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292. GESTA RHOMANORUM cum applicationibus moralisatis ac misticis. GOTHIC LETTER, double columns, 46 lines to a full column, 8 unnumbered and 93 numbered leaves, waterstain on lower corners to C3, tear in last leaf skilfully mended. Small folio, half brown levant morocco, gilt back, inside plain doublure of red leather, red end papers, gilt edges.

No place or printer's name, but Strassburg "Anno nostre salutis 1499"

A very rare edition of these very amusing tales and romances to which Shakespeare was greatly indebted. The outlines of some of the best tales of Boccaccio, Chaucer, Gower, Lydgate, Shakespeare, Belleforest, La Fontaine, and others, may be traced in it. An English translation was published in 1577, which became so popular that it went through five or six editions by 1601. See Douce's Illustrations of Shakespeare.

293. GLORIOSORUM CHRISTI confessor Vldarici & Symperti: necno beatissime martyris Aphre Augustane, etc. Title in red and black within woodcut border, and full-page woodcuts. Small 4to, brown crushed levant morocco, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges, by Pratt.

Imprimebat nostri expensis coenobii Silvanus Otmar, 1516 CHOICE COPY. VERY SCARCE. With the genuine blank leaf between sigs. O and P, followed by Incipiunt beatissimorum christi," printed in red and black.

WITH PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION BY GOETHE 294. GOETHE. Umrisse zu Goethe's Faust, Gezeichnet vou Retsch. A set of 26 plates illustrating Goethe's "Faust." Oblong 8vo, full straight-grain morocco, finely tooled in romantic style, inside gilt borders, silk doublures and flys, gilt edges, original covers bound in. Weymar, 1820

AN UNUSUAL ASSOCIATION COPY, with autograph inscription For Miss Dawe, by Goethe, Weimar, 20 Nov. 1821.


Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann and Soret. Translated from the German by John Oxenford. 2 vols. 12mo, three-quarter red morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Rivière.


London, 1850

296. GOLF. Halley (Dr. Edmund). A Voyage to the South Sea, and along the Coasts of Chili and Peru, in the Years, 1712, 1713 and 1714. By Monsieur Frezier. Illustrated with 37 coppercutts of the Coasts, Harbors, Cities, Plants, Natives and other Curiosities. Printed from the author's original Plates in the Paris Edition. 4to, original calf. London: Jonah Bowyer, 1717

FIRST ENGLISH EDITION. At the end is a most interesting Supplementary Account of the Settlement, Commerce and Riches of the Jesuites in Paraguay." This is by Dr. Edmund Halley, who gave the first account of the "trade" winds, also originated the science of life statistics. He predicted accurately the return of the Comet of 1581 named after him, "Halley's Comet.

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At page 62 is a plate showing Indians playing a game with ball and clubs, which is practically the golf game of to-day.


Zinne-Beelden der Liefde, Met Puntdigten en Aanteekeningen. Van Mr. Willem den Elger. Engraved title and vignettes. Small 4to, old calf. Amsterdam: Jan Roman de Jonge, 1732 RARE. Contains a copperplate vignette of a game of Golf, one of the earliest thus pictured.

298. Carnegie (George Fullerton). Golfiana: or, Niceties connected with the Game of Golf. 16mò, original wrappers, in half red morocco slip case. Edinburgh, 1842


A scarce little Golf item in verse.

Historical Gossip about Golf and Golfer. 12mo, wrappers. In cloth slip case.


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Blackheath Golfing Lays. By the Poet-Laureate of

the Club (Thomas Marsh). 12mo, boards.


Printed for Members of the Club, 1873

Golf. A Royal and Ancient Game. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. Edinburgh, 1875 FIRST EDITION. Contains an historical account of the game, accounts of ancient Golf Clubs, and extracts from old sources.


The Golfer's Manual; being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the National Game of Scotland. With an Appendix. By a Keen Hand. Portrait. 12mo, wrappers.


St. Andrews, n. d.

Luiken (Joannes). Des Menschen Begin, midden en ende; Stichtelyke Gezangen; Jesus en de Ziel; Beschouwing der Wereld; Geestelyke Brieven; De Byekorf des Gemoeds; Duitsche Lier; Onwaardige Wereld; Vonken der Liefde Jezus. Illustrated with numerous fine copper plates. 9 vols. 12mo, old calf.

Amsterdam, v. d.


304. GRACES. Les Graces à Confesse. Poeme en quatre Chants, par L. M. Henriquez. With an attractive frontispiece of the Three Graces, designed by C. Monnet, engraved by Andouin. 12mo, full blue levant morocco, artistically tooled, gilt edges. Paris, 1804

Fine copy of this curious work.

305. GROLIER CLUB. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Engraved Portraits, being the Effigies of the most famous English Writers from Chaucer to Johnson. Portrait. 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Large Paper. One of 200 copies printed. New York, 1891

306. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Illuminated and Painted Manuscripts together with a few early printed books with illuminations. Also, some Examples of Persian Manuscripts. Illustrated with photogravure facsimiles. Square 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York: The Grolier Club, 1892

One of 350 copies on Holland Paper.


Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Wither. Facsimiles. Royal 8vo, cloth, morocco back, uncut (back rubbed). New York, 1893

One of 400 copies printed.

308. Transactions of the Grolier Club from July, Eighteen Hundred and Eighty-Five, to February, Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Four. Part II. Royal 8vo, original paper boards, uncut (2 copies). New York, 1894

One of an edition of 750 copies.

309. Catalogue of the Engraved Work of Asher B. Durand. Portrait. 8vo, half straight-grain morocco, gilt top, uncut. Large Paper. One of 350 copies printed.



[New York], 1895

Another copy. Original wrappers, uncut.

Large Paper copy; one of 350.

New York, 1895

Catalogue of an Exhibition of First and other Editions of the Works of John Dryden. Portrait. 8vo, boards, uncut. One of 200 copies printed on hand-made paper. New York, 1900 312. Catalogue of Etchings and Dry Points by Rembrandt. Selected for Exhibition, April-May, 1900. Portrait on India paper. Small 4to, cloth, uncut.

One of 310 copies printed on hand-made paper.

New York, 1900

313. The History of Helyas Knight of the Swan. Translated by Robert Copland from the French version published in Paris in 1504. Woodcut illustrations. Small 4to, stamped pigskin, uncut, in a stamped pigskin case. New York, 1901

One of 325 copies.

314. Catalogue of the First Editions of the Works of Alexander Pope. With a Collection of the Engraved Portraits of the Poet and His Friends. Portraits. 8vo, boards, uncut.

New York, 1911

One of 200 copies printed on Van Gelder hand-made paper.

315. Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Works of Charles Dickens. With an Introduction by Royal Cortissoz. Portrait frontispiece in color, and facsimiles. 8vo, boards, uncut.

One of 300 copies printed.

New York, 1913

316. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works by John Leech 1817-1864), held at the Grolier Club from January 22 until March 8, 1914. With an Introduction by Stanley Kidder Wilson. Frontispiece portrait. 8vo, boards, uncut. New York, 1914

One of 240 copies printed on Van Gelder hand-made paper.

317. GUATTANI (G. A.). I piu Celebri Quadri delle diverse scuole Italiane riuniti nell' Appartamento Borgia del Vaticano disegnati ed incisi a contorno da Giuseppe Craffonara. Illustrated with 41 outline plates. Folio, boards, uncut (covers loose).

Roma, 1820

318. GUERRE di Germania Dall' Anno M.DC.XVIII. fino alla Pace di Lubeca, Trasportate nella lingua Italiana da Alessandro De Noris. Engraved title. 8vo, original limp vellum. Bologna, 1640 Scarce.

319. GUICCIARDINI (FRANCESCO). Delle Istorie d'Italia. 8 vols. in 4, 8vo, half morocco. Firenze, 1818

320. GUILBERT (A.). Rue Jean-Goujon. Monument Commémoratif éléve a la Mémoire des Victimes de la Charité. Numerous plates. In folio portfolio. Paris, n. d.

321. GUIZOT. A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times. With splendid impressions of the illustrations by Alphonse de Neuville. 6 vols. in twelve, tall 8vo, half blue levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Boston, n. d.

AN EXCEEDINGLY FINE SET IN A HANDSOME BINDING. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of over 225 choice portraits of Kings, Queens, Statesmen, Generals, Authors, Cardinals, Bishops, historical scenes and views. 322. History of France, 8 vols.; History of the English People, 4 vols.; The Holy Roman Empire (Bryce), N. Y., n. d.; and others. Together 17 vols. 8vo and 12mo, cloth.

323. HAGHE (L.). Sketches in Belgium and Germany. 26 finely tinted lithographs of the exteriors and interiors of celebrated buildings, etc. Folio, half red morocco, gilt edges.

London, n. d.

324. HAKEWILL (JAMES). A Picturesque Tour of Italy from Drawings made in 1816-17. Numerous engraved plates, after Turner and others. Folio, half green morocco. London, 1820


325. HAKLUYT (RICHARD). The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation. Made by Sea or Over-land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at any time within the compass of these 1600 Yeeres. Portraits, folding maps and facsimiles. 12 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Glasgow, 1903-05

326. HALE (SIR MATTHEW). The Primitive Origination of Mankind, Considered and Examined According to the Light of Nature. Folio, original calf, rebacked (some margins repaired). London: William Godbid, 1677

FIRST EDITION. Scarce. This copy lacks the portrait.

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327. Historia Placitorum Coronæ. The History of the Pleas of the Crown. Now first published, with large Notes by Sollom Emlyn. Fine portrait engraved by George Virtue, 1735. 2 vols. folio, half red levant morocco, gilt tops. In the Savoy, 1736

Scarce. Fine copy.

328. HALEVY (LUDOVIC). Karikari. 12mo, wrappers, un


With autograph inscription by the author.

Paris, 1892

329. HALL (S. C., Editor). Gems of European Art. Illus trated with numerous fine engravings. 2 vols. 4to, half red morocco, gilt edges. London, 1846

330. [HALLECK (FITZ-GREENE).] Alnwick Castle, with other Poems. 8vo, crushed olive levant morocco, Jansen style, inside border, gilt edges, by Bradstreet. New York, 1836

A CHOICE COPY OF THE SECOND EDITION, containing material not in the previous one.

331. HARTLIB (S.). Samuel Hartlib, his Legacy of Husbandry. Wherein are bequeathed to the Common-wealth of England, not onely Braband and Flanders, but also many more Outlandish (New England, Virginia, etc.) and Domestick Experiments and Secrets, of Gabriel Plats and others, never heretofore divulged in reference to Universal Husbandry. Ornamental border to title. Small 4to, original calf, upper joint cracked and pp. stained; lower corner torn off D1 to 3, taking away several words of text.

London: J. M. for R. Wodnothe, 1655

RARE. Contains much interesting matter respecting agricultural affairs in New England, Newfoundland, Virginia, Florida, etc. Amplified from 131 pages in the 1st edition of 1651 to 303 pages, thus almost forming a new work.

332. HARTMANN (ED. VON). Philosophy of the Unconscious: Speculative Results according to the Inductive Method of Physical Science, the authorized translation by Dr. William C. Coupland. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. London Trubner, 1884

333. HAUKSBEE (F.). Experienze fisico-meccaniche sopra varj soggetti contenenti Un racconto di diversi stupendi fenomeni intorno la luce e l'Elettricita, etc. 7 folding plates at the end. Small 4to, told vellum. In Firenze, 1716

334. HAWEIS (MRS.). Beautiful Houses. 12mo, vellum, uncut. New York, 1882 Among the houses de

A distinctive and beautifully printed book. scribed are those of Alma Tadema, G. H. Boughton, the British Embassy in Rome, ete.

335. HAZLITT (WILLIAM C.). The History of the Origin and Rise of the Republic of Venice. 4 vols. 8vo, half russia (cover loose). London, 1858-60

336. HEARNE (SAML.). Account of the Charter House, London, with the Life and Death of Thomas Sutton, etc. Portrait, etc. 8vo, old English red morocco, gilt, cover loose. London, 1777

RARE. With the curious prefatory Poem, and some intimate notes.

337. HEINSIUS (DAN.). Lof-Sanck van Iesus Christus den eenigen ende eeuwigen Sone Godes: Ende zyne andere Nederduytse Poemata. Copperplate vignettes. 12mo, original vellum.

Amsterdam, 1650

Contains also "Het Ambacht van Cupido"; "Emblemata Amatoria"; "Hymnus van Bacchus', etc.

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