The Life of Nathanael Greene: Major-general in the Army of the Revolution, Volume 2

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1878
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Pagina 10 - Sir ; A letter, which I received last night, contained the following paragraph; " In a letter from General Conway to General Gates he says, ' Heaven has been determined to save your country, or a weak General and bad counsellors would have ruined it.
Pagina 493 - If we cannot prevent vessels from passing up, and the enemy are possessed of the surrounding country, what valuable purpose can it answer to attempt to hold a post, from which the expected benefit cannot be had? I am therefore inclined to think, that it will not be prudent to hazard the men and stores at Mount Washington ; but, as you are on the spot, I leave it to you to give such orders, as to evacuating Mount Washington, as you may judge best, and so far revoking the order given to Colonel Magaw...
Pagina 16 - Your letter of the 8th ultimo," writes he, (January 4th), " came to my hand a few days ago, and, to my great surprise, informed me that a copy of it had been sent to Congress, for what reason I find myself unable to account ; but, as some end...
Pagina 454 - As I was with the troops at Fort Lee, and marched with them • to the edge of Pennsylvania...
Pagina 162 - I have seen nothing since I came here, on the 22d instant, to change my opinion of men or measures; but abundant reason to be convinced, that our affairs are in a more distressed, ruinous, and deplorable condition, than they have been since the commencement of the war.
Pagina 11 - ... was, at this time, familiar at Reading ; and I heard him myself, when he was afterwards on a visit to that place, express himself to the effect : " That no man was more a gentleman than General Washington, or appeared to more advantage at his table, or in the usual intercourse of life ; but, as to his talents for the command of an army, (with aFrench shrug,) they were miserable indeed.
Pagina 435 - I did not care to give an absolute order for withdrawing the garrison, till I could get round and see the situation of things, and then it became too late, as the fort was invested.
Pagina 40 - I find myself just able to hold the pen during a few minutes, and take this opportunity of expressing my sincere grief for having done, written, or said any thing disagreeable to your Excellency. My career will soon be over, therefore justice and truth prompt me to declare my last sentiments. You are in my eyes the great and good man. May you long enjoy the love, veneration, and esteem of these States, whose liberties you have asserted by your virtues.
Pagina 454 - Howe would endeavor to penetrate the Jerseys, in which case Fort Lee could be of no use to us ; for it must occur to every thinking man, whether in the army or not, that these kind...
Pagina 453 - Ferry, and advanced very rapidly to the fort called by your name. I immediately went over, and, as the fort was not tenable on this side, and we were in a narrow neck of land, the passes...

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