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263. WEBSTER AND TOURNEUR. Plays. With an Introduction and Notes, by John Addington Symonds. Frontispiece. 8vo, original cloth. London: Vizetelly, 1888

Mermaid Series. Unexpurgated.

264. WHIPPLE (E. P., Celebrated American Critic). A. L. S., 4 pages, 12mo, N. Y., March 3, 1882.

Relating to Mr. Winter's essay on Longfellow.

265. WHISTLER (JAMES A. McN.). The Gentle Art of Making Enemies. Square 8vo, full green levant morocco, sides blind and gilt tooled, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1890

First Authorized Edition. Fine copy.

266. WILLIS (NATHANIEL PARKER). Poems, Sacred, Passionate, and Humorous. Complete edition, revised and enlarged Portrait and engraved title. 8vo, full brown morocco, gilt and blind tooled, gilt edges, by Miss Prat.. New York, 1850

First Edition, Choice Copy.

267. WINTER (WM.). The Poems of. With an original portrait, autographed by Mr. Winter. 8vo, original vellum boards, entirely uncut. In slip case. New York, 1909

No. 4 of only 150 copies printed on Japan vellum, with autograph of Mr. Winter. Inserted is an original MS. of Mr. Winter's poem "Symbols," 12 lines, written on a sheet of Japan vellum.

This copy is accompanied by the original Subscription blanks sent to the publishers from persons ordering the book. These bear the signatures of many notable people, among them, John E. Kellerd (A. L. S.), Daniel Frohman, Wm. A. Brady, J. Forbes Robertson (A. L. S.), Viola Allen (A. L. S.), Grace George, R. B. Mantell, Julia Marlowe, Augustus Thomas, Henry Watterson, Wm. Faversham, Mary Anderson, Whitelaw Reid, etc., etc., 58 in all.

268. The Poems of. With an original portrait, autographed by Mr. Winter. 8vo, splendidly bound in full light blue French levant morocco, with richly gilt tooled decorations in the corners of both sides of the cover, similar decorations on the back, doublures of cream-colored morocco within wide blue morocco borders, all very delicately gilt tooled, white moire silk flies, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1909 No. 139 of only 150 copies printed on Japan vellum, with autograph of Mr. Winter. A very elaborate binding, preserved in a felt-lined cloth cover and lined cloth slip-case.

269. Lives of the Players: Tyrone Powers. With 21 plates, nearly all of which bear an autograph inscription and signature of Mr. Powers. A few additional photographs of Mr. Powers and his family are inserted. 8vo, original cloth, gilt top.

New York, 1913

Fine Association Copy. Mr. Powers has written down the lines from Macbeth "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor Player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more," with signature. Another inscription is on the next fly-leaf. Inserted is a very long (4 pages, 4to, closely written) letter from Mr. Powers.

270. Original Autograph Manuscript of his Biography of Ernesto Rossi, the celebrated Italian Actor (1828-1896), closely written on 10 folio leaves. Signed on back of last leaf and initialed at the head.

A Biographical and Critical Sketch of the great Actor, written during his American visit.

271. Author's Original Manuscript of his Poem "Forbid them Not," 40 lines, with signature. On one long sheet, one side only.

Written for the Performance for the Protection of Stage Children, Metropolitan Opera House, Feb. 27, 1911, accompanied by the souvenir program in which the poem was printed, a note by W. W., on the cover, and an autograph letter of Blanche Bates, pages, in reference to this performance.


Wee Willie Winkie. His Run. [In a Rivulet of Verse]. By Mark Vale. The Author's Original Autograph Manuscript, about 320 long lines, written on long sheets of paper, pasted together. Mr. Winter has noted on the back "Original MS., of my Wee Willie Winkie verses. W. W. Written for Fox, Dec. 1870."

The same note in Mr. Winter's hand appears on the envelope enclosing this MS.

Mr. Winter treasured this early piece and kept it locked up for nearly fifty years. See No. 108 for a copy of the printed text.

For the printed text of "Wee Willie Winkie" and "Humpty Dumpty" see under Nos. 108-109.


Author's Original Manuscript of his Essay on George Wm. Curtis, written on 80 quarto leaves, one side only. Entirely in the autograph of Mr. Winter, with a note at the head "MS of the Oration on Curtis."

A fine specimen, and one of the longest MS. of Mr. Winter. Curtis and Winter were life-long friends and neighbors on Staten Island.

274. Speech and Poem of at the Complimentary Dinner given him by the Lotos Club on his 75th Birthday. 8vo, original cloth. New York, 1911 Contains also Mr. Winter's "A Lotos Flower," written March 27, 1880, and his autograph signature.

275. The William Winter Testimonial, Century Theatre, N. Y., March 14, 1916. Portrait and facsimile of The Tribute of the American Stage, signed by Woodrow Wilson and nearly 250 representative Public Men and Women. 4to, original printed New York, 1916 Contains an original poem by James Whitcomb Riley to Mr. Winter. Very interesting for the specimens of autographs of so many of our present-day notables.



Old Shrines and Ivy. 16mo, original cloth.

New York, 1894

277. WOOD (WILLIAM B.). Personal Recollections of the Stage. Notices of Actors, Authors, and Auditors during a Period of Forty Years. Portrait. 12mo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1855

278. YOUNG (CHARLES MAYNE). A Memoir of Charles Mayne Young, Tragedian. By Julian C. Young. With many portraits. 8vo, cloth. London, 1871

279. YOUNG ROSCIUS. [Merritt (J.).] Memoirs of the Life of Wm. Henry West Betty, known by the name of the Young Roscius. With a Critique on his Principal Characters. 12mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Liverpool, 1804

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