Report on the Highways of Maryland, Volume 1

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1899
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Pagina 176 - The navigable waters leading into the Mississippi and St. Lawrence, and the carrying places between the same, shall be common highways, and forever free, as well to the inhabitants of the said territory as to the citizens of the United States, and those of any other States that may be admitted into the confederacy, without any tax, impost, or duty therefor.
Pagina 393 - Good roads, canals, and navigable rivers, by diminishing the expense of carriage, put the remote parts of the country more nearly upon a level with those in the neighbourhood of the town. They are upon that account the greatest of all improvements.
Pagina 64 - Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. July. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Pagina 393 - They encourage the cultivation of the remote, which must always be the most extensive circle of the country. They are advantageous to the town, by breaking down the monopoly of the country in its neighbourhood. They are advantageous even to that part of the country. Though they introduce some rival commodities into the old market, they open many new markets to its produce.
Pagina 177 - ... leading from the navigable waters emptying into the Atlantic, to the Ohio, to the said State, and through the same, such roads to be laid out under the authority of Congress, with the consent of the several States through which the road shall pass...
Pagina 295 - A large number of tests on meadows, pastures, stubble-land, corn ground, and ploughed ground in every condition, from dry, hard and firm to very wet and soft, show without a single exception a large difference in draft in favor of the broad tires. This difference ranged from 17 to 120 per cent.
Pagina 294 - When the surface was covered with two or three inches of very dry, loose dust, the results were unfavorable to the broad tire. The dust on the road in each of these trials was unusually deep. (c). On clay road, muddy and sticky on the surface and firm underneath, the results were uniformly unfavorable to the broad tires, (d).
Pagina 295 - ... use of the road, in every trial, the first run of the broad tire over the narrow tire ruts has shown a materially increased draft when compared with that of the narrow tire run in its own rut. The second run of the broad tires in the same track, where the rut is not deep, completely eliminated this disadvantage and showed a lighter draft for the broad tire than the narrow tire showed in the first run. Where the ruts were eight inches deep with rigid walls, three runs of the broad tire in its...
Pagina 157 - Susquehannah ferry the driver frequently had to call to the passengers in the stage to lean out of the carriage first at one side, then at the other, to prevent it from oversetting in the deep ruts with which the road abounds: 'Now, gentlemen, to the right,' upon which the passengers all stretched their bodies half-way out of the carriage to balance it on that side: 'Now, gentlemen, to the left,
Pagina 177 - The thing no doubt would be a subject of clamor, but it would carry with it its own antidote, and when once established, would bring a very powerful support to the government. The improvement of the roads would be a measure universally popular. None can be more so. For this purpose...

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