Bibliography and Catalogue of the Fossil Vertebrata of North America

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - 868 pagine
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Pagina 39 - COPE, ED An addition to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Miocene Period, with a Synopsis of the Extinct Cetacea of the United States.
Pagina 117 - Preliminary Essay upon the Systematic Arrangement of the Fishes of the Devonian Epoch...
Pagina 227 - On some of the Foramina at the base of the Skull in Mammalia, and on the Classification of the Order Carnívora.
Pagina 20 - Mammals of North America; the descriptions of species based chiefly on the collections in the museum of the Smithsonian institution. • • • . With eighty-seven plates of original figures, illustrating the genera and species, and including details of external form and osteology.
Pagina 70 - Mégathérium , autre animal de la famille des Paresseux, mais de la taille du Rhinocéros, dont un squelette fossile, presque complet, est conservé au Cabinet d'histoire naturelle ŕ Madrid.
Pagina 132 - Notices of Extinct Vertebrata discovered by Dr. FV Hayden during the Expedition to the Sioux Country under the Command of Lieut. GK Warren.
Pagina 111 - XL 1844. Report on ichnolithology, or fossil footmarks, with a description of several new species, and the coprolites of birds, from the valley of Connecticut river, and of a supposed footmark from the valley of Hudson river. Amer. Jour.
Pagina 128 - On a Fossil Saurian of the New Red Sandstone Formation of Pennsylvania, with some Account of that Formation. Also, On some New Fossil Mollusks in the Carboniferous Slates of the Anthracite Seams of the Wilkesbarre Coal Formation.
Pagina 182 - With Observations on the Osteology, Natural Affinities, and probable Habits of the Megatherioid Quadrupeds in general. By RICHARD OWEN, FRS, &c.
Pagina 106 - On the Structure of the Paired Fins of Ceratodus, with Remarks on the General Theory of the Vertebrate Limb. Proc.

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