An account of the manners and customs of the modern Egyptians, Volume 1

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Charles Knight, 1836
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Pagina 379 - I testify that there is no deity but God, and I testify that Mohammad is God's Apostle ! There is no strength nor power but in God, the High, the Great! To God we belong, and to Him we must return!
Pagina 94 - The other is, that they admit not their women to pray with them in public; that sex being obliged to perform their devotions at home, or if they visit the mosques, it must be at a time when the men are not there: for the Moslems are of opinion that their presence inspires a different kind of devotion from that which is requisite in a place dedicated to the worship of God.
Pagina 353 - ... cases in which the same magician has excited astonishment in the sober minds of Englishmen of my acquaintance. A short time since, after performing in the usual manner, by means of a boy, he prepared the magic mirror in the hand of a young English lady, who, on looking into it for a little while, said that she saw a broom sweeping the ground without anybody holding it, and was so much frightened that she would look no longer.
Pagina 313 - (God ! God ! God !), or repeat other invocations, &c, over and over again, until their strength is almost exhausted ; accompanying their ejaculations or chants with a motion of the head, or of the whole body, or of the arms. From long habit they are able to continue these exercises for a surprising length of time without intermission.
Pagina 304 - Him from that which they [that is, the unbelievers] ascribe to Him " (namely, the having a son, or a partaker of his godhead) ; and adds, " and peace be on the Apostles ; and praise be to God, the Lord of all creatures. O God, I have transferred the merit of what I have recited from the excellent Ckoor-a'n to the person to whom this place is dedicated," or —
Pagina 178 - Europeans who have not witnessed it, nor heard it correctly described. Each person breaks off a small piece of bread, dips it in the dish, and then conveys it to his mouth, together with a small portion of the meat or other contents of the dish f.
Pagina 290 - ... with shreds of cloth of various colours attached to the top. Some of them eat straw, or a mixture of chopped straw and broken glass ; and attract observation by a variety of absurd actions.
Pagina 123 - If there be any debtor under a difficulty of paying his debt, let his creditor wait till it be easy for him to do it ; but if ye remit it as alms, it will be better for you, if ye knew it.
Pagina 112 - He hath only forbidden you that which dieth of itself, and blood, and swine's flesh, and that which hath been slain in the name of any, besides God.
Pagina 60 - Few things surprised me so much as sights of this kind on my first arrival in this country. I naturally inquired the cause of what struck me as so strange and inconsistent, and was informed that the affectionate mothers thus neglected the appearance of their children, and purposely left them unwashed, and clothed them so shabbily, particularly when they had to take them out in public, from fear of the evil eye, which is excessively dreaded, and especially in the case of children, since they are generally...

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