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Numerous large ornamental initials. Small folio, in the original calf, with the large arms in gold of the famous Archbishop on the sides, joints of binding cleverly repaired, holes for tie-strings.

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie: And by the Assignes of John Bill, 1638

A unique relic of the celebrated William Laud. His own Pray.r Book showing signs of his own diligent handling. Bound with it is a copy of the Whole Book of Psalmes. Collected into English Meeter by T. Sternhold, J. Hopkins and others, London, Printed by I. H., for the Company of Stationers, 1638, with woodcut border to title and musical notation. It is very rarely indeed that an item of such historical interest occurs for sale. As an association book it is a volume that cannot be surpassed. A fine large copy.


LOTS 125-150

125. AMERICAN CHURCH [AND DOMESTIC] SILVER of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, with a few pieces of Domestic Plate, exhibited at the [Boston] Museum of Fine Arts, 1911. [With Historical Introduction by Mr. Geo. M. Curtis and an extended list of Silversmiths at end.] 38 full-page plates illustrating many hundreds of specimens. 8vo, half cloth (faint traces of stamp-clean copy). Boston, 1911 over a thousand

This important catalogue illustrates and describes beautiful specimens of early American made silver.

126. BIGELOW (FRANCIS H.). Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers. Numerous facsimile illustrations of American-made silver from the earliest times. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1917

127. BUCK (J. H.). Old Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative and Domestic, Its Makers and Marks. Numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1888

128. CALDICOTT (J. W.). The Values of Old English Silver and Sheffield Plate, from the 15th to 19th Centuries. Edited by J. Starkie Gardner. Numerous illustrations. 4to, art cloth, gilt. London, 1906

The only book published which affords a true basis for arriving at the actual value of specimens of antique silver. It illustrates thousands of sp.cim ns and is made up from auctioneers' catalogues for years back, giving not only expert letter-press descriptions of the pieces noted, but the prices realized at the sales as well. It also contains facsimile Hall Marks and useful hints to collectors, and the illustrations are arranged chronologically for purposes of study.

129. CATALOGUE of an Exhibition of [American Silver of the 17th to 19th Centuries, Early American Furniture, Ceramics, Paintings, etc.] held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N. Y. City. Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Numerous fine full-page illustrations. 2 vols. Imp. 8vo, half cloth and boards, uncut.

New York, 1909

130. CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). Gilda Aurifabrorum. A History of English Goldsmiths and Plateworkers, and their Marks

stamped on Plate copied in facsimile. 2,500 facsimiles of Makers' Marks. 8vo, cloth. London, 1883

This work contains interesting biographical data regarding English Goldsmiths-the whereabouts of their shops, etc.-some of whom later came to America.

131. Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate (England, Ireland and Scotland) and A History of l'Orfevrerie Française. Frontispiece and numerous facsimile marks. 8vo, cloth. London, 1905


Handbook to Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate. 4th Edition, extended by C. A. Markham. Frontispiece and hundreds of facsimiles. 12mo, cloth. London, 1913

133. CRIPPS (W. J.). Old French Plate, Its Makers and Marks. Numerous facsimile marks. SECOND AND BEST EDITION. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. London, 1893

134. Old English Plate (Wrought Silver), Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic: Its Makers and Marks. 123 illustrations and over 2,600 facsimiles of plate marks. 6th Edition, enlarged. 8vo, half morocco. New York (London), 1899

135. CURTIS (GEO. M.). Early Silver of Connecticut and Its Makers. [With a biographical catalogue of the early Makers of Connecticut] and numerous fine half-tone illustrations chronologically arranged. Small 8vo, half cloth and boards, uncut.

Meriden, 1913

136. [DE LANCEY (EDWARD F.).] The Burghers of New Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York, 1675-1866. (Lists of SILVERSMITHS, BLACKSMITHS, CABINET MAKERS, PEWTERERS, GUNSMITHS, & other tradesmen from 1675.)] 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1886

N. Y. Hist. Society Collections for 1885. An important hand-book for students of American antiques.

137. FAIRHOLT (F. A.). An Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Antique Silver Plate (Objects Wrought in Solid Silver) formed by Albert, Lord Londsborough. Small 4to, cloth. London: Privately Printed, 1860

THE RARE PRIVATELY PRINTED CATALOGUE of Lord Londsborough's famous collection of extraordinarily rare and valuable pieces of 16th and 17th century wrought silver.

138. FRENCH (HOLLIS). A List of Early American Silversmiths and their Marks. With a Silver Collector's Glossary. Numerous facsimiles. 8vo, original boards, and label, uncut. New York: For the [Walpole] Society, 1917.

The most complete and valuable book on the Marks of American Silversmiths. Only a small number of copies were printed for members of the Society and it is now practically impossible to obtain, being entirely out of print.

139. HALSEY (R. T. H.). American Silver. The Work of 17th and 18th Century Silversmiths. Exhibited at the Museum of

Fine Arts. [Boston], 1906. [With an important Historical Introduction and Lists of Silversmiths at end.] Portrait and 29 full-page plates. 8vo, half morocco.. Boston, 1906

This book, containing the valuable historical introduction by Mr. Halsey, is much sought after. It is a most useful hand-book, as it illustrates hundreds of interesting specimens, chronologically arranged.

140. HAYDEN (ARTHUR). Chats on Old Silver. Numerous illustrations of representative pieces of antique silver. Small 8vo, New York, [1915]


141. HOWARD (MONTAGUE). Old London Silver; Its History, Its Makers and Its Marks. 200 illustrations and over 400 facsimiles of Makers' Marks and Hall Marks. 4to, art roan, gilt, New York and London, 1903


142. JACKSON (CHAS. J.). An Illustrated History of English Plate, Ecclesiastical and Secular, in which the Development of Form and Decoration in the Silver and Gold Work of the British Isles, from the earliest known examples to the latest of the Georgian period, is delineated and described. 77 fine full-page plates and 1,500 other illustrations. 2 vols. 4to, half morocco, gilt, gilt tops. London, 1911

The most comprehensive and masterly treatise on Antique Silver which has yet appeared. Owing to the unusually large number of illustrations contained and the very full descriptions of the pieces noted, down to the most minute details of form and decoration, the work is absolutely indispensable to students and advanced collectors of American as well as English Silver.

143. JACQUEMART (ALBERT). A History of Furniture (Tapestry, Embroidery, Ivories, Silver, Wrought Iron, Time Pieces, Glass, Ceramics, etc.). Numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth. New York, n. d.

144. JONES (E. ALFRED). Old English Gold Plate. [Historic Specimens of Wrought Gold, 1507-1828.] Numerous fine fullpage illustrations. 4to, cloth, uncut. London, 1907


The Old Silver of American Churches. 145 large plates reproducing many hundreds of specimens. Folio, buckram, uncut. Letchworth: Privately Printed, 1913

This magnificent work, printed on hand-made paper and profusely illustrated, is one of the great works on American Silver. It contains a scholarly historical introduction on the Silver of the Colonies, and is illustrated with many hundreds of photographic reproductions of important specimens, as well as facsimiles of THE MARKS OF PRACTICALLY ALL THE KNOWN AMERICAN SILVERSMITHS. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER



146. LOWES (E. L.). Chats on Old Silver. Colored frontispiece and numerous illustrations of beautiful specimens of handwrought silver from the earliest times. Small 8vo, art cloth.

New York, [1909]

147. MARKHAM (C. A.). Hand-Book to Foreign Hall Marks ond Gold and Silver Plate. Frontispiece and numerous facsimile marks. 12mo, cloth. London, 1898

148. VEITCH (H. N.). Sheffield Plate, Its History, Manufacture and Art; with Makers' Names and Makers' Marks. Numerous illustrations of important antique specimens. Large 8vo, cloth (library stamp on interior blank margin-clean, crisp copy). London: Bell, 1908

149. WHEATLEY (H. B.) AND DELAMOTTE (P. H.). Art Work in Gold and Silver (16th Century and later). Colored frontispiece and other illustrations. 8vo, cloth. London, 1882 Art Work in Gold and Silver. Mediæval. Colored frontispiece and other illustrations. 8vo, cloth. London, 1882


151. BOSWELL (JAMES. Life of Samuel Johnson, comprehending an account of his Studies, and numerous works, in chronological order . . . and various original pieces of his composition, never before published. Frontispiece portrait by Baker, after Sir Joshua Reynolds. 4 vols. 8vo, full russia, gilt backs, gilt corner London, 1804


Fine copy from the library of Michael Wodhull, with his autograph in first volume, and arms in gold on sides.

152. BOURGET (PAUL). Un Scruple. Illustrations de Myrbach gravées par L. Rousseau. Small 12mo, full crimson levant morocco, gilt back, richly gilt sides, doublures of lavender levant morocco, with inlaid roses conventionally applied and gold-tooled, flys of pale blue moire silk, gilt tops, uncut, by Ringer.


New York and Paris, 1893

153. BOYDELL. Heads of Illustrious and Celebrated Persons, generally connected with the History of Great Britain, in the Reigns of James I., Charles I., Charles II., and James II. The portraits painted by Van Dyke, Lely, Kneller, Riley, etc., and engraved by John Smith. With Biographical Memoirs by John Watkins. 26 plates only (not quite complete). Folio, half black morocco, uncut. London, 1811

154. BRANTOME (PIERRE DE). Les Vies des Dames Galantes. D'après l'edition original de 1666; et d'une notice sur Brantome par Eugene Vignon. Gravures d'après H. Pille par Champollion. 3 vols. 12mo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut (few leaves slightly foxed). Paris, 1879

Limited Edition on Holland paper.

155. BRIDGEWATER TREATISES. 12 vols. 8vo, old calf (worn). London: Pickering, v. d.

Bookplate of Marmaduke Prickett.

156. [BROOKES (R.).] The Art of Angling, Rock and SeaFishing With the Natural History of River, Pond, and Sea-Fish. Illustrated with 133 cuts. 12mo, full sprinkled calf, gilt back, canary edges. London, 1740


157. BROUGHTON (HUGH). An Advertisement of Corruption in Our Handling of Religion. To the Kings Majestie (James) I). Border and vignette of printer's ornaments on title. Small 4to, modern half sheep. [London, no printer's name] 1604

A very rare work, unknown to Hazlitt and Lowndes, by the celebrated author of the Concent of Scripture, who was a noted Hebrew and Rabbinical scholar.

158. [BROWNE (SIR THOMAS).] Religio Medici. The Eighth Edition, Corrected and Amended. With Annotations never before Published, Upon all the obscure passages therein. Also Observations by Sir Kenelm Digby, Now newly added. With engraved frontispiece (backed), separate titles to the Annotations and Digby's Observations. Small 8vo, original calf (worn).

London for R. Scot, T. Basset, J. Wright, R. Chiswell, 1682


159. BROWNE (WILLIAM). Works, containing Britannia's Pastorals, with Notes, &c., by the Rev. W. Thompson, The Shepherd's Pipe, The Inner-Temple Masque, never published before, and other Poems, with Life. Brown levant morocco, gilt backs, inside borders, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf. London: T. Davies, 1772

A choice and scarce set.

160. [BROWNING (ROBERT).] Signorum Vetervm Icones. Full-page engraved plates by John Episcopius (one or two leaves torn). Folio old vellum (worn). In cloth box. N. p., n. d. ROBERT BROWNING'S COPY, WITH HIS AUTOGRAPH OF TITLE-PAGE. Bound in: "Paradigmata Graphices" by Ioh. Episcopium. N. p., n. d.


161. BURNS (ROBERT). Works of Robert Burns, with a Life by Allan Cunningham. With the beautiful engraved frontispieces and titles, with vignettes. 8 vols. 12mo, superbly bound in full citron levant morocco, gilt backs, with Tudor rose on three compartments, and arms in lower one, sides beautifully gilt panelled, gilt edges, in the style of Hayday, by Nickisson.

London, 1834


162. BURTON (ROBERT). The Anatomy of Melancholy: What it is, with all the Kindes, Causes, Symptoms, Prognosticks, and Severall Cures of it, in Three Maine Partitions, with their seuerall Sections, Members, and Subsections, Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically opened and cut up, by Democritus Junior, with a Satyricall Preface, conducing to the following Discourse, the Second Edition, corrected and augmented by the Author. Small folio, old half calf.

Oxford, Printed by J. Lichfield and J. Short, for H. Cripps, Ao Dom, 1624

THE VERY RARE FIRST FOLIO EDITION of a book that has been constantly pillaged, sometimes imitated, never equalled. The only book that ever took Dr. Johnson out of bed two hours sooner than he wished to rise. Fine sound copy.

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