On Insignificance: The Loss of Meaning in the Post-Material Age

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Routledge, 28 ott 2019 - 246 pagine

Focusing on the anthropological consequences of the disappearing of materiality and sensory embodiment, On Insignificance highlights some of the most perturbing patterns of insignificance that have seeped into our everyday lives. Seeking to explain the semiotic causes of feelings of meaninglessness, Leone posits that caring for the singularities of the world is the most viable way to resist the alienating effects of the digital bureaucratization of meaning. The book will be of interest to scholars of anthropology, cultural studies, semiotics, aesthetics, communication studies, and social theory.


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List of figures Acknowledgments
the significance of insignificance
a semiotic typology of meaninglessness
disrupting the digital public discourse
wars of position in the digital arena
the utopia of digital perfection
postmaterial temples
postmaterial crowds
the value of singularity
the value of compromise
the value of common sense
the value of interpretation
the clash of semiotic civilizations

postmaterial meals

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Massimo Leone is Full Professor of Cultural Semiotics at the University of Turin, Italy, and a Visiting Full Professor of Semiotics at Shanghai University, China.

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