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1. A'BECKETT (GILBERT A.). The Comic History of England. Colored plates and woodcuts by John Leech. 2 vols. in one, thick 8vo, cloth, rehinged. Published at the Punch Office, 1864

2. ADAMS (CHARLES FRANCIS). A Cycle of Adams Letters, 1861-1865. Edited by Ford. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, Boston, 1920



3. ALASTAIR ILLUSTRATIONS. Forty-three Drawings. With a Note by Robert Ross. 4to, white buckram with gilt decorations, gilt top, uncut. London, 1914

One of 500 copies. A number of these plates are in color or tints. All are in the style and manner made famous by Aubrey Beardsley.

4. The Sphinx. By Oscar Wilde. Numerous illustrations and decorations in black and green by Alastair. 4to, gilt decorated white buckram, gilt top, uncut. London, 1920

One of 1000 copies and cannot be reprinted, as the stones from which the offset plates were printed were destroyed.

5. ANDRE (EDOUARD). Alexandre Lunois, Peintre, Graveur et Lithographe. Etched portrait and numerous fine reproductions of his work, many in color. 4to, half vellum and boards, original covers bound in. Paris, 1914

6. AUTOGRAPH ALBUM. A Memento of the Haliday Family, containing original Verses, Water-color Drawings, Pencil Drawings, etc., by Henry and other members of the Haliday family. Small 4to, old black calf, gilt and blind-tooled.

7. BARTOLOZZI (FRANCESCO). Gems from the Antique. 108 engraved plates. Folio, loose in cloth portfolio. N. p., n. d.

8. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). Der Lockenraub ein Komisches Heldengedicht von Alexander Pope. 9 illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley. 4to, beautifully bound in full white pigskin, back and sides richly ornamented in gold, signed with monogram on back cover, gilt edges. In cloth case. Leipzig, 1908

A HANDSOME COPY, one of 800 on Holland paper.

Seven Men.




Square 12mo, cloth,
London, 1919


And Even Now. 12mo, cloth, uncut, paper label.
London: Heinemann, 1920

11. BENEDITE (LEONCE). John Lewis Brown. Etude Biographique et Critique, suivie du Catalogue de l'Euvre Lithographié et gravé de cet Artiste. Etchings and text reproductions. 4to, half cloth and boards, uncut. Paris, 1903


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12. BENNETT (ARNOLD). The Matador of the Five Towns and other Stories. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, [1912]



The Price of Love. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, [1914] FIRST EDITION.

14. BERINGTON (JOSEPH). The History of the Lives of Abeillard and Heloisa, comprising a period of Eighty-four Years, from 1079 to 1163, with their Genuine Letters from the Collection of Amboise. 4to, contemporary calf, rebacked. Birmingham, 1787

15. [BIERCE (AMBROSE).] The Fiend's Delight. By Dod Grile. 12mo, cloth. London: Hotten, [1873]


Fantastic Fables. 12mo, cloth.

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The Woman Who Lost Him and Tales of the Army Frontier. By Josephine Clifford McCrackin. Introduction by Ambrose Bierce. Illustrations. 12mo, cloth.

Pasadena, 1913



Life of, with Selections from his Poems and other Writings. By the late Alexander Gilchrist. Illustrated from Blake's own works in facsimile by W. J. Linton, and in Photolithography, with a few of Blake's original plates. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1863


New York, 1899


Volume I. Illustrations of the Book of Job, with a General Introduction. By Laurence Binyon. Reproductions. 4to, cloth, gilt top, uncut. London, [1906]

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20. [] MacDonald (Greville). The Sanity of William Blake. With 6 illustrations of Blake's drawings. 12mo, boards, London, 1908



21. BOADEN (JAMES). The Life of Mrs. Jordan, including Original Private Correspondence and numerous Anecdotes of her Contemporaries. Portrait and autographic facsimiles. 2 vols., 8vo, half red morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Root.

London, 1831

Fine copy.

22. BOCCACCIO (GIOVANNI). The Decameron. Now first completely done into English by John Payne. Etchings by Leopold Flameng on India paper. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

London, 1886

HOLLAND PAPER COPY, one of a limited edition, printed by private subscription, and for private circulation only. Choice copy.

23. BOOK-LOVER'S ALMANAC (THE), for 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896 and 1897. Beautifully illustrated with etchings, colored plates, reproductions of bindings and bookplates, etc. 5 vols., half boards and limp wrappers, uncut. New York: Duprat & Co., v. d.

Limited Editions.

24. BOOKPLATES. Sattler (Joseph). Art in Bookplates. 42 original Ex-Libris, mounted on toned cards, many in colors and tints. 4to, loose in portfolio. London, 1895

Contains an Introduction on Collectors in England, United States, etc., by F. Warnecke. Limited Edition.


Fincham (Henry W.). Artists and Engravers of British and American Bookplates. Reproductions. 4to, cloth, uncut. London, 1897

An important book of reference for bookplate and print collectors. 26. Franz von Bayros Ex Libris. Neue folge. 12 superb reproductions on Japan paper. 4to, loose in box. Wien, 1912

One of 350 copies.

27. Sepp Frank Ex Libris. 20 etched specimens. 2 vols. 4to, loose in board portfolio. Munchen, [1915]

Limited Edition.


Neue Deutsche Ex Libris, mit einleitendem text von Richard Braungart. Zweite Folge. Numerous fine full-page reproductions of important specimens. 4to, half vellum, gilt top. Munchen, 1919

One of 1000 copies.

29. Franz von Bayros. Zwolf ausgewahlte Ex Libris. 4to, loose in board portfolio. Wien, 1920

One of 500 copies.

Graveurs et


30. BOURCARD (GUSTAVE). France et Etranger. Essai de Bibliographie, 1540-1910. Royal 8vo, half crushed morocco, gilt top, uncut, original wrappers bound in. One of 350 copies. Paris, 1910

31. BOUTET (HENRI). Pointes Sèches. his etchings, some in tints. 4to, half wine-color uncut, original wrappers bound in.

100 facsimiles of morocco, gilt top, Paris, n. d.

One of 500 copies. An extra etching of the front wrapper, without lettering, is inserted.

32. BRANGWYN ILLUSTRATIONS. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Numerous fine colored plates and decorative borders by Frank Brangwyn. 4to, cloth, uncut. London, [1919]


33. BROWNING (ROBERT). Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in their Day. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1887

FIRST EDITION. Inserted is a friendly A. L. s. from Browning to Helen Zimmern, 1 pp. in length, in which he humorously describes a swollen cheek which he has. Mentions Carlyle, and his intention to call on him on his eighty-fifth birthday, notwithstanding his affected face.

34. BRY (AUGUSTE). Raffet, sa Vie et ses Œuvres. Portraits, etchings, and facsimiles. Royal 8vo, boards, morocco back, gilt top, uncut. Paris, 1861

Autograph presentation copy from the author to Paul Mantz, with inscription on half-title. An autograph letter of presentation is also in


Bound in with the above is another work: "Raffet, son Euvre Lithog raphique et ses Eaux-Fortes." By H. Giacomelli. Portrait and etchings. Paris, 1862.

35. BUNKEL (JOHANN). Leben, Bemerkungen und Meinungen. With 16 full-page plates by Daniel Chodowiecki. 12mo, full green levant morocco, gilt back and borders, gilt top, uncut. One of 150 copies on hand-made paper. Berlin, n. d.

36. BYRON (LORD). Mazeppa. A Poem. 8vo, half crushed crimson morocco, gilt top, uncut, original covers bound in.

London, 1819

CHOICE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, with the half-title.

37. CABELL (JAMES BRANCH). Chivalry. Colored illustrations. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1909





39. The Soul of Melicent. Illustrations in color by Howard Pyle. 8vo, cloth. New York, [1913]



The Cords of Vanity. Frontispiece in color. 12mo,
New York, 1909


FIRST EDITION. Laid in is a leaflet: "Mr. Cabell of Virginia," by H. L. Mencken, also a Programme of a production of "Balthazar's Daughter," by Cabell.


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The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1916

The Certain Hour. 12mo, cloth.

FIRST EDITION. Laid in is an autograph signature of John Barrymore, on a sheet of his embossed note-paper.


New York, 1915

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The Cream of the Jest. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Jurgen. 12mo, cloth, uncut.


New York, 1917

New York, 1919

44. [- ] Walpole (Hugh). The Art of James Branch Cabell. Portrait. 12mo, wrappers. New York, 1920 With an Appendix of individual comment upon the

FIRST EDITION. Cabell books.

45. [] Jurgen and the Censor. Report of the Emergency Committee organized to protest against the Suppression of James Branch Cabell's Jurgen. Small 4to, half cloth and boards, gilt top, uncut.

New York: Privately Printed for the Emergency Committee, 1920 One of 458 copies. Autographed by the author.



Figures of Earth. 12mo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1921 FIRST EDITION.


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The Judging of Jurgen. 8vo, wrappers, uncut.
Chicago: The Bookfellows, 1920

Taboo. A Legend, etc. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

New York, 1921 FIRST EDITION. Limited issue, and one of 100 copies signed by the author.

49. CAFFIN (CAROLINE AND CHARLES H.). Dancing and Dancers of To-day. Numerous fine illustrations. 4to, cloth, gilt decorations, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1912


50. CAINE (HALL). The White Prophet. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth. New York, 1909

FIRST EDITION. Inscribed on fly-leaf: "To my dear friend George Wynne, Hall Caine, 11 Nov., 1909."

51. [CALLOT.] Plan (Pierre-Paul). Jacques Callot, Maitre Graveur, 1593-1635. Suivi d'un Catalogue Chronologique. 96 reproductions of his work, and a portrait. Small 4to, half crushed blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. Bruxelles, 1914

52. CARROLL (LEWIS). Phantasmagoria and other Poems. 12mo, cloth, gilt edges. London, 1869

FIRST EDITION. Inserted is an A. L. s. of the author on literary matters. Bookplate of W. E. Pfennell.

53. CAT'S-CRADLE. Jayne (Caroline Furness). String Figures. A Study of Cat's-Cradle in many Lands. With nearly 900 illustrations and figures. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.


New York, 1906

54. CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). Marks and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain. With upwards of 3000 Potters' Marks and Monograms. Thick royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top. London, 1876

Sixth Edition, revised and considerably augmented.

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