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3 pp., 8vo.

2 pp., 8vo.

(72) Emma KEATS SPEED (niece of John Keats), dated from Louisville. — “ You gave so much pleasure by the tender reverence with which you touched the Poets' manuscript. ... Your own poetical genius which ... is consecrated to the Spirit of Beauty ... have now decided to send you the sonnet ...' Blue !''tis the life of Heaven, the domain." 3 PP., 8vo.

(73) LADY LONSDALE, asking him to come and see her.
(74) ALFRED MILNER, hoping to see him in Oxford. 3 pp., 8vo.
(75) CONSTANCE, DUCHESS OF WESTMINSTER, sending charity subs.

(76) LORD HOUGHTON, thanking for sonnet on Keats, and criticising it.

(77) LADY STANLEY, expressing thanks for story and for poem by Sir R. R. I p., 8vo.

(78) GENEVIEVE WARD, referring to lost umbrella.—“ If you are not rightly umbrellized, will you kindly drop me a line. ...'

(79) LADY DILKE asking W. to call and “discuss the all important question of dress. ...

2 PP., 8vo.
(80) HERMAN VEzin, referring to cheque book, etc.

(81) “MODIESKA," saying how unwise it would be to visit such a young man, even for tea.

(82) WALTER PALMER (Huntley & Palmer), sending warmest congratulations on Wilde's excellent play. 2 pp., 8vo.

(83) PRINCESS CHRISTIAN, in the 3rd person, thanking for cheque.

(84) LADY CHURCHILL, thanking him on behalf of the Queen for a poem.

(85) MAETERLINCK, thanking for the gift " de votre mysterieuse etrange et admirable Salomé.”

(86) PIERRE Louys. “Mon cher ami. ... Je vous remercie d'avoir pensé à moi. . . Je ne sais pas si je vous ai dit qui l'éditeur attendait votre chèque pour commencer l'impression de 'Salomé.' Il demande 202.50.

2 PP., 8vo.

I P., 8vo.

3 pp., 8vo.

2 pp., 8vo.

2 pp., 8vo.

4 PP., 8vo.

I p., 8vo.

I P., 8vo.

(87) HENRI DE REGNIER fixing an appointment to visit Heredia.
(88) Paul BOURGET, making various arrangements to meet Wilde.

(89) PIERRE Loti, thanking for “ Salomé." ...c'est beau et sombre comme un chapitre de l'apocalypse. ... Je l'admire profondement."

(90) STEPHEN MALLARMÉ, on a card, thanking for “ Salomé.”—" Mon cher Poete ... les gemmes innombrables el exactes ne peuvent servir que d'accompagnement . geste ... de cette jeune princesse .

(91) MARCEL SCHWOB.—“. · Je crois qu' Aristide Bruant vous intéresse, je le connais beaucoup ... allons déjeuner chez lui ..."

2 PP., 8vo.

(92) JACQUES BLANCHE, making an appointment. 2 pp., 8vo. (93) COQUELIN AINÉ, making an appointment.

I p., 8vo.
(94) CHRISTINE NILSSON, thanking for Poems.

2 PP., 8vo.
(95) J. CAZIN, regretting absence when W. called.
(96) LAMARTINE to Lady Wilde, in her maiden name.

(97) Oscar Wilde to LEONARD SMITHERS, with envelope, dated from Posilito, Friday, 16 pp., 8vo., referring entirely to the publication of the

Ballad of Reading Gaol," with a note by Smithers, draft of a letter to Miss Marbury arranging for American publication. A letter of supreme interest and importance. Commencing with instructions for various alterations to the wording of the poem, he goes on “... all these corrections show my anxiety to have as few corrections as possible in the printed proof--and yet you say I know as much about business as a chrysanthemum." Follow other instructions as to format, printing, price 1200 at 3/6," etc. Then “ Reggie suggests' syndicating' the poem in America ... a large sum could be got. ... Don't you think I had better give up Pinker? ... I enclose an absurd document to enable you to exercise rights ... absurd—because it has no stamp—and I have always

believed in stamps. . . . You said you will be publishing The Ideal Husband'—that is delightful of you. The MS. is in Lewis Waller's possession.

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Dulau & Co., Ltd.

Catalogue 135





1 ABERCROMBIE (L.). Emblems of Love. IST EDN., 1912. FINE COPY.

8s. 6d. 2 ALDINGTON (R.). A Fool I'the Forest. IST EDN., 1925. NEW.

7s. 6d.
One of so copies, numbered and signed by the Author.
3 An ANNUAL of New Poetry. IST ED., 1917.

New. 7s. 6d.
Contributors include GORDON BOTTOMLEY, É. THOMAS, W. H.
Davies, R. FROST, etc.
4 ARLEN (M.). The Green Hat. IST EDN., 1924. FINE COPY. 15s.
SARLEN (M.). May Fair. IST EDN., 1925. New, in jacket.

7s. 6d.
6 BAIN (F. W.). A Heifer of the Dawn. Frontispiece, ist EDN.,
1904. New white buckram, gilt label. NICE COPY.
7 BARBELLION (W. N. P.). Enjoying Life. IST EDN., 1919.

6s. 8 BARING (M.). C. IST EDN., 1924. New, in jacket. 15s. 9 BARING (M.), Ed. English Landscape: an anthology. IST. EDN., 1916. 32mo. New.

5s. 10 BARING (M.). Gaston de Foix. Revised edition, 1913. Half crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back, t. e. g. FINE COPY.

15s. The author's own copy, with his bookplate. 11 BARING (M.). The Grey Stocking. IST EDN., 1911. FINE COPY, in jacket.

4s. 6d. 12 BARING (M.). In Memoriam, Auberon Herbert. PUB, EDN., Oxford, 1917. Wrappers, slightly soiled.

10s. 13 BARING (M.).

Letters from the Near East. IST EDN., 1913. FINE COPY.

7s. 6d. 14 BARING (M.). Lost Diaries. IST EDN., 1913.


7s. 6d. 15 BARING (M.). The Mainsprings of Russia. IST EDN., N.D. (1914). Good.

5s. 16 BARING (M.). An Outline of Russian Literature. IST EDN., 1914/15. FINE.

5s. 17 BARING (M.). Overlooked. .

IST EDN., 1922. New. 4s. 6d.




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