Particles, Bubbles & Drops: Their Motion, Heat and Mass Transfer

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World Scientific, 1 gen 2006 - 410 pagine
The field of multiphase flows has grown by leaps and bounds in the last thirty years and is now regarded as a major discipline. Engineering applications, products and processes with particles, bubbles and drops have consistently grown in number and importance. An increasing number of conferences, scientific fora and archived journals are dedicated to the dissemination of information on flow, heat and mass transfer of fluids with particles, bubbles and drops. Numerical computations and "thought experiments" have supplemented most physical experiments and a great deal of the product design and testing processes. The literature on computational fluid dynamics with particles, bubbles and drops has grown at an exponential rate, giving rise to new results, theories and better understanding of the transport processes with particles, bubbles and drops. This book captures and summarizes all these advances in a unified, succinct and pedagogical way. Contents: Fundamental Equations and Characteristics of Particles, Bubbles and Drops; Low Reynolds Number Flows; High Reynolds Number Flows; Non-Spherical Particles, Bubbles and Drops; Effects of Rotation, Shear and Boundaries; Effects of Turbulence; Electro-Kinetic, Thermo-Kinetic and Porosity Effects; Effects of Higher Concentration and Collisions; Molecular and Statistical Modeling; Numerical Methods-CFD. Key Features Summarizes the recent important results in the theory of transport processes of fluids with particles, bubbles and drops Presents the results in a unified and succinct way Contains more than 600 references where an interested reader may find details of the results Makes connections from all theories and results to physical and engineering applications Readership: Researchers, practicing engineers and physicists that deal with any aspects of Multiphase Flows. It will also be of interest to academics and researchers in the general fields of mechanical and chemical engineering.

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