Pattern Making: A Practical Treatise Embracing the Main Types of Engineering Construction, Together with the Methods of Estimating the Weight of Castings, and an Appendix of Tables for Workshop Reference

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C. Lockwood and son, 1902 - 372 pagine

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Pagina 2 - THE PRACTICAL ENGINEER'S HANDBOOK, Comprising a Treatise on Modern Engines and Boilers, Marine, Locomotive, and Stationary. And containing a large collection of Rules and Practical Data relating to recent Practice in Designing and Constructing all kinds of Engines, Boilers, and other Engineering work. The whole constituting a comprehensive Key to the Board of Trade and other Examinations for Certificates of Competency in Modern Mechanical Engineering. By WALTER S. HUTTON, Civil and Mechanical Engineer,...
Pagina 35 - This book is written by a manufacturer for manufacturers. The working details of the most approved forms of apparatus are given, and these are accompanied by no less than 232 wood engravings, all of which may be used for the purposes of construction. Every step in the manufacture is very fully described in this manual, and each improvement explained.
Pagina 22 - Academy. Coal and Iron. THE COAL AND IRON INDUSTRIES OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Comprising a Description of the Coal Fields, and of the Principal Seams of Coal, with Returns of their Produce and its Distribution, and Analyses of Special Varieties. Also an Account of the occurrence of Iron Ores in Veins or Seams; Analyses of each Variety; and a History of the Rise and Progress of Pig Iron Manufacture since the year 1740, exhibiting the Economies introduced in the Blast Furnaces for its Production and...
Pagina 42 - Rates, from id. to i68s. per cwt., and containing 186,000 Direct Answers, which, with their Combinations, consisting of a single addition (mostly to be performed at sight), will afford an aggregate of 10,266,000 Answers ; the whole being calculated and designed to...
Pagina 37 - THE ART OF SOAP-MAKING. A Practical Handbook of the Manufacture of Hard and Soft Soaps, Toilet Soaps, &c. Including many New Processes, and a Chapter on the Recovery of Glycerine from Waste Leys. By ALEXANDER WATT.
Pagina 26 - TECHNICAL GUIDE, MEASURER, AND ESTIMATOR. For Builders and Surveyors. Containing Technical Directions for Measuring Work in all the Building Trades, Complete Specifications for Houses, Roads, and Drains, and an Easy Method of Estimating the parts of a Building collectively. By AC BEATON. Ninth Edition. Waistcoat-pocket size, gilt edges 1/6 "No builder, architect, surveyor, or valuer should be without his -Beaton.-"— Building News.
Pagina 43 - Dr. Fream is to be congratulated on the successful attempt he has made to give us a work which will at once become the standard classic of the farm practice of the country. We believe that it will be found that it has no compeer among the many works at present in existence. . . . The illustrations are admirable, while the frontispiece, which represents the well-known bull, New Year's Gift, bred by the Queen, is a work of art."— The Times. "The book must be recognised as occupying the proud position...
Pagina 13 - Consisting of a Series of Tables, with Rules, Explanations of Systems, and Use of Theodolite for Traverse Surveying and Plotting the Work with minute accuracy by means of Straight Edge and Set Square only; Levelling with the Theodolite...
Pagina 15 - Barlow on the Strength of Materials, enlarged. A TREATISE ON THE STRENGTH OF MATERIALS; with Rules for Application in Architecture, the Construction of Suspension Bridges, Railways, &c. By PETER BARLOW, FRS A New Edition, revised by his Sons, PW BARLOW, FRS, and WH BARLOW, FRS; to which are added, Experiments by HODGKINSON, FAIRBAIRN, and KIRKALDY ; and Formulae for Calculating Girders, &c.
Pagina 17 - Engineer's and Surveyor's Handy Book of Reference. By CLEMENT MACKROW, Member of the Institution of Naval Architects, Naval Draughtsman. Third Edition, Revised. With numerous Diagrams, &c. Fcap., i25. 6rf. strongly bound in leather. "Should be used by all who are engaged in the construction or design of vessels. . . . Will be found to contain the most useful tables and formulae required by shipbuilders, carefully collected from the best authorities, and put together in a popular and simple form.

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