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159. HUDSON RIVER. Panorama of the Hudson River from New York to Albany. Drawn from Nature and engraved by William Wade. 12mo, cloth (binding broken).

New York: J. Disturnell, 1846

The colored panorama extends to about 12 feet, showing both sides of the river. Descriptive text of 32 pp. accompanies the views.

160. IRVING (PIERRE M.). The Life and Letters of Washington Irving. Illustrated. Extended to 8 vols. royal 8vo, full crushed dark green levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Matthews. New York, 1862-64

LARGE PAPER COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, MOST EXTENSIVELY EXTRAILLUSTRATED with a great number of IMPORTANT AND SCARCE PORTRAITS AND VIEWS, among which may be mentioned: Incendie de New York, by Halbou after Le Barbier, 1782; Line portrait of Washington, by Liebe. RARE; Sir William Johnson, by Bartolozzi. In sepia. RARE; A North View of Fort Johnson, by Hulett; The Canterbury Pilgrimage, by Worthington after Stothard. VERY RARE OPEN LETTER PROOF; ORIGINAL DRAWING of Windsor Castle, by Wm. Hart, 1860; A RARE LINE PORTRAIT OF NAPOLEON, by Edwards; A. N. s., of JOHN HOWARD PAYNE; A. L. s., 1 p. 8vo, of WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT; A RARE PORTRAIT OF WASHINGTON, by Vinkeles, PROOF BEFORE LETTERS; Portrait of Alexander Hamilton, by Prud'homme, with Autograph signature, and many others.

161. IRVING (WASHINGTON). A History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the end of the Dutch Dynasty. By Diedrich Knickerbocker. 2 vols. 12mo, original sheep, in half morocco slip case. Some edges uncut. New York, 1812 SECOND EDITION, with alterations. CONTAINS THE FOLDING VIEW OF NEW AMSTERDAM IN THE FIRST VOLUME, a little foxed. RARE.

162. Ten Illustrations to his “Sketch Book” and Knickerbocker's "History of New York," by C. R. Leslie and Allston, with portrait by G. S. Newton. Somewhat foxed. Small folio, boards, cloth back. [London, 1823]

PROOF IMPRESSIONS ON LARGE PAPER, printed expressly for Dawson Turner. The plates include: A Royal Poet; Rip Van Winkle; Philip of Pokanoket; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Dutch Fireside, Dutch Courtship, etc.

163. A History of New York, from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. By Diedrich Knickerbocker. 2 vols. 8vo, half crushed brown levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Bradstreet. London: Murray, 1824

THIS SPLENDID EDITION OF IRVING'S "NEW YORK" HAS BEEN EXTRAILLUSTRATED with over 100 FINE ENGRAVED VIEWS, PORTRAITS, etc., among which are: A South West view of the City of New York in North America. RARE; The South Prospect of the City of New York in America. RARE; Portrait of Capt. James Cook, by Bartolozzi. A FINE SCARCE STIPPLE; A View near Bergen, by Scoles; A View at Minisink, by Scoles. SCARCE; East View of Hell Gate, by Williams, 1778. RARE; Washington Hotel, Broadway. SCARCE BOURNE VIEW; Grace and Trinity Churches. SCARCE BOURNE VIEW; T. Smit's Vly in Early Times. ORIGINAL PENCIL DRAWING OF THE VIEW IN VALENTINE'S MANUAL IN 1861; South-West View of Fort George with the City of New York. RARE, and many others.


Sketch Book.

Extended to two vols. royal 8vo, full parchment, gilt top, by Matthews. New York, 1865

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of about 100 plates, portraits, views,

scenes, etc., including MANY FINE INDIA PROOFS.


Knickerbocker's History of New York. Extended to two vols. royal 8vo, full dark blue crushed levant morocco, panelled sides, gilt tops, uncut, by Matthews. New York, 1867

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of about 140 portraits, views, scenes, head and tail pieces, etc., MANY INDIA PROOFS AND PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, two especially designed title-pages by Hosier. Included in this splendid copy, are: View of New York from the North, 1679, LITHOGRAPH PRINTED IN COLORS, EARLY PROOF; Fort George with the City, from Russell's History; T'oost-Indisch-Huys, Amsterdam; Grotius, by Delff; A View near Bergen, N. J., by Scoles; Hell Gate, W. A. Williams, del, 1775; Boston from the Columbian Magazine, etc.

166. Knickerbocker's History of New York. Extended to two vols. royal 8vo, full crimson crushed levant morocco, gilt tooled and inlaid, gilt top, inside borders, uncut, by Matthews.

New York, 1867

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of about 150 portraits, views, scenes, etc., MANY INDIA PROOFS AND PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, water-color drawings, including two specially designed title pages by Hosier. Among the important plates are: Novum Amsterdamum by Visscher, and from the Dutch edition of Montanus, as also the map; South Prospect of the City of New York, in North America, engraved for the London Magazine, 1761; South West View of Fort George with the City of New York, from Russell's History; various New York views from the BOURNE, MIRROR, and PEABODY SERIES; Hell Gate by Tiebout, from the New York Magazine, 1790; View near Philadelphia, by Scoles; Putnam, chez Esnauts et Rapilly; Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore, by Blotling, etc.

167. JANVIER (THOMAS A.). In Old New York. Illustrated. 12mo, half dark red straight-grain morocco, gilt top, uncut, original covers bound in. New York, 1894


168. JOHNSTON (HENRY P.). The Yorktown Campaign, 1781. Small 4to, full dark green crushed levant morocco, dentelle borders, gilt edges, by Matthews.

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 37 portraits, views, scenes, etc., INCLUDING A VERY FINE IMPRESSION OF WASHINGTON, by Savage, Hart 214; Washington, by Le Roy, Hart 85a; Arnold and Lee from the Impartial History; Webster, by Longacre, PROOF BEFORE ALL LETTERS, Stauffer, 2113; Timothy Pickering, by Longacre, Stauffer, 2071-II, PROOF BEFORE ALL LETTERS; Gates, by Dupin; View near Bordentown, engraved and coloured by J. Drayton; Reddition de l'Armée de Lord Cornwallis, gravé par Godefroy, etc.

169. JUVENILE BOOK. The Juvenile Biographer; containtaining the Lives of Little Masters and Misses; including a Variety of Good and Bad Characters. By a Little Biographer. Woodcut illustrations. 32mo, original gold paper wrappers, in red morocco solander case. Worcester: Printed by Isaiah Thomas, 1787 THE FIRST WORCESTER EDITION. EXTREMELY RARE. Contains 4 pp. of Juvenile Books printed by Isaiah Thomas. A splendid clean copy, with only a slight tear in one leaf.


The Picture Exhibition; containing the original drawings of eighteen disciples. To which are added, moral and historical explanations. Woodcuts. 24mo, original gold paper wrappers. Worcester: Isaiah Thomas, 1788 Inscribed on inside wrapper: "Charles Dean Esq., with the regards of Benjamin Thomas.''


Divine Songs; attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children. Illustrated with quaint woodcuts. Square 24mo, original boards, calf back.

London printed. Hartford, reprinted, 1807

172. People of all Nations; an useful Toy for Girl or Boy. Illustrated with engravings of portraits of characters from different nations. Size 24x212 inches. Philadelphia, 1807

173. KEESE (WILLIAM L.). John Keese, Wit and Litterateur. A Biographical Memoir. Illustrations. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt inside border, gilt top, uncut, by R. W. Smith. New York, 1884

A FINE UNCUT COPY, EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 31 plates. These plates include: Fine stipple portrait of Washington H. 100; Park Theatre and Part of Park Row. RARE BOURNE VIEW; a RARE EARLY PROOF PORTRAIT of Longfellow; PROOF PORTRAIT of Frances S. Osgood; etc.

174. KING (CHARLES). Progress of the City during the last Fifty Years. Inlaid to royal 4to, full green morocco, gilt tooled, gilt edges, inside dentelles. New York, 1852 EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 43 portraits, views from the Bourne, Peabody and other series, ORIGINAL WATER-COLORS, and an elaborate water-color extra title-page by Hosier.

175. LAFAYETTE. An Authentic Biography of General La Fayette, in which many errors and deficiencies existing in the Memoirs heretofore published, are corrected and supplied. No portrait. 12mo, half sheep (worn, and name on title).


Philadelphia, 1824

176. LAHONTAN (N. BARON DE). Voyages du Baron de La Hontan dans l'Amerique Septentrionale: [Vol. II] Memoires de l'Amerique Septentrionale, oy la Suite des Voyages de Mr. Le Baron de la Hontan. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 12mo, finely bound in contemporary morocco, with overlapping edges, gilt edges.

A la Haye: Chez Charles Delo, 1706

VERY FINE COPY. With 27 maps and plates. The second volume contains an account of conversations the author had with distinguished savages.

A SUMPTUOUS EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED WORK 177. LAMB (MARTHA J.). History of the City of New York. 2 vols., extended to five, royal 8vo, half crimson crushed levant morocco gilt, gilt tops, uncut. New York, 1877

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 366 FINE AND SCARCE PORTRAITS, views, scenes, water-colors, autograph letters, etc. A LARGE PROPORTION ARE FINE PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER AND BEFORE LETTERS, INCLUDING A VERY LARGE SELECTION OF THE BOURNE PRINTS. Among the illustrations may be noted: Nieu Amsterdam al' New York,-78 Carolus Allard, exc., etc. FROM THE RARE NEW YORK MAGAZINE; The Federal Edifice; The Government House, by Scoles; Hell Gate, by Tiebout; Town of Kaats'-Kill, A. P., fecit; The Monument at Sandy Hook, C. Tiebout, Sculp; and West Point, by C. Tiebout. OTHER IMPORTANT AND SCARCE VIEWS are: A beautiful PROOF AQUATINT of the Croton Aqueduct; Fort Gansevoort, C. Burton, del.; Methodist Book Store, Balch Stiles & Co., sculp.; Interior of the Park Theatre, Balch Rawdon & Co., sc.; The N. Y. State

Prison, Hoogland, sc., 1814. From the American Impartial History, engraved by John Norman, are portraits of Samuel Adams, Franklin, Gates, Greene, Hancock, Knox, Lafayette, Benjamin Lincoln, Washington (Hart 759), and Wayne. From the English Impartial History, are Gates, Hancock, Sir Richard and Sir William Howe, Montgomery, Putnam, Washington (Hart 760), and Wooster. Other portraits of considerable rarity are: The Unfortunate Major André, by R. P.; Arnold-chez Esnauts et Rapilly; Dr. Samuel Bard-W. Main, sc.; Major John Ferguson, A SCARCE LITHOGRAPH, INDIA PROOF BEFORE ALL LETTERS; Franklin-Voyez Junior, Sculp.; Andrew Jackson, by Longacre, OPEN LETTER PROOF, WITH INSCRIPTION, Stauffer, 2019; Gen. John Lamb, by Gimbrede; John H. Livingston, INDIA PROOF by S. H. Gimber; Cotton Mather, by Pelham, ORIGINAL IMPRESSION (cut down); Bishop Benjamin Moore, INDIA PROor by Paradise; Henry Rutger, by C. C. Wright; Edmund Simpson, FINE INDIA PROOF by Illman; Vesputius, by Crispin de Passe, and Dr. Witherspoon, by T. Trotter. Among the more important Autograph Letters, are: George Clinton to Richard Varick; Cadwallader Colden; Dr. David Hosack to Col. Trumbull; Rufus King; S. F. B. Morse; Gouverneur Morris to Simeon De Witt; Timothy Pickering, Nov. 16, 1779, to P. Van Rensselaer on War matters; James Rivington; Thomas Sully, mentioning his "Musidora,' and his portrait of Col. Albert; Richard Varick, Oct. 25, 1776, War Letter, and Marinus Willett to Gov. Clinton.

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Washington's Inauguration. 4to, full crimson crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, dentelle borders, by Smith and Mansell, original paper covers bound in. New York, 1889

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 26 fine portraits, views, etc., including New York, Governor's Island, etc., published Nov. 1, 1776; Washington, Hamilton, Philip Schuyler, John Jay, and De Witt Clinton, by Leney; Fisher Ames, by Boyd; Thomas Jefferson, by Neagle; Benjamin Rush, by Edwin; Sir Peter Warren, published by Fuller; Mrs. Madison, by Goodman and Piggot, etc.

WITH MANUSCRIPT TRANSLATION BY HENRY C. MURPHY 179. LAMBRECHTSEN (N. C.). Korte Beschrijving van de Ontdekking en der verdere Lotgevallen van Nieuw-Nederland, etc. Fine folding map. Tall 8vo, half brown straight-grain morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Stikeman.

Te Middelburg: S. Van Bentham, [1818]

A concise account of the discovery and subsequent history of the colony of New Netherland. Accompanying the above is the MANUSCRIPT TRANSLATION of this work, by Henry C. Murphy, written on 51 quarto leaves, with an inlaid portrait, bound in half red straight-grain morocco, by The Club Bindery.

180. [LAS CASAS (BARTHOLOMEW DE).] De Spaensche Tiranye. Gheschiet in Nederlant. Waer inne te sien is Die onmenschelicke en wreede handelingen der Spangiaerden, etc. Title within engraved border and 20 engraved plates. Amsterdam, 1641; [also bound in] Den Vermeerden Spieghel Spaensche tierannije geschiet in Westindien waerin te sien is de onmenschelijke wreede seyten der Spanjarden met samen de beschryvinge der selver lant en volcken aert en natur, etc. Title within engraved border, and 18 plates. Amsterdam, 1640. In one volume, small 4to, crushed chocolate levant morocco, gilt back and sides; doublure of red levant morocco, gilt borders, by R. W. Smith. In case.

t'Amsterdam: Door de VVeduwe van Cornelis Lodoxijck,




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