The Free-holder, Or, Political Essays

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J. Bryce and D. Paterson for D. Baxter, 1752 - 252 pagine

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Pagina 108 - ... a great deal of improving discourse, drank the healths of several persons in the country, whom I had never heard of, that, they both assured me, were the ablest statesmen in the nation : and of some Londoners, whom they extolled to the skies, for their wit, and who, I knew, passed in town for silly fellows. It being now midnight, and my friend perceiving by his almanack that the moon was up, he called for his horses, and took a sudden resolution to go to his house, which was at three miles distance...
Pagina 74 - That, for the safety of the church, no subject should be tolerated in any religion different from the established ; but that the head of our church may be of that religion which is most repugnant to it.
Pagina 37 - And though I should be unwilling to pronounce the man who is indolent, or indifferent in the cause of his prince, to be absolutely perjured; I may venture to affirm, that he falls very short of that allegiance to which he is obliged by oath. Upon the whole we may be...
Pagina 105 - I must confess I did not expect to hear my new acquaintance value himself upon these qualifications, but finding him such a critic upon foreigners, I asked him if he had ever travelled ; he told me, he did not know what travelling was good for, but to teach a man to ride the great horse, to jabber French, and to talk against passive obedience : to which he added, that he scarce ever knew a traveller in his life who had not forsook his principles, and lost his hunting-seat. "For my part...
Pagina 103 - FOR the honour of his Majesty, and the safety of his government, we cannot but observe that those who have appeared the greatest enemies to both are of that rank of men who are commonly distinguished by the title of Fox-hunters. As several of these have had no part of their education in cities, camps, or courts, it is doubtful whether they are of greater ornament or use to the nation in which they live. It would be an everlasting reproach...
Pagina 104 - This naturally led us into the proceedings of late parliaments, upon which occasion he affirmed roundly, that there had not been one good law passed since King William's accession to the throne, except the act for preserving the game. I had a mind to see him out, and therefore did not care for contradicting him.
Pagina 25 - THERE is no greater sign of a general decay of virtue in a nation, than a want of zeal in its inhabitants for the good of their country.
Pagina 104 - The wrong notions and prejudices which cleave to many of these country gentlemen, who have always lived out of the way of being better informed, are not easy to be conceived by a person who has never conversed with them.
Pagina 106 - ... in, by repeated bumpers. He had not time to go to church himself, but, as my friend told me in my ear, had headed a mob at the pulling down of two or three meetinghouses. While supper was preparing, he enlarged upon the happiness of the neighbouring shire ; ' For,' says he, ' there is scarce a Presbyterian in the whole county, except the bishop.
Pagina 213 - ... which is recorded as a beautiful turn of compliment, expressing a desire that he might enjoy a happy life of many hundreds of years. This...

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