrued from the mines. When, therefore,...
Pagina 156 - Meantime the townsmen, arm'd with silent care, A secret ambush on the foe prepare : Their wives, their children, and the watchful band Of trembling parents, on the turrets stand. They march; by Pallas and by Mars made bold: Gold were the gods, their radiant garments gold, And gold their armour : these the squadron led, August, divine, superior by the head ! A place for ambush fit they found, and stood, Cover'd with shields, beside a silver flood.
Pagina 47 - Aglaophon, quorum simplex color tam sui studiosos adhuc habet ut illa prope rudia ac velut futurae mox artis primordia maximis qui post eos extiterunt auctoribus praeferant, proprio quodam intel4 legendi, ut mea opinio est, ambitu.

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