The History of England, Volume 16

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Printed, by assignment from Mr. Knapton, for T. Osborne and J. Shipton, J. Hodges, J. Robinson, H. Woodfall, W. Strahan, J. Rivington, J. Ward, R. Baldwin, W. Owen, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, P. Davey and B. Law, T. Longman, T. Caslon, S. Crowder and H. Woodgate, M. Cooper, and C. Ware., 1762

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Pagina 245 - Union, have full freedom and intercourse of trade and navigation, to and from any port or place within the said United Kingdom, and the dominions and plantations thereunto belonging, and that there be a communication of all other rights, privileges, and advantages, which do or may belong to the subjects of either kingdom, except where it is otherwise expressly agreed in these articles.
Pagina 97 - Conventicles," provided that any person who should be present at any meeting, under colour or pretence of any exercise of religion, in other manner than according to the liturgy and practice of the Church of England...
Pagina 91 - that neither House of Parliament hath any power by any vote or declaration to create to themselves any new privilege that is not warranted by the known laws and customs of Parliament.
Pagina 254 - Scotland from and after the Union as in England and that all other Laws in Use within the Kingdom of Scotland do after the Union and notwithstanding thereof remain in the same Force as before (except such as are contrary to or inconsistent with...
Pagina 253 - XVI. That, from and after the Union, the coin shall be of the same standard and value throughout the United Kingdom as now in England, and a Mint shall be continued in Scotland under the same rules as the Mint in England...
Pagina 258 - Britain and shall enjoy all Privileges of Peers as fully as the Peers of England do now or as they or any other Peers of Great Britain may hereafter enjoy the same except the Right and Privilege of sitting in the House of Lords and the Privileges depending thereon and particularly the Right of sitting upon the Trials of Peers.
Pagina 251 - ... shall be due and payable from the time of the union And in regard that after the union Scotland becoming liable to the...
Pagina 360 - Bacon, that a unity pieced up by direct admission of contrarieties in the fundamental points of it, is like the toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image, which were made of iron and clay — they may cleave together, but would never incorporate.
Pagina 92 - That every Englishman, who is imprisoned by any authority whatsoever, has an undoubted right, by his agents, or friends, to apply for, and obtain a Writ of Habeas Corpus, in order to procure his liberty by due course of law.
Pagina 247 - VII That all parts of the united kingdom be for ever, from and after the union, liable to the same excises upon all exciseable liquors...

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