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the blessed result will be, that the Jewish nation will be restored to that good land promised to and pofsessed by their fathers; a present to JEHOVAH OF HOSTs, even“ unto the place of the name of Jeho


I hope I have not failed in my endeavours so to express myself as to avoid giving offence, and take my leave of the Missionary Society, fincerely wishing them success in their endeavours to evangelize the Heathen nations, which was the object for which their Society was formed, and may they never again depart from their original object; and as to the London Society, I cannot but hope that they will relinquish their attempt, and quietly return to the Missionary Society, from which they appear to have separated. I appeal to the reader, whether it is not degrading to the Christian cause to see large bills upon the walls of the metropolis (mixed with play-bills and lotteryadvertisements) announcing the proceedings of the Society; but more especially would I appeal to him, concerning what appears to me to be a great perversion of the law of the land. By the act 1 Ann, st. 1. C. 30. it is enacted, That if Jewish parents refuse to allow their Protestant children a fitting maintenance suitable to the fortune of the parent, the Lord Chancellor, on complaint, may make such order therein as he shall fee proper. Let me ask whether it be not a perversion of this law to render it subservient to the attempts of the London Society ? Was it ever the intention of the legislature that a society should print an abstract of this act in large characters, to be pafted upon the walls of the metropolis ? Surely it was not; if such had been the intention of the legislature, they would have avowed it; it would not have been entitled an A& to oblige the Jews to maintain and provide for their Protestant Children, but an A&t to induce the Children of the Jews to become Protestants.


If we see any of our brethren of mankind walking in a path which we think leads to a precipice, there is nothing hostile in endeavouring to apprize them of it; and thus I take my leave of the London Society.

It only remains for me to address myself to the gentleman who assumes the name of PersEVERANS; though an utter stranger, allow me sincerely to express my wihes for your happiness, and to subscribe myself,


Your most obedient humble servant,


ENFIELD-WAS!, Middlefex,

Sept. 28, 180C.

Printed by S. Couchman, Throgmorton-Street, London,

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