Edith Vernon: Or, Crime and Retribution. A Tragic Story of New England, Founded Upon Fact

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F. Gleason, 1845 - 52 pagine

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Pagina 19 - I'll make this arm a pillow for thy head; And as thou sighing liest, and swelled with sorrow, Creep to thy bosom, pour the balm of love Into thy soul, and kiss thee to thy rest; Then praise our God, and watch thee till the morning.
Pagina 9 - Her large dark eyes, of changing light, the willing smile that played, In dimpling sweetness, round a mouth Expression's self had made ! And light alike of heart and step, she bounded on her way, Nor dreamed" the flowers that round her bloomed would ever know decay ; — She had no winter in her note, but evermore would sing (What darker season had she proved?) of spring — of only spring ! Alas, alas!
Pagina 15 - I SAW thee wedded — thou didst go Within the sacred aisle, Thy young cheek in a blushing glow Betwixt a tear and smile. Thy heart was glad in maiden glee, But he it loved so fervently Was faithless all the while ; I hate him for the vow he spoke — I hate him for the vow he broke. I...
Pagina 50 - ... thee My death — not his. From out thy whole array I singled thy blade — that my parting breath Might win the right of curses ! Raise me— oh ! Oh, for one moment more ! Ye solemn Sisters, Daughters of night, and the primeval Hell, On ye, I call — hear me, avenging furies ! Even in his hour of triumph, while the gore Warm from this wound yet reeks upon his steel, Arise — surround — pursue the murderer-son ! Let not the world know refuge for his feet : People the day with spectres —...
Pagina 11 - Mr. Mendlegs ; but that was in the beginning of the winter, and you should always remember, Mr. Hosier, that if you make a nobleman's spring legs as robust as his autumnal calves, you commit a monstrous impropriety, and make no allowance for the fatigues of the winter.
Pagina 7 - Some of my readers may recognize a parallel to a domestic tragedy, whose dreadful details made the theme of many a whispered conversation years ago; but the majority will accord to me alone praise or blame for the whole affair. If the latter preponderate, I shall have a heavy account to settle with my publisher; if the former, I shall be profoundly indebted to the public.
Pagina 11 - Nothing occurred to interrupt her promenade until, in the street last men- • tioned, an old woman bent with age, but still retaining an appearance of much vigor, carrying a staff, decently clad, and wearing a short red cloak upon her shoulders, halted directly in front of the lady, and exclaimed, 'Edith Vernon!
Pagina 11 - Her lovely countenance wore a peculiarly frank and guileless expression: her dark blue dress showed by its style that the fair wearer was one of those who scorn to sacrifice the grace of nature on the shrine of fashion ; it was admirably fitted to display, though not ostentatiously, the charms of a well formed and full figure.
Pagina 16 - I put the gun on his throat, and squeezed it till his eyeballs started out and he died, Edith Vernon! I thought that hawk was the dark-haired man, and I laughed when he died.
Pagina 40 - It was only after he had compelled Humphrey to go down on his knees and ask humbly to be taken back, and to receive pardon for his ingratitude Such was Vincent Verjuice Esq.

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