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W. E Painter, 342, Strand, London, Printer.


In my exile, instead of pouring forth vain lamentations, or of remaining with head bowed down, like a weeping willow, I have committed some observations on England to paper. The encouragement and patronage of some kind friends emboldens me to publish them. My Essay is not meant to compete with any book

it is rather a Miscellany. Let-him, then, who does not covet profound works or voluminous remarks, peruse, with a benevolent eye, this rude sketch.

Brixton, April 25, 1850.


The education of England is intrinsically an English system, which bears no resemblance to any other nation whatever. Originating in England, it is the result of many concurrent circumstances ; and it may be from this, being both a commercial and a warlike people, that it at one and the same time represses the passions in the pursuit of frivolous knowledge, and affords full scope for the acquisition of all that can elevate the mind and ennoble the heart. In family and social relations, and in the discussion and transaction of business, it inculcates calmness, coolness, deliberation. As regards great interests—such as war or public dangers—it exacts the most enthusiastic courage.

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